The Asian Art Museum will become home to the new Asian Paintings Conservation Center starting in 2019.
The Asian Art Museum will become home to the new Asian Paintings Conservation Center starting in 2019. KELLY O

The Seattle Art Museum Just Got a Hefty Grant to Conserve Asian Art: $3.5 million, to be exact, from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and it’s a challenge grant, which means the museum has to raise about $2.5 million in matching funds over the next four years. The money will endow a new Asian Paintings Conservation Center, the only one of its kind in the West, which will be devoted to preserving, restoring and conserving Asian art. The Center will become part of the new, renovated Asian Art Museum (set to reopen in 2019), and will feature ‘a viewing window’ so visitors can watch all that hot, hot art conservation action.

Eclectic Theater Loses Their Capitol Hill Space: Actor and founder Rik Deskin announced the news on Monday that the small theater on 10th Ave will close at the end of the month. Deskin told the Capitol Hill Seattle blog that the theater had heard that the landlord was “expecting $3,500 a month for the space, which is ridiculous in my opinion. With no upgrades, not that I’m aware of.”

Right now, the theater is trying to raise money to produce The Shadow Box in a different venue sometime next year. The website for the theater said, “We are not looking to run another venue. We will only produce again when we can afford to pay equity wages to actors and IATSE rates for crew.”

Dammit, Ghost Gallery Is Also Losing Their Capitol Hill Space, Too: Founder Laurie Kearney announced in a Facebook post that the space, which had an eight year run, will be closing at the end of January. Over the years, the charming gallery, tucked away in a courtyard, has featured some great work, including this exhibit that featured art solely by female-identified artists, and fantastic work by artists like sculptor Michael Alm (who will make you see animal anatomy in a different way), and Erin Kendig, who makes beautiful light-through-the-trees watercolors. But don’t be totally dismayed: Kearny promised that she is “definitely planning on relocating” in the near future.

But At Least There’s A New (Temporary) Arts Space in Wallingford: Yes, Wallingford. Nii Modo is a new event and art space that “focuses on womxn, POC, and first-time exhibitors.” Proceeds from events will go towards the Low Income Housing Institute. The space occupies a former auto parts store and will eventually be made into apartments by Revolve Development. But for now, let’s just look forward to their first exhibit in December—which will feature drawings by Robin Edwards and Bree McKenna of Lisa Prank, Tacocat, Childbirth, and Who Is She?—can’t wait!

And Former Roq La Rue Owner Kirsten Anderson Will Open a Fine Art Boutique Called Creatura House on Pike Street: In a corridor where art is losing more ground every day, this is a welcome addition. The curator/genius that brought you the Roq La Rue gallery, which thrived in Pioneer Square for 18 years, will open a retail space with "things inspired by Strange Natural History, the Dark Fantastical, Opulently Botanical, Crystalline Witchyness, Punk Chic, and Wild Beauty." Sean Nelson asked her some questions about the new space.

Run On Over to Short Run Next Weekend: Last year I spent over $60 on a bunch of ‘zines from an anarchist witch collective down in Portland and a mermaid pillow. Did I need any of that stuff? No, and you probably don’t either. But, will it give you the warm fuzzies inside to be supporting fine local independent illustrators, publishers and micropresses like Fantagraphics, Cold Cube Press, and Till? Yes, why yes it will.

Local free-skronk heavies Ghidra play their first show in 10 years: Dave Segal has more good news: Ghidra—revered improv saxophonist Wally Shoup, flamboyant experimental guitarist and Afrocop collaborator Bill Horist, and deft, explosive drummer Mike Peterson—will return to the live circuit at the Blue Moon Tavern November 18, with Diminished Men and Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand. Over the last decade, Ghidra’s members have gone on to perform in many permutations with other groups and solo, but their special brand of artful chaos has been missed; you can hear Ghidra’s influence in Seattle outfits like Abodox, Lesbian, and Bad Luck. Welcome back, guys!