Black Box Festival

ART Through June 7, various locations

Black Box—the art, film, and technology festival—features works from more than 70 ultratalented international artists and is free and open to the public! I spent, oh, I don't know, four hours (seven hours? Forty minutes? Who could know?) having my brain melted by the Fullscreen portion of Black Box—the online program that features one new work per day on the homepage. Get to it.

Nearby Snack: Have you been to Uwajimaya (600 Fifth Ave S) recently? Its snack aisles are legendary and fully worth spending an afternoon perusing, but don't leave without a box of the adorably delicious mushroom-shaped cookies—little chocolate caps on biscuit stems! (Hot tip: hard pass on the shrimp chips.)

Queer Vision 20/20: 'Different from the Others'

FILM Thurs June 4, Northwest Film Forum (1515 12th Ave)

Let's take a moment to thank dog that we're able to be more gay and more stoned than ever before. While weed is cool and all, rights for each and every one our queer friends should still be prioritized and celebrated. This Pride month, Queer Vision 20/20 brings you four Thursday screenings honoring 20th-century queer cinema. The first is Different from the Others, which was filmed in Germany in 1919 and one of the first sympathetic depictions of homosexuality on film (and this is the only copy to have survived the idiot Nazis). This screening will feature live accompaniment by local musician Jess Wamre.

Nearby Snack: Octo Sushi (1620 12th Ave) for not-too-fancy-but-definitely-not-gross sushi served by very friendly people.

Weeed, All Them Witches, Fox and the Law

MUSIC Thurs June 4, Barboza (925 E Pike St)

A band on this bill is called Weeed. Three Es. What more do you neeed? Get your stoned ass into Barboza and then get that very same ass blown away by an evening of stoner rock. From beginning to end, this bill will get you where you want to go.

Nearby snack: Get a hot dog on the corner of Pike and 10th, why don't you? It's right there.

'Rhythm Repetition Ritual'

ART Reception Fri June 5, Pottery Northwest (226 First Ave N), through June 27

"Artists selected for this exhibition were aligned in various ways with the themes of rhythm, repetition, and ritual. Most ceramic processes require a capacity for persistent repetition. What is the gain in relentlessly repeating an action? While repetition is the main vehicle for developing skill with the hands, it may also provide a sense of comfort and control or even deliver transcendence through an altered state of being." I know what you're thinking—Ghost, Ghost, Ghost—but the detail, precision, and strangeness in these pieces are actually more satisfying than Patrick Swayze's upper body. Maybe they'll play "Unchained Melody" at the gallery, though?

Nearby snack: The Old Spaghetti Factory (2801 Elliott Ave) for Italian food you don't have to look nice for because "factory" is in the name.

No Lights, No Lycra

DANCE Mon June 8, Fremont Abbey (4272 Fremont Ave N)

Do you love to dance but hate when you're the only person flailing around at a show while frozen-solid rows of arms-crossed Seattleites give you the stare? Welcome to No Lights, No Lycra—a rad, casual, free-form weekly dance night held in the dark, so you don't even have to dress up! (Disclaimer: NLNL is drug/alcohol free, so I'm recommending this only if you use marijuana for medicinal purposes, for instance, the medical purpose of chilling out and dancing. Dance prescription! As always, be respectful.)

Nearby Snack: Despite the name, Uneeda Burger (4302 Fremont Ave N) is a quality burger shack with a large menu beyond burgers: chili, grilled cheese, hand-dipped shakes, and more. Am I the only one who thinks "hand-dipped," in the context of milkshakes, doesn't make any effing sense? recommended