Documentary Films | 2019 | 85 minutes

Stranger says: This is one of those documentaries where you don’t think you’re that interested in the subject matter, and maybe the whole thing seems sort of morbid, but then it ends up being really fascinating and you learn about things that you never even knew were going on. Seeing the dedication of the artists and the broad range of people who are drawn to the craft of taxidermy makes Stuffed a great watch. It’s definitely not (only) a bunch of guys dressed in camo who shoot animals and are trying to figure out what to do with them. There are people working for natural history museums, artists creating still lifes that include real birds and animals, and avant-garde creators making creature hybrids or internal organ taxidermy. It is a science and an art, each piece telling a story about nature. (GILLIAN ANDERSON)

SIFF says: If the idea of seeing taxidermy onscreen makes you think of Anthony Perkins' ominous birds in PSYCHO, the poetic reverence for the beauty of nature shown by the wildlife artists in this doc will change your mind.


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Film Credits
Erin Derham
Allis Markham, Jaap Sinke, Ferry Van Tongren, Travis De Villiers, Daniel Meng
SIFF 2019