Go get em MacKenzie.

Multiple people shot at South Seattle beach: Police say that on Monday, two groups of people opened fire on each other hitting at least four bystanders at the beach. They were all taken to Harbourview, and one 8-year-old boy is now in serious condition. Another boy under 2 and a 27-year-old woman were described as in critical condition. It’s a sad reminder that as the weather turns sunny and warm, gun violence has a tendency to increase.

Ilhan Omar visited Bellevue on Saturday: And the event involved some very intense security procedures to keep the congresswoman safe. Protesters did gather outside—your classic mix of religious guys with bullhorns and MAGA hat-wearing Proud Boys—but they did not disrupt the planned event. Omar spoke at a sold-out fundraiser for the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Washington, raising more than $250,000 to combat Islamophobia.

Did you get stuck in traffic on I-90 yesterday? Well, you have a high-speed car chase and alleged kidnapping to thank for that. Police were in pursuit of a man driving way too fast going west on I-90 when suddenly he decided to hop over the median and drive the wrong way in the eastbound lane, eventually crashing headfirst into a car. Five people were reported injured. Nobody died.

The Trump administration is going after the National Climate Assessment: It’s the gold standard of climate modeling and it comes out every four years. Meaning, every four years we’re reminded yet again just how fucked we are. Now Trump is attacking the very scientific foundation of how the report is produced and what models are allowed to be included. If he could scrub it of every mention of climate change, he probably would.

MacKenzie Bezos is vowing to give away half of her fortune: Following the finalization of her divorce from Jeff Bezos, who is still very, very rich. No word if our boy Jeff will follow her lead.

A Colorado man is now the 11th person to die on Mount Everest this year: I love mountains, love looking at them, love climbing them, but no way in hell am I going to climb Mount Everest in my life. I’m a bit too fond of living. This is now the deadliest year on Everest since 2012. The number of casualties and the traffic just shy of the summit has Nepalese officials rethinking the way they give out permits to climb the world’s highest peak. As traffic increases at the top of the mountain, people have to spend longer above 8,000 meters—a place commonly called the death zone—and the more likely they are to… well… die.

Finally some weather reporting even Gen Z can understand: I kid, Gen Z, you are loved and appreciated, but stop hitting the fucking Juul in school.

Johnson & Johnson faces trial over opioid drugs: The company that has made its brand synonymous with cute products like baby soap that won’t irritate your kids' eyes or little bandages that make boo-boos feel better has also been manufacturing incredibly strong opioids. Oklahoma attorney general Mike Hunter describes Nucynta, the drug at the heart of this case, as a “deadly heroin pill.” It’s a landmark case to test just how culpable drug companies are for the deadly effects of their drugs—drugs that have in large part fueled the opioid crisis we see today. It could also provide a framework for states to go after other larger opioid drug companies like Purdue, the makers of Oxycontin.

Oklahoma is underwater:

Now listen here, you $#!%: This week, we're starting our mornings with some of the best Disney songs ever put to wax or film or whatever medium gets your engine revving. I'm not including any Pixar movie songs because there are too many good ones and this is going to be hard enough as it is. Yes, I know Disney owns Pixar. Disney owns everything, so don't even start with that. We'll start today with my favorite Disney song from day one.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A Seattle International Film Festival screening of Roll Red Roll, one of the last chances to see Nina Simone: Four Women, and Brooklyn-based jazz collective Snarky Puppy.