Every Trump supporter who calls Stormy Daniels a "scank" (sic) on Twitter brings us one step closer to seeing our first (but not our last) presidential dick pic. Because with each passing day/each insulting tweet, Daniels seems more determined to show-and-tell all. NBCNews:

Adult film star Stormy Daniels is offering to give back the $130,000 she was paid for her silence so she can speak freely about President Donald Trump and release any text messages, photos and videos she might have.... “This has never been about the money," Clifford's lawyer, Michael Avenatti, told NBC News on Monday. "It has always been about Ms. Clifford being allowed to tell the truth. The American people should be permitted to judge for themselves who is shooting straight with them and who is misleading them. Our offer seeks to allow this to happen."

I'm confident a GoFundMe campaign to raise a 130K for Daniels—I'm guessing she spent the money Cohen paid her in October—would be a success. Oh, and if you're not already following Daniels on Twitter, you should be:

Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, is having a field day on Twitter with the many people who are insulting her now that she wants to speak out about an affair she says she had with President Donald Trump. Clifford is embroiled in a legal battle over whether a non-disclosure agreement she signed in October 2016 in return for $130,000 is valid. But while the case plays out, the porn star is responding to haters on Twitter with some hilarious snark, including chastising one user for misspelling skank.

But this is the Daniels tweet that belongs in the Twitter Hall of Fame: