White supremacist terrorism is not covered the same as Islamic terrorism.
White supremacist terrorism is not covered the same as Islamic terrorism. BRENDAN NG

What you will not find in Trump's Twitter feed: Mention of the 51-year-old white man charged with the murder of a brown person in a triple shooting that happened on Wednesday in a Olathe, Kansas bar. It is believed that the brown person, an engineer of Indian decent, was shot and killed because of the color of his skin.

Another brown person of Indian descent was also shot in this incident. Both are said to have been attacked with racial slurs and told by the alleged shooter to get out of his country. The third person who was shot is said to be a white male who stood up for the brown people. As of this time, this story has not made national news. Why? Because it wasn't a Muslim shooting white people. Had that been the case, then the whole business would be called an act of terrorism, and be tweeted about by Trump, and on the main pages of all the national papers. 'Terror in the Heartland,' would have been the headline. Despite having happened two days ago, the incident is barely mentioned on CNN's website. As for the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Seattle Times? Totally nothing on their main pages. Even the Islamic terrorist attack that did not happen in Sweden last week got more attention. We do indeed live in dangerous times. Brown people can be shot in an act of terror and receive almost no national attention.

UPDATE: It took a whole nation of brown people, India, to get NYT's attention on the murder of an Indian brown person by an alleged white American racist: