Who ever would have though gentrification and growth would have largely negative side affects. Who could have imagined?!?!? Now if you will excuse me I need to respond to my rent for a one bedroom apartment going from $1200 a month to $2100 a month.
If I recall Nickelville planned to move to a landslide ridden area. Should a city care about homeless people enough to pause and make sure the site is safe Anzel? Or should they just rubber stamp the move because they're homeless? Your logic isn't that compassionate if you ask me.…
permit extensions are pretty mundane affairs (and I was wondering WTF with that block - which should be a civic plaza, not a building), but I think these folks make a very good point.
"let the adults talk." That leaves you out of the conversation, run along Subhumanblues.

@4, you have a point, blue. Let's embrace the new reality that's coming, a Seattle for the well-to-do who can afford to live in market-rate housing, and the poor who live in housing subsidized by taxpayers. What a wonderful city that will be. Having a middle class in Seattle is highly overrated.
"Does Seattle give developers special treatment?" Is the new "Does a bear shit in the woods?".
Putting aside the affordable housing issue, what the city lets developers get away with is some bullshit. Unless we're dealing with a serious economic meltdown (and regarding development in this city, we had a short blip in 2008 and nothing since), there is no excuse for developers sitting on holes in the ground indefinitely. Either Triad gets it shit together in a few months, or all permits should be revoked for that site, forcing those assholes to sell the land to a non-idiot.

Awww. I hurted poor wittle Kid Herz feewings! Poor little fella!

To reiterate- yes, those who pay for the city to give rentals to layabout grifters take precedence over the layabout grifters. And should. And suing because your free rent is threatened takes a breathtaking sense of entitlement. Kid Herz level, and that's a high bar.
My new motto: "Get on my level - Kid Herz level."
Shorter SB: What did those fucking veterans ever do for me? We should round 'em up and shoot them, the fucking scum.
SB subtext: Those fucking losers were always fucking losers, that's why they had to join the military in the first place - they were too stupid to get a real job. They should have had the good grace to die in combat as God intended.
Hey Seattleblues, did ya know some of those grifters fought wars for your freedom to sit around and bitch about your post getting deleted?
Seattleblahs is just a kid who is trying to get a rise out of people. I wouldn't let him get to you. You know how teenagers can be.
*sigh* Sorry folks should have given Subhumanblues an mental age appropriate video to watch.

Here you go Subbiehumieblues… now run along.

So, Seattleblues, what do you do for a living that makes you such a valuable contributor to our city, yet also allows you to spend all day commenting on Slog comment threads?

Just curious.

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