Choo chooooo, what's that sound? Oh it's the Pride train barreling unstoppably toward us for a weekend of revelry and resistance. You probably already know about all the major events scheduled for the next few days, but if you're looking to bulk up your calendar—or seek out some alternatives—consider the following: 


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The Jellicle moon summons you to Seattle’s SIFF Cinema Egyptian for the mind-altering experience that is Cats (2019). Costumes strongly encouraged! It’s impossible to recommend this bizarre film highly enough – though is it a film, really? Or more of an artifact of a culture on the brink of a nervous breakdown? Thrill to the sight of Hollywood’s brightest stars pawing at each other like freshman drama majors at their first improv class! Stare lewdly at the screen in search of the CG buttholes! Lose your fucking shit when Skimbleshanks appears! Cats (2019) manages to be exactly the right kind of wrong, stacking one terrible decision on top of another until you can’t tell where your reality ends and digital fur technology begins. And if you haven’t had your fill of cats on the big screen, consider getting tickets for CatVideoFest, which screens before Cats (2019) and then again throughout the weekend. MATT BAUME

Cats screens this Friday at 9:30 pm at SIFF Cinema Egyptian on Capitol Hill.


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Do you miss the era of low-rise jeans? TRL on your TV everyday? Chewing on Polly Pocket purses? Going from Justin to Kelly? Well, ohhh boy, does Neumos have the remedy for you! Seattle's premiere drag hostess Jane Don't throws Y2Gay at the Capitol Hill venue, a recurring 2000s dance party and amateur drag competition that gets down like it's 2004. Come through to dance to early Kylie Minogue tracks and watch baby drag queens lipsync for their lives. For this special Pride edition of the party, Jane has invited her drag sister Monday Mourning to do the competition scorekeeping while DJ Pretty Please spins music from the decks. Come through to join Jane Don't & Co. on a wild journey through the early millennium and Seattle's amateur drag scene. I've heard it gets wild! JAS KEIMIG

Jane Don't's Y2Gay: Pride Edition at Neumos kicks off at 9 pm. Entries: $10. Memories: priceless.


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Yes, yes, the big official Pride parade is very fun but the Dyke March has a joyfulness all its own. Kicking off with an outdoor rally at Seattle Central College from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, the walking (and motorcycles) will get underway at 7:00 p.m., making a raucous loop around Capitol Hill. The rally boasts a solid lineup of singers, speakers, and celebrants, and the March’s open-to-all vibe hearkens back to the rowdy Pride demonstrations of yesteryear, before things got so corporate. Funded by your donations (give to @SeattleDykeMarch on Venmo), this celebration of feminists, queers, and community is a can’t-miss kickoff to a weekend of rainbows, riots, and flirty looks. MATT BAUME

Seattle Dyke March rallies from 5-7 pm on Saturday, June 25 at Seattle Central College, then hits the road at 7 pm sharp.


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Now in its third year, Seattle's first large-scale Pride event centering trans, Black, Indigenous, and of color community members is BACK. Or should I say BLACK. This year, Taking B(l)ack Pride's huge Pride celebration is called Seachella, to celebrate "the unique, eclectic, artistic, vibrant, summa time aesthetic of the Black and brown, trans and queer community." Hunkering down at Seattle Center's Mural Amphitheater, the organizers of the event have a wildly stacked Saturday for participants. Drawing talent from across the U.S. and Canada, musicians Kidd Ken and Brittany Davis, drag duo Lüchi, DJs Kween Kaysh and Myrtle, and twerk fitness coach CJ the Trainer are part of the day-long lineup of performers. And burlesque goddess and sex siren Ms. Briq House will bless the day's proceedings as host. Show up, enjoy the performances, and have a whole lotta fun. JAS KEIMIG

Taking B(l)ack Pride presents Seachella 2022 goes down at Seattle Center Mural Amphitheater from 10 am to 8 pm on Saturday, June 25. Organizers ask if you're not part of the QTBIPOC community to contribute if you come, so they can continue their excellent work in perpetuity. 


So picture this: it's Sunday and you're probably a little (read: very) hungover. You've spent the afternoon screaming your head off at the Pride parade downtown, gotten a little tan, ate some food, had a nap, and are lowkey looking for the last party before rainbow season is officially over. Enter The Cuff's Sunday Pride Party. The club has both indoor and outdoor events running from midnight to 3:00 a.m. if you're really trying to get your groove on into the oppressive straightness of Monday. Come out to get down with Kevin Kauer Nark Party, throw dollar bills at Queer Bar's Mx. cast, hand bang to the rock stylings of the Seattle band Thunderpussy, and stay for underground tunes from the British DJ collective Horse Meat Disco. Inside, internationally-renowned DJ Kim Ann Foxman will preside over the dancefloor for three hours; it's not to be missed! JAS KEIMIG

Events on Sun., June 26 for the The Cuff's Pride Festival start at noon. Tickets are $35