The Cage Fighter

Northwest Connections | 2017 | 83 minutes

Stranger Says:

Directed, produced, and shot by Seattle local Jeff Unay, The Cage Fighter contains real-life echoes of Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler. The documentary follows 40-year-old mixed martial arts fighter Joe Carman as he struggles to stay in the ring against the wishes of his family. Beautifully photographed, the film’s emotional wallop doesn’t hit you over the head. Vérité style scenes toggle between tender family moments, the violent realm of MMA, and Carman’s dysfunctional relationship with his father (and his whip-cracking coach), and they slowly reveal what drives Carman into the ring and the decision he makes about his future.


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Film Credits
Jeff Unay
Callie Carman, Joe Carman, Delanee Carman, Vernon Beach
SIFF 2017