In connection to a wave of vandalism! Hearts have been broken, homes wrecked, and good sense hijacked by this trio of rock and roll upstarts known as Cadallaca.

Their debut album on K Records, Introducing Cadallaca, surprised the indie world last year with its sass and mystery. With songs worthy of Dusty Springfield and Jackie DeShannon, these rowdy feminists provide a new take on the beehive era. No Svengalis or Brill Building hitmeisters here! These girls take all the credit for the spells they cast--and justifiably so! Each is a member in one or more top-quality Northwest bands, earning their laurels in Sleater-Kinney, the Crabs, and the Lookers. But, truth be told, these girls only feel free to stretch out like the languid felines they are in Cadallaca. Who are the criminal masterminds behind this stunning array of pop tunes? Take a look at these mug shots and see if you recognize any of these noted femmes fatales.


Aliases: Shana D, sts, Joyce Carol Oates
Known Accomplices: The Lookers, YMCA day campers, the Janet Reno Fan Club
Hobbies: Researching the history of the lesbian ambulance drivers of the Spanish Civil War, sport dueling Known Scars and Tattoos: Several, due to aforementioned hobby. All disguised as piercings.
Wanted For: Bashing out the shimmy-shimmy rhythms and holding down the boss beats. Known to mesmerize crowds with her commanding presence behind the drum kit. Is reported to make unsuspecting audience members do hand-claps against their will.


Aliases: Sarah Dougher, Doughs, Little Jackie Paper
Known Accomplices: The Crabs, the Portland chapter of Mensa
Hobbies: Calculating the national debt, windsurfing
Favorite Food: Baked Alaska (Warm on the outside, ice cold center)
Wanted For: Inflicting trauma on innocent Farfisa organs with her beat-crazed wantonness.


Aliases: Corin Tucker, Totally Tucker, Coco Rubinstein
Known Accomplices: Sleater-Kinney, the cast of Friends Hobbies: Knitting mittens for inmates, Tae-Bo
Wanted For: Breaking hearts with her girl-group interpretations in Cadallaca. Songwriter of their certified hit, "June-n-July," Kissy makes this battlefield story of gallant twins a glorious testimonial to grrl honor. Be warned! Her singing has been known to induce fainting and tremors.

If you have any information leading to the arrest and conviction of these brazen females, come to their show and confront them with your feelings. The best offense is a good defense.