Amir Aczel: The Roots of Numbers

READING Wed Jan 21, Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave

Where did numbers come from? Have you ever sat down and really thought about how and when and where humans came up with numbers? Amir Aczel traveled the globe looking for answers, which led him to write a book called Finding Zero: A Mathematician's Odyssey to Uncover the Origins of Numbers. Tonight, he talks about his adventures and findings (apparently you'll never guess where he found the original zero).

Nearby snack: For cake, pie, sandwiches, coffee, or soup, Sugar Bakery & Cafe (1014 Madison St) is right up the street and lives up to its name. Try a lemon tart or a fudge brownie.


MUSIC Wed Jan 21, Vermillion, 1508 11th Ave

A night of cassette tapes! People DJing with tapes (!!), people selling tapes, people talking about tapes. There are a couple DJ spots open to the public if you think you can handle it, but cuing tapes sounds kind of, uh... difficult while under the influence, so maybe just relax and start a conversation with someone about how tapes are the best-looking of all the music mediums.

Nearby snack: Across the street, you've got a full bar and food menu at Cafe Pettirosso (1101 E Pike St). Shawn's Vegan Mac is reliably delicious (even for dairy-identified people).

Stickers, Vats, Clearinghouse, the Blues

ART/MUSIC Fri Jan 23, Black Lodge

You'll dig the skronking fury of Stickers, Vats' dark waves of pop, and the trippy noise walls built by Clearinghouse, but don't forget to pick up a copy of Funny Pages—an art book from the brain of Max Nordlie, former Seattle dweller and keyboardist of the Trashies who now lives in the Bay Area and plays in the band the Blues (and a million other projects). Funny Pages is an engrossing collection of freaky/neat drawings, poems, paintings, collages, and other weird shit.

Nearby snack: There's a gas station without gas called Michael's Market (2010 Fairview Ave at Boren). Get some Twizzlers and a couple of Lotto tickets and don't ask questions.

'Troll 2'

"FILM" Fri–Wed Jan 23–28, Central Cinema, 1411 21st Ave

Oh man, if you're not familiar, Troll 2 is a 1990 horror movie that's so bad, there's a documentary (Best Worst Movie) about how bad it is. It's not actually a sequel, and it has nothing to do with the movie Troll. In fact, Troll 2 doesn't even depict trolls—the plot has something to do with vegetarian goblins. Make sure to pay attention to the general store scene. The store owner is played by Don Packard, who was a patient at a nearby mental hospital and later recalled smoking so much marijuana before filming that he had no idea what was happening. And now, so can you!

Nearby snack: Central Cinema serves a full menu of food and alcohol. Get the curry popcorn (with butter, of course).

'Do You Know Bruce?'

ART Tues–Sun, Wing Luke Museum, 719 S King St

Bruce Lee was the coolest, and he used to live here. This exhibit dedicated to the influential pop icon features "interactive multimedia displays, never-before-seen personal belongings and collector memorabilia related to Bruce Lee's time in Seattle and the Chinatown-International District." Pro tip: The gift shop in the museum is also a stoner paradise.

Nearby snack: You're going to LOVE Fuji Bakery (526 S King St), a French/Japanese treasure chest of little breads and pastries and desserts. Try a Volcano (small bun erupting with baked cheese) and the Spring Has Come (strawberry-filled mascarpone cone with a chocolate halo on top).

Ursulmas Medieval Faire

FESTIVAL Fri–Sun Jan 23–25, Evergreen State Fairgrounds, 14405 179th Ave SE, Monroe


Nearby snack: If there's not a pig on a spit there, I'll spit on a pig. recommended