Here Comes Hell


WTF | 2018 | 75 minutes

Stranger Says: What do you get when a black-and-white parody of 1930s “old dark house” movies slams headlong into a cheapo gorefest demonic possession plotline? A damn mess, but a decent time for those who love homages. A gathering of the idle rich, plus one sensitive secretary, play some ill-advised supernatural games in a decrepit mansion, awakening an evil (and spectacularly cheesy) presence. It’s hard to tell exactly how much of the film’s ineptitude is intentional. The ridiculous special effects are clearly on purpose. The awkward pauses at the end of nearly every shot? If they’re intentional, I’m impressed with the filmmakers’ commitment. (JOULE ZELMAN)

SIFF Says: THE OLD DARK HOUSE meets THE EVIL DEAD in this black-and-white pastiche of 1930s mystery thrillers, in which a sophisticated soirée at an isolated country mansion descends into carnage, gore, and demonic possession.


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Film Credits
Jack McHenry
Jessica Webber, Margaret Clunie, Charlie Robb, Tim Renouf, Tom Bailey
SIFF 2019