Nathan Pallace

Seattle’s very own Wimps manage to simultaneously bring all the nonsense and none of the bullshit. Whether it’s a song about being the old guy at the party, procrastinating on doing the laundry, the gender pay gap, or living in a dump, their signature brat-punk sound—bouncy, off-beat, snottily wry—makes all the boring parts of being alive sound a little more fun. The trio dropped their latest LP, Garbage People, on Kill Rock Stars this past July, and it's 13 songs worth of reasons that you should be rocking out with Wimps at Bumbershoot—from the fast-paced drone and howl of "Giant Brain," to punchy sleepless set closer, "Insomnia."

There are more than 80 musical acts performing at Bumbershoot 2018, which happens this Labor Day Weekend (Aug. 31-Sept. 2) on the Seattle Center grounds. A complete breakdown of Bumbershoot 2018 Critics' Picks here, and the full Bumbershoot 2018 schedule here. Wimps perform 6:35–7:20 pm on Friday at KEXP. Check out the acts that Wimps is excited to see at Bumbershoot here. And enjoy some Wimps media below.