Our Bodies Our Doctors


Northwest Connections | 2019 | 78 minutes

Stranger Says: Nearly half a century after the US Supreme Court legalized abortion, the access to actually getting one is continually shrinking. But at the same time that states all across the US are making it harder, if not impossible, to get this basic health-care procedure, doctors are dutifully committed to serving their patients. Through the stories of abortion doctors in four different cities and towns, Our Bodies Our Doctors explores the stigma attached to this profession, the reality of working in an abortion clinic, and how a number of brave physicians continue to fight for their patients despite the cost to themselves. (KATIE HERZOG)

SIFF Says: The daily lives of abortion providers, who ensure that women have access to skilled, compassionate care, is chronicled in this intimate documentary that goes behind the scenes of reproductive health centers.


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Film Credits
Jan Haaken
Andrea Chiavarini, Mark Nichols, Deborah Oyers, Sarah Prager, Leo Han, Amanda Risser, Willie Parker
SIFF 2019