Lady Outside Wal-Mart Allegedly Pepper Sprays Fellow Customers: In an attempt to get the best deals. Another Wal-Mart customer was shot outside his car in an attempted robbery.

Twilight Movie "Reportedly Causing Seizures": During the birthing scene, in audience members with photosensitive epilepsy.

Despite Italy's Climbing Yield, Stocks Rise in US: And they'll have less time to go down, as today is a holiday-shortened trading day.

More than 250 Incidents of Street Light Copper Wire Theft: In Tacoma!

Seattle to Help Car-Bound Homeless: By opening up church parking lots and using grants totaling $30,000 to fund a case worker.

Stay Classy, Dian Ferguson: Seattle City Council challenger Dian Ferguson, after receiving just over a third of the vote in her race against incumbent Sally Clark, has not yet conceded, as she did not believe a concession would be required.

Hey, y'all! It's the 25th anniversary of Iran-Contra! On this day in history, President Reagan revealed the details of the sordid affair after the story broke.