I'm not a seasoned political reporter— especially not covering Olympia. But I am a human being, I live in this state, and I have a uterus that I'd like to keep having some semblance of control over. Furthermore, I have the emotional capacity to empathize with the children of immigrants who want to go to college. So watching state senate majority leader Rodney Tom grinningly dismantle the entire progressive political agenda so he can have the sweetest swivel chair in the senate has been excruciatingly painful. Especially since he always acts like that's not what he's doing.

As you may recall from recent coverage, Senator Tom abandoned his Democratic caucus earlier this year along with his buddy Tim Sheldon to form a narrow Republican majority. So Tom, who was elected as a Democrat, is now running the GOP and serving as the pied piper of its obstructionist, conservative agenda. But he pretends that's not what's happening—he pretends he's being bipartisan and that he "supports" things like women's rights and immigration reform.

No one likes being lied to, Senator Tom. I'm certainly tired of hearing you proudly proclaim your pro-choice position—and touting support you've received from pro-choice organizations—and then, when we had a chance to pass the Reproductive Parity Act, watching you hand the bill to a committee led by anti-choice senator Randi Becker who, predictably, prevented it from coming to a vote. (Thanks for telling me straight-facedly that you knew she'd "hear bills that she might not be the strongest believer in" and that "it's important for [committee] members to have an open mind.") Same with the Washington State Dream Act, you turdbag. It also passed the house and then landed in a Republican-led committee so it could die without ever being voted on—and busloads of kids who'd come to speak in support could testify to a panel of empty chairs.

So I'd just like to say this, and get it out of my system, so I can stop saying your fuckstick name over and over again: FUCK YOU, RODNEY TOM.

I'm done either politely or stridently writing blog posts urging you to do anything—even though you could absolutely bring these bills to a vote through parliamentary procedures that we all know you understand. Shit's not going to happen. I'm so sick of reminding you of senate rules that you damn well know. You're not going to save anything. Most of the progressive agenda is just a giant, smoldering crater.

Thanks entirely to you.

And now we get to have a big fat budget fight instead of doing anything productive. (See Goldy's take on the budget on page 9.) And the budget fight is a fucking joke. Why? Because you, King of Weasels, wrecked the senate with your bullshit coup and are blocking as much progress as possible. Thanks a fucking ton, Rod-o. recommended