"Companies like Ferrero, who makes Nutella, and Nestle do their best to avoid mistreatment on these farms and child labor"

What are you basing that on?


Oregon grows a ton of hazelnuts. And at least one prominent 5th generation farmer near Eugene is black. Buy local!


Could we all use some color? Or just the white folks?


Here she is -



Damn, did she get it on record someplace?


Do your homework, Timothy. Small businesses are getting hit with a 20% surcharge on their B&O tax as well. (That part is at the very end of the 97-page bill.).

Democrats want you to think only big businesses are paying. None of us should be happy that they passed this bill essentially in secret, without a window for public comment.


Filberts, the pre-trendy name for Hazelnuts, flourish in the Pacific NW. My elementary school in Bellevue was built on the site of a former nut orchard and we had filbert trees on school property. Students collected nuts for the school as a fundraiser. That building is now occupied by governmental offices. Eat local, avoid imported sugary crap Nutella.



Unsurprising, considering the way Banksters made off with Trillions, in creating gee dub's Great Recession and, instead of Hard Time from our Centrist Prez, got gargantuan, billion dollar Bonuses.

It's well-past time for a Progressive (political) Revolution.


Shorter @10

BUT WHAT ABOUT?!?!?!!!!11


Sorry [not sorry] U.S. Attorney Bill Barr, but you WILL be testifying before our Congress. No matter what your angry child / unhinged Boss says:

"On Sunday, a spokesman for House Judiciary Committee Republicans said that it was improper to have staff lawyers ask questions in place of committee members and raised concerns about the precedent for doing so.

Although allowing staff members to question witnesses is unusual, the committee has permitted it on several occasions in the past, under both Democratic and Republican majorities, according to a spokesman for Mr. Nadler, Daniel Schwarz. This includes during public hearings and private transcribed interviews, like the impeachment inquiries into Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Bill Clinton, and the Republican-led investigation into the F.B.I.’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

There is also precedent for having staff lawyers interview cabinet secretaries, Mr. Schwarz said. During the joint House and Senate Hearings on the Iran-contra scandal in 1987, committee staff members questioned both Attorney General Edwin Meese III and Secretary of State George P. Shultz."

From: "Barr Threatens Not to Testify Before House,
but Democrats May Subpoena Him"


@14, no but copy-pasting entire articles from other sites will


Speaking of Bill Barr:

BARR! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody:


Your daily Boeing:
"As in most accidents, there are a chain of events that occurred," CEO Dennis Muilenburg said, referring to the Lion Air crash on Oct. 29 and the March 10 crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Max. "It's not correct to attribute that to any single item."


So what if a crane fell, a town got covered in mud, or a nut case was shooting non-Christians (which apparently happens quite frequently, hence not even making the stranger’s news anymore)?

This is the land of the free and we should let the market rule. Owners get to decide who will build their property regardless of “regulations,” and shouldn’t let those environmental hippies decide the future of their own trees.
Market rule should also be applied to guns. If a tiny percentage of responsible freedom-fighting gun owners misuse them then so be it. Some people are sensitive to peanuts and choke on almonds. Do we hold the growers responsible???


@21- oooooooooooh - that was vicious.


The horizontal portion of the crane had been removed. The "sail loading" area had been signicantly reduced by its removal - and these cranes are designed for 100mph gusts. They were just beginning with tower de-erection. An attendant crane was about to begin removing tower sections. I would bet money that certain sections had at least some connector bolts either loosened or removed, and that the rather trivial 23mph gust is to some extent a red-herring; improper (and probably negligent) disassembly procedures will be the culprit.


I weep for the poor millionaires who will now have to pay a slight amount of tax on their unworked for capital gains on their $3,000,000 and up mansions.

Oh the poor dears.


Alert - don't fly into DFW with CBD:


23 That construction site had been running slipshod for a while - an open secret for those living and working in SLU. Neighboring employers had their site safety officers on alert for that place think major SLU research facility). It will all come out now.


Tan? We can't get tanned because SKIN CANCER is the most painful way to die! Which is why I'm so pale I can be one of those ice people.


Thanks for the "Maggot Brain". One of my long-time favorites.



Well the few times this happened with other pilots in the US they had no problems. Apparently Indonesians and Ethiopian pilots aren’t as skilled.

So yes, Boeing screwed up and forgot about shitty pilots.


@ If It's Boeing, I Ain't Going -- Well, see, they DID tell the Pilots about their MCAS system, which was prone to Failure. The ones in this Country, leastways. They musta (somehow!) Forgot they sell them Planet-fucking-Wide.

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