Sometime last year a friend sent me a photo text of a ratty file box crammed with manila envelopes. He said that he'd thought that I'd be interested, as it was the remnants of a Seattle catering company from the 1970s and 1980s. He went on to explain that it was mostly backstage food requirements for dozens of bands, and some of the pages had been mangled by rats. As my interests don't stray too far from nostalgia and food, I was interested to the max.

What we have here is a mostly boring list of things desired by Iron Maiden on their World Piece Tour, in support of the band's fourth album Piece of Mind. They had with them the somewhat decent New Wave of British Heavy Metal band Saxon, touring on their somewhat decent Power & the Glory LP. I saw Saxon open for Motley Crue a year later in Cleveland when I was eleven, so it seems like Saxon never even bothered to leave the country. Oh, looks like Fastway was also playing that night at the Seattle Coliseum, but that band suuuuuucked.

Also included in this envelope is a letter from the caterer's landlord informing her that they were raising her rent at 400 N.W. 45th St. from $400 to $460 a month. That seemed like really personal information, so I decided not to include it.


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