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BROWN PAPER BAG <3 ♥♥ To the lovely ladies and gents of BPT that make this such a fabulous place to work: You are awesome! You are wonderful! You rock my world! Keep it up!

SHARAYAH MY BESTIE ♥♥ Sharayah Rose- You are my crack--I'm addicted to you. You have the best boobs in the world! Love you mucho -Brittany

HUNNI BABY SWEETIE ♥♥ Rc- we're good together, I love you to the moon--plus you're awesome in bed! Love you bunches hunny, Britt

DEAREST FEFE STAPES ♥♥ I might not be a hobo on the streets but I think you're pretty fine just the same. Yr cat is probably already your v-tine but I'll be your back up. CB

K-MONEY MY LOVE! ♥♥ My love for you is like a truck, and the last 7 yrs, although up and down, would not have been the same without you! S-money

KELLY O! ♥♥ Your pal Jeminem misses the piss outta you. I dream of summer road trips to Soap Lake and house parties injuries from Jello-O shots and heels. xo Jem

GIASOU MARINA MOU :) ♥♥ Euharisto pou eirthes kai omorfines tis meres mou...Happy Valentine's Day! Xpnstos

BABYDINOSAURNOSTRILS ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day!! I love you more than you can imagine. Always and forever... Neil.

SOMEBODY LOVES YOU ♥♥ So lucky to have found you, making me sand-witches, you came home early for the fourth of july just to watch the fire-works with me, So sweet.

MY SWEET CHRIS ♥♥ Never stop looking at me. You will never know how special you are to me. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day.

MY SEXY WHITE PONY... ♥♥ I look forward to riding you, I mean riding with you, into the gray skies once again this month. You'll always be my perfect dear! (Or Pony)... Love L.

RAT CITY ROLLERGIRLS ♥♥ To the absolute best thing on wheels, and the hottest babes to grace my lens, you are LOVED!!! Frank

JHF ♥♥ Jon ~ All I need to say is that I love you, I've always loved you, and I never want you to feel otherwise. Let's do this together. Love, Kathryn

TO STINKY 2 ♥♥ You R the love of my life... i cant wait to see what the next 50 years bring. I love you with all my heart. Luv stinky 1

♥♥ Casey at Clever Dunne's, will you be mine????

1 FANTASTIC YEAR ♥♥ J– Our 1st year has been fantastic. I can't wait to spend the next 50 w/you. And to think it all started w/1 e-mail which I will never delete. Luv -K

DEAR ROSEMARY ♥♥ i love you more than tom waits, whiskey, and handjobs combined, and i am very proud of you. luv, rachie.

HOWAYA CUBANA ♥♥ Java-Harvard Exit-Espresso Love-Rubbing-Gorgeous Completely-Salt&Pepper-Nob Hill-Black Butte-Sleepy Monk. Best part is all of them. Iluvu. Roysito

MIKE D ♥♥ You mean the world to me! I love you very much and want to be your sweety forever and ever! Love, JMD

M&M ♥♥ You mean so very much to me Mike. I cannot wait to spend nine days in NYC with you. Happy Anniversity my Superman. KOUS KOUS!

P. NATHAN, MY LOVE ♥♥ Life is too short to obsess over "what ifs" and "could've beens." Take a cue from Oasis's commercial failure of a third album and BE HERE NOW.

PIGGY SUMMERS ♥♥ eat a turd sandwich, a delicious valentine's day treat!

TOP 6, YOU'RE NO. 1 ♥♥ Every one of you is my favorite person ever. To you guys -Chuss!

LOVE BEING WITH YOU ♥♥ the breakfasts you make at my place, the weekends we sleep in, your cheesy puns, sunday dinners, the way you look at me--a few of many reasons why i...

JEREMY, SWEET THING ♥♥ thank you for you. so unbelievably lucky to have you in my life, love. Je t'aime pour ma vie. I love love love you, baby. Always will. Pinky swear.

PARA MI AZUCAR!! ♥♥ Te amo para siempre Michael! Thanks for being in my life! I hope we have many more years to come :) Muchos besos <3 YOUR SUGAR

YOU WON'T READ THIS ♥♥ i like you more than you'll ever know. i can't stand to think it's all going to be over soon. i love you. have fun in nyc. i'll miss you.

WILDCAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥ Wildcat, I have a secret crush on you. Made of beautiful fur, I know you too have dreamt of long nights with me. I am Llama!! Llama + Wildcat = Love

BLISS ♥♥ Evan, I've waited my whole life for a man like you. You fulfill me like no one else. All I want is to have, to hold forever... i love you

I NEVER THOUGHT... ♥♥ I'd meet a girl who was into Jewish Mexicans. Fina, I thought you were wonderful when I met you. Where are you? I'd love to see you again -Ian.

VALENTINE TO POOKIE! ♥♥ I've been so happy these past five months solely because of you. One more month and I'll be back in Seattle with you! A million kisses from your kitty.


I LOVE YOU KRISTI!!! ♥♥ I held you once. Long ago or maybe just now. We share what they all want. We're losing a perfect love most will never find. Don't go my love, Curtis

FUCK YEAH, CHRIS! ♥♥ I'm gonna love you for the rest of YOUR life.

BABA ♥♥ It's been 4 years of good times, bad times, lots of laughter, some tears and yet I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. YOU ARE MY HEART. TRULY. YG

CRAZYNURSEPANTS ♥♥ Thank you 4 bringing meaning, inspiration and love into my life. i'm glad i didn't die before i met you. You rock ma world. Love ya bunches! <3! xoxox

MR. HUSBAND ♥♥ This will be our last Valentine's Day before our world changes with Baby C. I love you for all that you do and all that you are. Love, Mrs. Wife

DARLIN ANGEL BABY ♥♥ I love you now! You are a part of me forever. My nails are nice and sharp for you on Valentine's Day.

JACKI IS CRIMINAL ♥♥ Your brazen jaywalking offenses make you extra hot. Love, Mark, your partner in crime.

TO MY HUNKY BELGIAN: ♥♥ I can't wait till the day my teeth fall out so I can give you even better head than I do now! I'm looking forward to your waffles...

ELLIOTT IS DREAMY!! ♥♥ You reduce me to a blubbering blob of adulation. You satisfy my insatiable appetite. I guess what I am really trying to say is you do it for me baby!

MR. FABULOUS ♥♥ You make all my dreams come true. Thanks for being such a sexy, understanding and loving husband. You mean the world to me. We love you. Dear 2 & V

LOVE TO JO-MO ♥♥ You bring out the mush in me, honey-sugar-bo. I love you and treasure you most of all. Happy Valentine's Day! XXXOOOXXX Luv, C (soon to be G)

LOTUS BLOSSOM ♥♥ Still love you after ten hotwet Valentine's Days. One more? (hotwet) All my everything, Jade Rod

YOU'RE THE BEST ♥♥ i hope to be with you for the rest of our lives. will you be my lifetime valentine? xoxox


MY FAR AWAY HEART ♥♥ I want you to know how much I love you, miss you and think about you everyday. You are my heart and I can't wait until we are not so far apart. - sky

CHOP ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day. I love you and cherish every moment we have together. Our little Nina is the most fortunate daughter in the world. Smashies...

EMERALDEYES ♥♥ just wanted to ask you to be my Valentine. I see you every day and wonder why you're not in my life.

I LOVE YOU PAPA ♥♥ From our 1st exchanges of hate for Matt Lauer you have had my heart You will always be my Bunsen Honeydew, and I your loyal sidekick Beaker. I heart u

AHOJ PEKNE ALEKU! ♥♥ Vesely Valentinky Den! My love for you has no end! May I fulfill our journey for an everlasting love affair! I will lead the way! Hodne; Milenka! Rob

HOBBIT FEET=LOVE ♥♥ Dear Hobbiton, I love you more than all the hairy feet in the world. Hobbit+Steed

BABY BUNNY POWDER ♥♥ Ericey Lover, I want to spend Valentine's Day eating Dutch Baby and making love under a baby blue cloud with flurries of baby pink powder falling.

DEAR BEEF CAKE, ♥♥ I don't want to get too mushy and romantic. I know how much that crap annoys you, but thanks for putting up with me and Lucy. Hearts and Stars.

CRISPY! ♥♥ i am so glad that you didn't leave me at work alone! happy valentine's day, here's to an infinite engagement! - Marjorie

CRAZY FACE! ♥♥ Thanks for being the best pitbull in the world. Your daddies love you!

AWESOME-O ♥♥ We made it a year. I know I am difficult sometimes, but I want to make it a lifetime. Care to join me? -Beefcake

TAYLOR MADE FANTASY ♥♥ Dear EB, Me & that young Asian, punk-rock girl in our cotton panties doing the Scissor Sisters act while you touch yourself? How about it? Smoochie RM

MEW SWEETHEART! ♥♥ You're so sweet and creamy special that I just don't know where to start or end on you. I love you far beyond the cosmic background radiation!

HIHIHIHIHIHI!!!! ♥♥ To Andrea at the West Seattle Taco Time, you're a lovely woman and I really like you a lot. Phil

CUCUMBER AND PICKLE ♥♥ You will never be morbidly obese to me. Love, Mold

WHO LOVES YOU BABE? ♥♥ rae rae. who loves you babe? you know who.

DEAR MELODRAMATIC ♥♥ I adore you like a little kid at a candy shop. Thank you for helping me get better and learn to love again. Love always and forever, bubblicious_218.

MY SWEET GUBER! ♥♥ The Chinese calligrapher was right after all! Now balancing the hemispheres, soon we'll make the earth wobble again. I love you so! your danubian ducky

HEY MOISTY ♥♥ hey girl, let's hump all day and play bingo all night. don't worry, i won't tell anyone. we can even miss a game or two.

NICHOLAS <3 JO ♥♥ conversation lacking, apologies ignored, i pull off your hood, a smile playing at my lips, at bed hair, uncertainty, blueish eyes, if momentarily.

2: MY BIKE <3: ME ♥♥ thanks for putting the fun between my legs, baby.

MORNING GLORY ♥♥ girl, I told you you were going to kill me--I just didn't know it would be so sweet. licia, you're my lilac.

COSTUME SHOP GIRL ♥♥ even if you wore all black, you'd still be the brightest lady i know. get used to flowers and smooches, something tells me we're in for a long ride.

I LOVE YOU A MILLION ♥♥ I can't wait to have dinner with you on Wednesday, I have been looking foward to it all week. I am always happiest when I am with you. LOVE JOHN XOXOXO

TO MY HONKY TONKY ♥♥ I'll miss your backrubs and soft cheeks, the cuddling and do-nothing weekends, arguing and making up. Love you more than anything babe.

VAGINAL FISTING? ♥♥ I knew we'd be BFFs since the day we met and said "Let's be friends!" Remember when we went to Lacey and I played the clarinet? Wow. I LOVE you Maya!

HEY EVONS ♥♥ You are the Hall to my Oates. I love you! xoxo

NICK, VERA LOVES YOU ♥♥ The way you raise money really makes us blush. We love the sonics sweater and wish you would wear it every day.

MY BROWN EYED GIRL ♥♥ Suzy you are so divine. You make my heart redline. I'm so happy that you're mine. Will you be my valentine? -michael

HONEY BUNNY! ♥♥ Thank you for being such a good honeybunny for the past 54 months, the baby daddy of my cats, the iron chef of soup, and my best friend. Meowzitos!

TO MY LOVE, RYAN ♥♥ Life began the night we met and I wouldn't take back one moment we've spent together. Honey I love you. You have my heart forever. Happy V-day baby. LEA

MISSING YOU. ♥♥ Being in NYC sucks even more now that we broke up. Hope things keep going well for us. Can't wait to see where you are next year. Love you miss you XO

SSHHHHHH!!!!! ♥♥'s quiet time, Mr. Clark.

GARTH Z. C. B. ♥♥ dear garth. i miss you. i'm in colorado but i'll be back in may and we can dance and frolic and sing all over this lovely, lucious world. xox. EBW

OLIVER W. ♥♥ i hate you. you're fat and ugly. sometimes i think that your face looks like a butt. i love you and miss you. love, elbow.

BAUHAUS BEAUTY ♥♥ skinny pale boy w/messngr bag on fixie who crshd outsde Bauhaus: U tripped ovr ur adidas & in2 my ovr accessorized, coke-shootin heart.

BUBALAH ♥♥ Baby, I love you... I can't wait to move into our new condo together. You've made it happen for yourself and I look forward to every minute w/you.

SHEVAUNATHON JAPAN ♥♥ Hey Cutie, We both love this paper and I heart you so this seemed appropriate. Love and kisses and hot sex for you on V-Day. Love, love xoxo M

XXXOSHEN DELIXXX ♥♥ U looked spiffy in ur BTS t-shirt. I dug their 1st album. when u said u did 2 I knew we'd work. FUCK U & UR CHUNKY BANANA PUDDING!

MY FOXY PIZZA BOY ♥♥ To Josh: Lots of girls try to offer you a blow job as a tip, but you politely decline since you're much too classy and you're all mine. Love Mandi

MY PUNK ROCK GIRL ♥♥ Mica, you mean the world to me. I just wanted to let you know. I love you and when you read this give me a big hug and a kiss. zach

LASER MY BEAM, BABY! ♥♥ I hear you cat callin' me while hustlin' your CD. Holla 'atcha hoe, big boi. <3

M.G.D 'N DOUGHNUTS ♥♥ You get real fucked up by the fire.

PENGUIN EN ESPANOL ♥♥ Brenan, I'm totally crazy about you and want to travel to warm places together. If you'll have me, I want to be your boyfriend... or just your penguin.

FLOWERS AND JOYS! ♥♥ "I hope the pretty girl at flowers is working," and then we kissed, and then I left the world, and that is sad. I hope it doesn't end that way.

CHRIS H... ♥♥ could totally beat up everybody, but he never would because he's such a good guy.

JAKE BABY ♥♥ i want to lick you, kiss you, touch you, fuck you, relax & kick back, smoke a bleeze... i'll get on my knees to just be your valentine, baby please <3

VERITE WENDY ♥♥ you put the dope(!) in all of our doppios.

TO THE C-SIDE... ♥♥ Every day without you is a day wasted.

NIGHTY NIGHT ♥♥ Sleep tight; don't let the bed bugs bite. Your painting is beautiful; I'm going to take such good care of it. I will always love you.

YES, YOU ♥♥ Baby, I love you. I know I'm not a walk in the (dog)park, but you certainly are. ~Kisses~

KEATON LOVES SUZANNE ♥♥ It's very rare to find such a stunningly beautiful and incredibly smart person to share every day with. You're lucky to have me. Love you dearly, Suz!

PL LUV KR ♥♥ I love you more than there are stars in the universe. You are my brightest star that leads me home always.

SPICEY PICKLE ♥♥ You are my favorite pickle in the whole world. Be my gurken of love forever and always. Love -your little monkey.

DEAR DICK CHENEY ♥♥ You have clearly gone fucking insane. Just end it. Love, Andy

RCRG RULE! ♥♥ DIVASTATE, OH, DIVASTATE. How You Love To Devastate! Happy Valentine's Day! Hearts! From BBB

TO MY LITTLE DUCKS- ♥♥ Long before we were a fivesome we were a threesome--es twu! Thank you for your support then and now. Hugs and squishes, my little Poop Muffins.

GOOD MOANING ♥♥ To my favorite 1L toleratin', Britcom lovin', SH singin' person in the whole world: Thanks for putting up w/me & I lurv u more than garlic olives!

TWO MY VALENTINES ♥♥ Kiki and Josh- You are the sexiest significant others I could ever ask for. I'll love you both forever!

ONE PLUS ONE ♥♥ 818 clicks from your front door to mine. But that's not distance, just miles. The Harpie loves her Klown (and the Munkay).

GUZZLEBUM? SO HOT! ♥♥ KAITLIN my BFF, I love YOU so hard BITCH! I'm sorry I left Seattle for NY. I miss you, wine nights, dogs named Jake, & Bauhaus. yr my #1! <3 ROXY!

HA HA! SEXY BITCH! ♥♥ tim, i'm glad we're "hanging out" so much. you totally do it for me babe! hopefully soon we can take it somewhere... i'll bring the boardgame. -josh-


STW, CERTIFIED GEEK ♥♥ We talk about music & movies. You make me laugh... a lot. You put me up for the night when I'm in town. I adore you every day of the year! For years!

ALLISON MARIE! ♥♥ U r my best friend! I am glad we can continue to grow and support one another, through China, Praha, and even Japan! U R SPECIAL! AND PERFECTLY SHORT!

AVA FIASCO ♥♥ My favorite face. I'll love you til the end of the world, and then some. xo jack

DAVE ~ ♥♥ The golden globes sure are feeling neglected. ~A

SEDITIONARIES ♥♥ I love you! I love your music! I love your myspace page! I love your shows! You ROCK!

BABY MOON & LEANNIE ♥♥ Move to Portland!! For serious!! Miss you dudes. xo, Heather & Eli

MR. GOODY 2 TRAINERS ♥♥ jon, i love you forever and ever. you've been the best friend a girl could have. i would follow you anywhere, and believe me, i'm a gonna. rachie

LILIA ♥♥ I think of you always. Your spirit shines in speech, thought, eyes, and heart. You shine into heart and soul. Happy Valentine's Day!

SCRUFFY ♥♥ You are my Wonderwall. You're gonna be the one that saves me. I love you. -Jocey

KARI PEACH BUTT ♥♥ You have the cutest little bottom. I could make a meal of your inner thighs, that soft part next to your eyes, and your delicious peach butt.

DUM DUM ♥♥ Thanks for fucking me nice and proper over the past year. Buddy, you're the best! Rachie

MY SEA OTTER! ♥♥ i've had my eye on you forever & now you're mine. i'm the luckiest girl in olympia! i love you so much, ian. let's go roll around on top of each other.

1-24-2004 NAR + JRR ♥♥ The day you stole my heart. I love you madly, passionately and forever, my sweetest Bubbah-goose! Be my valentine, always? Love, your Puffalump.

CHARLIE, I LOVE YOU. ♥♥ Hold me close and tell me how you feel. Tell me love is real. Words of love you whisper soft and true. Darling, I love you.

MARY MARY ♥♥ I need your huggin'! Girl, you are about the sweetest thing since rhubarb pie and your cheekbones make Faye Dunaway run for cover. I love you so! XO

GUAPA ROSA AMARILLA ♥♥ I am yours, you are mine. Never have I seen a bouffant as lovely as yours nor a dress as splendid & yellow. Be mine & I'll be your bloody valentine.

MATTIE ♥♥ you are precious and rare. i love you more than you'll ever know.

RUBY REDLIPS ♥♥ I miss you everyday. Especially throwing you your ball and giving you belly rubs. I think about you all the time and hope I can see you again soon. xxx

TO MY WIFE MS.S ♥♥ I love you more everyday! You keep me in chastity and keep me hot for you 24/7! So for Valentine's i will vow to wear it and not cum for all of 2007!

C.M.M. ♥♥ Every pool of water reminds me of you--as does everything else I see and do. I love you with all my heart--whether we're together or apart. Be mine.

CHEEKS AKA ALCENA! ♥♥ Many congrats to you on your soon to be mommyhood. You're even more of a hottie with that belly. Much love to you, lady! ~Andrea

HEY LYDIA & SAMMY! ♥♥ We just wanted to say, YOU GUYS ROCK! Can't wait to throw balls and get into more trouble together. ~Fizz & Scar

KY, WHEN YOU ARE OLD ♥♥ i'll wipe your butt for you. but you're on your own if you eat anything from beth's. love, alyssa

HIP CHECK MY HEART ♥♥ My dear sweet Shovey: You are my gorgeous, brilliant, kind-hearted rollergirl. I kiss you every day and still can't believe my good luck. xoxo, Kitty

-->???? MAG ???? <-- ♥♥ ching ching. you're pretty. ILY. you are the grrr to my owwwlll. dubble bubble <3, me

FROM HERE 2 THE MOON ♥♥ to my dearest boyfriend: i know i tell u this all the time, but u are truly amazing! just thought i'd put it in print. =P I LOVE YOU!! -girLfriend.

TO MY GIRLFRIENDS... ♥♥ U have all been amazing I love u all so much and I'll miss u all next year! To the the tall Brit girl w/blue eyes, ur the most beautiful woman i know.

TAKE A BITE... ♥♥ Dan-o, Wish I was a june apple Hanging on a tree. Everytime my true love pass Take a bite of me. -your Junie apple

MY EXQUISITE JEF ♥♥ Almost unbelievable, our amorous game of hide-and-seek. I miss you, love you, want you. Clyde to my Bonnie, Antony to my Cleopatra; how I love thee...

HEMANTOOTH ♥♥ Lovelab, that goofy smile, a flirt, and a couple emails. Who woulda thunk it. I am whole with you. "...and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned."

CRUSHIN' ON JESSICAT ♥♥ with the purple hair & the smashing eyes; your friendship & other things have me thinkin' & yearnin' for more. you're super special sista! ~a.h.

SLUT CAKES ♥♥ It's our one-year anniversary, and even though I'm homo, all of my love goes to you. You make my water break. I love you.

MINNESOTA PETER ♥♥ I love you baby, thanks for making Seattle and Valentine's Day so sweet and sexy.

SOMETHING SILVER ♥♥ You silverites at UVillage are damn fine, and your jewelry is too! <3 <3

DUKE OF THE DELRIDGE ♥♥ Your touch is the sweetest thing I've ever felt. Your smile makes my heart swell. You are my everything.

FIZZGIG FOREVER!!! ♥♥ thank you, my sweet love, for another wonderful year. it's amazing that i fall in love with you more every day. epic always. your scarlet loves you.

FRITZ LOVES UTE ♥♥ I laid you down softly, and you were as wet as you ever were on a frosty morning. It was then that I knew how I loved you, my bodacious wife.

MY BEAUTIFUL MUSE ** ♥♥ 1.5 yrs have passed since you entered my life that day in August. I'm still fascinated, awed, and inspired by you. You mean so much to me, dearest muse.

CHATTYBOY<3SCUMMYBOY ♥♥ Hey darl~ hard to know the right things to say, but I want you to know that you're pretty awesome. Here's to scumminess, us, and those pink handcuffs!

RED HOT CINDY ♥♥ I miss your laugh and the great times we spent together. Why oh why did I leave you?! I can't wait for you to visit, and warm up cold Chicago. Love, G

RAT BASTARD ♥♥ You caymen stole my heart, and I will never be the same. I love you... then, now ,and always. Be my valentine. Love, your ZOMBIEGIRL.

BATTLESTAR BOY ♥♥ Love your laugh, your shiny blue eyes, your fight against authoritay, the way you groove to the oonch oonch oonch oonch. Be my valentine. xxoo

LOVE YOU GORGEOUS ♥♥ Ruthie Ann is the niftiest chick ever and you should hug her the next time you see her!! 'Cause shes waaaay too awesome to not hug her!! Much Luv, Gabby

BLONDIE FROM THE 9-0 ♥♥ Seattle is so much brighter with you in my life--the poetry, arboretum walks, wine, sandwiches on snowy mountain tops. Love you girlie!

TO MY DEAREST OLYVIA ♥♥ my darling olyvia, i want your bod. i think you should come to pullman and be my valentine. YOU'RE SO HOT LOVE, BETHANY $BIG MONEY$

!!!!! MFA !!!!! ♥♥ thank you for all you do. ten years and counting. this is for the sturdiest leaning post of all time. son of a snail!! i love and miss you, MIA

DR. BRADLEY J. ♥♥ You are the love of my life, the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. As long as my heart beats, I will love you. You'll always be my Bug.

BUY ME A TRUCK ♥♥ Get a big bonus and buy me a truck. I love you. (Ya wanna sign that? What you kidding me.)

YASMIN ♥♥ Its too bad you're fat.

HONEY BEAR ♥♥ I can't believe that after 12+ years together we are getting married--are we insane? I'm crazy in love with you--does that count? Kisses & Hugs :) -me

JEREMY ♥♥ This is the love i have always dreamed of. 50 years from now i will still feel the butterflies i felt when we first met. i love you the most. lindy

MT5 ♥♥ I-E-I-E-I you are my monkey pie!I love your sweet cheeks! Baxi and I love you! and that's it.

KIRA MY DIRA ♥♥ You are fragrant and sweet like Vanilla. My love for your is a spilla. With chocolate complexity, your smile so sweetsexity. All in one candy treat! E

HOT ROLLERBABE LUST ♥♥ I admit to lustful respect for all of you hotties. Can't wait for the first bout of the season in Everett this month. Please land in my lap! Bingme

TRAVYSHOES! ♥♥ Oh Stinky, Please be stinky. I'd never stink you. No stink. I was stinky when I stank you. So please don't stink me. No more. <3

AGAINST AGNES! ♥♥ Escribo de Costa Rica para decirle apenas el amor yo tengo para usted. ¿Es mi valentino? Amor, EL COLOR

MY LOVELY HO BAG ♥♥ Bethany, my love, I fall more in love with you everyday. I promise to love and cherish you through whatever life may bring us. Love, Olyvia!

RYAN/SLINKY/DOODLE ♥♥ Sorry for the extreme last few months... I love you with all my heart! Thanks for being my partner in crime and super hot lover! <3 Screwzanne

CUTESTLILHERO ♥♥ Fairy, Monster-maker, artist... you are my lover, and my best friend. Please say you will be mine - today, and in the month of May ;)

*** GOLD STARS *** ♥♥ mcb - I'm excited to start a new year in a new place with your wonderful self. Will you be mine? I love you! XOXO, kph

2 YEHTI LOVE DONKEY ♥♥ kat, ur my cantlivewithoutyou, my reason 2 smile, my angel, my sunshine, my dream cum true. ur my best friend, my object of desire, my valentine 4 ever charissa

KAY ♥♥ Thanks for being a great boss!:) We love you, let's do LUNCH!!!! From your gals at PlasmaLab International!!!

BABY CAKES ♥♥ My favorite girl in the whole wide world. You are always in my heart. I love you as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky. -Dewie

MY BEAUTIFUL JOEL! ♥♥ My love for you is exponentially greater than the finest design hour Frank Lloyd Wright could ever conjure! Cheers to many more travels together!

YOU'RE SUCH A PUNK ♥♥ And I love it. You are the Eagle that makes my heart soar, and I sleep better at night knowing I can rest in your aerie. I love you more.

TO THE K ♥♥ you are full of massive awesomeness and i desire access to sexual relations with you. sincerely, pmf.

LAST TRY ♥♥ Lise- by r 3rd meeting, I was smitten. You're lovely, brilliant, humorous, overly opinionated, driven, with walls too high n thick. Be brave--fall in love w/me.

LAPLANDS??? ♥♥ you are so clean, it's embarrassing, and i got rocks, so? thanks for being my grouch-house wrecking ball, I'm lucky to have you near me. backrub? SG

JENNEY <3'S JESSE ♥♥ Jesse- When I first saw you, I knew that it was love at first sight. True love forever. Every other fatalistic cliche imaginable. -Jenney

QUIQUE IS A QUTIE! ♥♥ "Dime que me quieres." "No te voy a decir nada, buey!" Pues hoy te digo que te quiero, te amo, y te adoro. Con muchos besos de tu gordita. xoxoxo

SUSHI ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day Jay! Sushi forever and ever! Love Holly

ANTHONY MY ROO BOO ♥♥ Here we are, our second Valentine's Day together. Your love from down under puts me on top of the world! I adore everything that U are! U are my heart!

LFD: L-T-3 ♥♥ Like you said last year: Thanks for putting the hope in this hopeless romantic.

SEVEN YEAR BITCH ♥♥ Roddimus--If after seven years every cell in one's body is completly new, then every cell of my being has only ever been touched by you. -Nukegrrrl

KEEP RUNNING SHUGA ♥♥ I can't believe I fooled myself into thinking you were the one. You have no soul, no depth, you are all fluff. I'm glad you have the cats. -TMI

HEY HUBBY ♥♥ Just wanted to tell you I love you, I love you, I love you. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Wifey

AMBER!!! ♥♥ if you're hungover and smelly or dressed to kill, you are the prettiest girl ever and my best freind always! (even if you don't marry me). Love ya, Brad

À MON SKATER PRÉFÉRÉ ♥♥ Bobcat chéri, tu me plais bien! Merci de t'occuper si bien de moi. xoxo, Princesse de l'Enfer

SWEETIE I LOVE YOU! ♥♥ Thx for putting up with my bad jokes, my (apparent) lack of fashion sense and for overlooking my retentiveness. U R a wonderful love and dad, Bob. xo

**T-DADDILICIOUS!** ♥♥ It's fun getting to know you--that killer smile and the hair-pullin', ass slappin' giggly romps leave me weak in the knees and hungry for more! Jesstress

WZ - U R THE WOMAN ♥♥ that I always dreamed of. I knew that from the start. I took 1 look and that's the last I've seen of my heart.

FOR JESUS ♥♥ I want to roll around on u until my coat is shiny. Thank u for being furry & sexy & always paying for my beers. Please, feel free to enjoy my cleavage.

U BROUGHT MEXI BACK. ♥♥ Thanks for bringing light to the clubhouse. The entire department adores you. Especially the guys that left.

I LOVE YOU PAPA XOXO ♥♥ Thanks for the morning 20 kisses, death grip hugs, for "EAT COUCH," leaps & wrestling moves & pretending to be scared. I'm ready for prechool! Gideon

NORMAL FRIENDSHIP? ♥♥ Ingredients: Monkeys. A chimp on paper. Wine. Symmetric boobs. A phallic sippy cup. Reggie. The Bee Gees. Me. And you. (Let's) have a beautiful V-Day.

TO NATHAN, ♥♥ I will always smile when I think about the first time we kissed. I am thankful for you and the happiness we have found. Happy V-day. I love you. L

DEAREST GAYVERY ♥♥ you are my favery. you are the most precious dreamboat of all time, and i promise not to dump you even though you are a fatty. luv and peas, ray.

ROCK N' ROLL CLOWN ♥♥ Glad you were able to notice my junk through my jumpsuit, baby! Here's to another 6 years--I love you!

MY JOEY ♥♥ Baby~ my life has been a whirlwind of bliss since you came into my life. Thank you for your endless love & support thru these times. I love you always!

WELL HI !!! ♥♥ hello my favoritest person ever. i love everything about you from your short-term memory to your funny retardation. just remember... we have a chair!

SUGABOO, I LOVE YOU. ♥♥ You got me lifted, shifted higher than the ceiling, Sugaboo, how did you get so fly?

MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL ♥♥ Lisa, you are the sweetest, sexiest girl I've ever met. You give me butterflies everytime I see you, and goosebumps everytime we touch. I Love You.

MISTER BIRD ♥♥ You are the heart of gold I was searching for. My future is bright with you in it. -April

WHEN WE WERE FRIENDS ♥♥ I thought you had a sweet ass. I still think you have a sweet ass. But now I get to smack it. Love you!

JENNIFART ♥♥ I miss your monster face, like a falcon. xosarahox

S.V.W. ♥♥ As you already know, but may need reminding: To me you are like pudding in a plastic cup, like the smell of cucumbers, or of sautéing mushrooms.

JZA ♥♥ You're not my valentine and you never were, but it is a nice daydream. A girl can hope.

TO DANNY FROM JAMIE ♥♥ I am so glad we found each other. I value the love and support you give me and treasure every second we are together. I love you so much, sweetheart!

TO MY SWEETIE ♥♥ you are my best friend and so true, this valentine is for you. I want to feed you chocolate and coffee so please don't ever leave me. Kiss, hug.

HUBIESTINKBUG!! ♥♥ Its been 7 years and you're still here. Sucker!! Even though I love you all year round... this gets me outta buying you some sappy card. XOXO, Nicci

TO JBK IN ARGENTINA ♥♥ I love you Jessica; it's not home here without you. LOVE RYAN

MY WHITE BOY WALBNUT ♥♥ Your love is better than tacos. Better than burritos, even chimichangas! Mmmm... spicy!


MY HELLFIRE-ENABLER ♥♥ You keep me alive while I set stuff on fire. What more could a girl want? Let's keep questing together!

RECYCLE! ♥♥ you're my favourite person in the whole world. i love you mrs. cunningham. olive garden is the shit

WHITE AND BLACK MAMA ♥♥ you two are my beezies 4 life. i wouldn't know what to do without you! now let's smoke some damn weeeeeeeeeed.

HEY KAM! ♥♥ Steal my covers in the sack! Warm your cold feets on my back! I'll be with you until the end my teacher, lover and best friend! X! Klyffo

KR CREW ♥♥ to: recsoc, please find me an attorney that specializes in pre-nups w/in walking distance of core fitness? you guys are the bestest!! you too, krieger

GATINHO ♥♥ Only 5 more months until you're down here for good. Until then, the darling girl & I anxiously await March. Love, Rosinha.

TONY TEE ♥♥ Looking forward to celebrating our first wedding anniversary next month! Love, yer wife.

JACKNIFECUBBYSEATTLE ♥♥ hey Seattle, my time with you ended one of the best years and a halfs of my life. Cubby and jackie, we'll be blazing that chalwa soon. much love, manface

HEY POOTSTER! ♥♥ Can you believe it's been ten whole years? It's been fun living in sin with you. Let's do it for another decade. At least. Smooches, Belchy

GIDEON & AMY XOXOXOX ♥♥ Gideon thank U for 20 Kisses every morning (way to start my day). Amy thank U for 20 Spankings (way to END my day)! KISSES & SPANKS Papa/Bob XOXOXOXOX

I LOVE JC ♥♥ I love my johnnycarb's and miss him this special week! Be good in Seattle and come back soon to your NaNa in NYC.

KEITH ♥♥ Our chair is red, Coffee is brown. Thinking of You turns my frown upside down. happy valentine's day Love always, Sarah

ATTYMAY (MATTY) ♥♥ Ivefay earsyay ownay ithway emay Astermay ofay ethay ortexvay ousehay Ouyay illstay ockray ymay orldway -ElleWPT

DAVID D. ♥♥ Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day. I love you and your little turtle sooo much. I am so happy and proud to be your wife. Love, Willow

STUD-MUFFIN ♥♥ 1 year and counting. At times I was doubting if our love would ever be true. I can't deny for me there's only 1 guy, and that stud-muffin is you! J.

SHAN-BAN! ♥♥ I miss you all the time. luv. yr little sis.

HEY KIDDO ♥♥ Ice storms, the apocalypse, Jerry Springer, and clothesline pins. The recipe for the perfect valentine. Please be mine and Happy V-Day!?

SEXY BEAST ♥♥ you cook, clean, and talk back. You'd even smack me around if i asked. so hot. me like. ride with me into the sunset (or sunrise )cuz they can't catch us, no.

SEATTLE NEEDS YOU... ♥♥ to be riding an amazing bicycle. be expecting one. then we can ride around together and sell ritalin at high schools. -dodger

LET'S MAKEOUT ♥♥ KK- You better be in lust with me.

TO MISS ANGRYPANTS: ♥♥ You're so cute when you're angry!

BONG HIT LAURENZO ♥♥ every time we've hooked up, shit has hit the fan. good times. keep this in mind next time you're aching for a life-crisis.

PAT LOVES PAT ♥♥ Patricia, Your sweet soft silky skin and your precious lips lead encouragingly to the neck and breasts of a goddess. I will marry the shit out o' you!

MY THEONIUS QUAGMIRE ♥♥ "In your eyes I am complete... in your eyes." I'll love you always Peter Parker and I will forever be your Mary Jane. Love always, Laser

ERIN ♥♥ sorry about the baby. it wasn't supposed to happen that way. you'll never forgive me, and that's fine. i still got to stick it in your butt.

CHEZ ♥♥ i cheated on you--twice. sorry. i thought one day we'd marry, and it freaked me out. happy v-day to you and yours!

ANJIRINA ♥♥ Hey, it's OK--I'm not prejudiced against hairy girls. I have a big like for you. You are very beefsteak. Suki suki now. You will be missed in Ecuador.

I MISS YOU ♥♥ I still love remembering the way you would move next to me when you were sleeping. Sneaking through the world trying not to love, I found you.

♥♥ You are the Schmoops to my Macheauty! I love you for everything that you are. You don't know how cookin!! Yeah I do! I love you with all my heart.

HEYA ROBERT -- ♥♥ I love you utterly -- even if it must seem like I'm a bundle of neurosis.

WHAT UP HOE! ♥♥ damn girl, I be seeing you around, and DAMN! that's all I can say when I see your sweet bootayy. You're like a Lolli Pop that doesn't lose its flava. BOO!

YOU BLINDSIDED ME!!! ♥♥ I miss your smile, your lips, your soft skin, kissing your tattoos, watching you get drunk, rubbing your legs as we kiss... I miss you jtm. i'm yours.

SWEET POTATO ♥♥ Carrot cake from the B & O is not as sweet as you. Rolly polly, suzietime with my bumble bee... B positive, B negative... you were meant for me! iloveu!

OH POP! ♥♥ Oh, Pop Machine, you all have taken my heart. You are so dreamy, good luck on tour. Love, Seattle

BE MINE ♥♥ Happy Valentine's day Todd! I can't wait till we get married! I love you with all my heart! -Amanda (your little fart)

WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?! ♥♥ I know that you and I have a bf/gf... I also know that we have fun and are a real match! I just wanted to say i love everything about you...

ANYWHERE ANYTIME ♥♥ Sweetie: I'd follow you to the ends of the earth... and did. Ready for the next adventure? Can't wait to go home with you and get deeper into love. G

DO IT RIGHT ♥♥ Baby, So good, You're divine. Wanna take you, wanna make you. But they tell me it's a crime! Where we're going baby ain't no such word as no! -your man

I LOVE YOU LESTER ♥♥ I love the way you eat Skittles using a complicated and never varying system involving color patterns and a mathematical algorithm. I'm a lucky man

SEAN HONEY ♥♥ I love you more than you can imagine. I can say it here, I can't believe its been 3 years. I have never been happier. The best snowball fight ever!

WITCHES GALORE ♥♥ your pussy pies are enough to make me cream all my dreams. i think i love you?

OH MY PAPAYA, ♥♥ Let us meet tonight, you in your "orangies" and me in my "pinkies," and make this one the best one yet! Thank you for being you. All my love, Cupid

DARLING DAVEYCAKES! ♥♥ here's to another year of bauhaus, ted leo sing alongs and best friends. our love can stand the distance. love always, mel.

BOSTON WANTS YOU. ♥♥ chunk, i may be far away but i couldn't love you more. here's to a valentine's day in the frigid northeast. love, me.

WONDER AND JOY ♥♥ John, 'Twas a night to remember. Want to do it again some time? I'm willing; back rubs, etc. always welcome and freely exchanged. Your Shadow Dragon

JOE BABY ♥♥ I heart you. I dig your flannel and your beard. Be my lumberjack. You can lock my keys into my running car any day (as long as I have AAA.) Lori

HEY, GENERAL MAYHEM! ♥♥ Get down there and yeeeaaargh, fuuuuck, suuckeem, and all that. Or just get over here and give me a big smooch! I love you mosteliostest, Mjr Wood.

MICK ♥♥ My prayer is to linger with you at the end of each day in a dream that's divine. Let's stay together... I Love You baby

BUTCHMUFFIN! ♥♥ Jeg elsker deg mesteligestestest! Jeg ser frem til flere spennende opplevelser med deg, ultrasnugglechu! Fra verdens heldigest gris, Mayhem!

TIGERSHARK CITY ♥♥ you are my tigershark, my baby t.rex. i miss you and i wish you weren't so far away. love, bumblee bee

TEMPLEOFHUMANHOTDOGS ♥♥ Chelsea, I've had a mega-crush since first sight. You're fucking hilarious and totally gorgeous. My favs: your laugh and your shoulders. <3 do-gooder

MY MONSTER LOVE ♥♥ Our love grows, evolves & is becoming something that is beyond anything I could've hoped for. I can't wait until May. Forever yours, Lily Monster

BRIAN. YOU FOX. ♥♥ you made salty's salty. i like your face and hope to see it more. vueve and pizza anytime. sincerely, your e-crush.

ERIC THE BASS PLAYER ♥♥ Roses are red, Violets are blue. You ditched me at Christmas, So shame on you.

GLAUREN OH GLAUREN ♥♥ i wish everyday was like the day you and i shared that knitted '70s blanket. Wearing wigs on a thirty-year-old couch. It doesnt get more more romantic.

MATTY ♥♥ 5 years, 100+ lbs, one handshake. I love you!! -Baby's Momma

HAPPYBIRTHDAY! ♥♥ did you know you were born the day before valentine's day? well, i do! you are the best friend i could want. Thank you so much! love beth.

...MARIA #1... ♥♥ (Me) "Party On, Maria!!!" (You )"Party On, Maria!!!" Love ya, Sis.

LOVE YR TITS! ♥♥ dear narple tunnel, i love your tits and jager shots. and peanuts at the redwood. and drunch. and you. love, pig whore.

FOREVER LOST ♥♥ Hey Crocodile, its your Alligator telling you that you are the only one I want to bite all over. Love love love you.

TJ MAX WINKELTITTIES ♥♥ You lost yo big ol' butt, then yo' silky-ass weave too. We said we'd be friends forever, but gurl... whatchoo tryin' to do?

TO: THE DUBLIN ♥♥ my darlings who reside there now, and those who did, from your newest pseudo neighbor, Happy St. Valentine's Day. I love you guys, love beth

SPIKY HEADED BOY ♥♥ no clever haiku for you =) I wish I could see you more often. I used to hate this holiday, but not so much anymore. thank you for being so wonderful!!

DAVIE AND CHERISH. ♥♥ happy valentine's day to the best couple i know. you make the rest of us have faith in true love.

WIFEY, BUMBLEBEE ♥♥ i'm not here with u on this bittersweet valentine's day. i will miss drinking wine, complaining, showing of our garterbelts, and kissing hot men (we wish!)

KAT! ♥♥ Oh how I adore you. You are the best platonic life partner ever. This world keeps us apart far too much. Rather! -Rober

LIFE IS SWEET. ♥♥ And it's all because of two men named Kris and Sean. Thanks for being the most precious men alive. Can we all be each other's valentines?


J.W.H. ♥♥ Bubby you will always be my jumbo machinder. Love from your Peanut N.J.T.

*ANNIE*MY LOVE*J* ♥♥ Living together, Kennedy, Bham bay, wendys, wwu, finals week, snow storms, scary parking lots @ 12 am, we have survived so much this year. I'm glad we're friends.

RANDY... ♥♥ I love you more than a baby hippo and Candy Cat's riches combined!

PUNCHED IN THE OVARY ♥♥ Sister, I love you. You are changing the world, supporting yourself, and staying sane...I'm jealous! I can't imagine life without you in it, Jen!

BUTTONS MY BUTTONS ♥♥ You are to me as lube is to a dong: meant for each other. Here's to a life of dirty thoughts and midnight bed-tussles. Love you Buttons... Your Panda.

KITTY SEEKING TFP ♥♥ Nervous first kiss, sexy talk emails, blushing at work, late-night rendevous, work desk will never be the same, you make me weak and all I want is more

"ST" ELEVATIONS ♥♥ You give me ST elevations and complete my carpool. I blow raspberries on your tummy and want you to be happy forever. Come biking with me, valentine.

NAISHAMLUI ♥♥ onai ohalui mau deng naishamlui

HEY DICKRAT! ♥♥ Thanks for calling me a TITMOUSE. Wikipedia says, titmouse, a.k.a, chickadee. You weren't referring to the size of my chest after all. Clever.

BELLINGHAMMERED ♥♥ You as a friend? Like having Xmas everyday. Your hair looks fierce... you are the happy on my pizza... the chili to my mac. The mid-diet JBC ;0) & <3

SHORTY'S: A HAIKU ♥♥ pinball girl wants you/quench my thirst with PBR/drummerboy be mine

LOVELINES ♥♥ Dear Jana, Color Me Impressed. you're my Favorite Thing. If Only You Were Lonely. Valentine Within Your Reach. If you will dare, I Will Dare. Can't Hardly Wait Yours Nick

SQUEEZE MCCOY ♥♥ I am so glad that we met; you are the most delicious nerd in the pack. Here's hoping for more movies and "movies" in the future. Yours, Happy Camper

SID AND TINKA ♥♥ You are the wind beneath my wings. You are the sunshine of my life. Every now and then I fall apart. thank the fucking lord I have YOU both!

URSTILLREDHOT ♥♥ I miss our days together in Seattle. You are still on my list of top 5 all-time people. Happy Valentine's Day, m2

TO KATH FROM BOGY ♥♥ Now we are definitely official, Katherine. Happy Valentine's Day! -Bogy

MY POOPFILLED KITKAT ♥♥ You fill my life with poop, and i adore each poopy moment. May you and I always poop together. iballmecheek poopykitkat

BRENDAN K. ♥♥ You once told me something I said was "rad." I guess I'll keep reading your column until you notice the rest of me is rad, too.

ROBB WITH TWO B'S ♥♥ I love you despite your obsession w/your phone, the Roomba, and misc. computer parts (esp. cords). I don't understand why you put up with me. I am lucky. -LT

MY HEART IS SET ON U ♥♥ I hope our adventures this year are as fun and crazy as they've been so far. Thank you for being my random number!

POO BUTT MUFFIN! ♥♥ I love you more than words can say, and you are the sweetest, most beautiful person I've ever known. Let's get married soon, okay? I love you! :]

BIGGER BOO ♥♥ you are so fine-- i can't wait to marry you. i'll always love you. l.b.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Farts Magee. Thank you for keeping me warm these two years. No one has ever had a pal like you. Gassers!

YOU'RE MY MONKEY! ♥♥ Baby, being married to you is better than I could have ever known. I'm blown away that it keeps getting better. I've always loved you, always will.

<3 ODE TO SUGARPOP ♥♥ oh, how i adore thee ant .my persian beast, my passion stallion, my adventurer, my best friend. together hand in hand, we are unstoppable. i'll love u always.

FOR MY SEXY GIRLS ♥♥ Tamara, Elo, Jude and Miss Cleo. You girls make my life so special. I love you girls and let's stay sexy for each other!

STEVIE ♥♥ your wallrus loves you!

PUNKIN!! ♥♥ you are my rockstar special sunshine punkin forever!!! my home is in your head. i got BAD0003 for ya! -JpunkinB

MAKE ROOM FOR ZACKY! ♥♥ For the second year in a row here I am showin' you my love here. We've had rough waters in the past. but the ship has yet to sink. I love you Zack! XoX

MY LOVIN' LIZARD ♥♥ To all the bunnies in Woodland Park who know the one who stole my heart. I love you lizard

CUTE SNUGGLE BUG ♥♥ When we met a year ago, I didn't picture how different my life would now be. You mean the world to me; thank you for being my best friend. I love you.

TO FISH FROM EMILY ♥♥ I could try to rhyme, to write words lacier than any paper card has ever been, beautiful enough to hide behind. But I want you to see me. I love you. K

SEXY PANTS!! ♥♥ meow. thanks for being there in the middle of those nights when I stretch out my foot and feel yours. it makes me smile.

GIGGADY!!! GIGGADY!! ♥♥ I'm so happy that this is our 4th VD day together! You are amazing, hot, perfect, and so loving. I am so lucky! Let's celebrate with some lovin'--wink!

MAIN MAN ♥♥ I don't object if you call collect cos I ain't forgetting that you were once mine. (And still are!) Darling, you wear it well.

TRISTAN/ AKA BABO! ♥♥ Thank you for being there for me. I love you so much & always will. Our 6th Anniversary is coming up & I want to spend the rest of my life w/u! <3

EVERYTHING GOOD ♥♥ Blake, Ilona, Lauren, Anne, Anna I love you guys. You are like the Diddy Kong to my Donkey Kong, the Luigi to my Mario. Have a loverly Valentine's Day!

JUST LIKE HEAVEN ♥♥ To my gay male lover soulmate:The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history. Love, your shorty.

MY LOVE ♥♥ I'm am so lucky you asked me to be your boy. I love you so much I'd celebrate Valentine's Day with you. -Brian

KARTHIK B, MY LOVE ♥♥ You are the love of my life. I love you and adore you with all my heart. This past year has been fantastic. Thank you for being the bestest! <3 <3 <3

NOREEN - I LOVE YOU! ♥♥ My companion, my best friend--thank you so much for being you. I love you with all my heart :)

TO MY SEXY LOVER ♥♥ HOLY SHIT!!! look what I remembered. I love you baby, happy valentine's day!

TO MY OSO (NOT BOZO) ♥♥ You are my most favorite. Thanks for sharing so much of your time and space with me, buddy. Love you - Juallio's Special Friend

F U! ♥♥ Dearest Barry, Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you don't have anyone to spend it with. Rot in Hell and thanks for ruining my faith in love. Dickhead.

DANCING W/TRANNIES ♥♥ To my urban cowboy in Japan: thank god for birthdays and Neighbor's and skeezy footballers from the George. You changed my life. I love you boo.

GROPER FISH ATTACKS! ♥♥ Have I told you since all your clothes fall off when I'm near you that I love you? I can't wait to grope you all night long! Love you, the Groper Fish

MY ELECTRIC WARRIOR ♥♥ Hil- I love your every synapse and sinew, your smiles and your sadness. I'll always be yours, and as long as you're mine I'll never want or need more.

SOCK MONKEY LOVE ♥♥ Dearest Steve, My love for you is greater than all the sock monkeys in the world! Happy Valentine's Day, my Sweetness! Love, Laura

COCK-DADDY ♥♥ I love you. You have changed my life. I never expected to find love on the libido deck! Happy Valentine's Day. I can't wait to see you. -la chica boom

MACHEAUTY ♥♥ With eyes more luminous than a supernova, your presence dissipates shadowy clouds. A beautiful machine, warm to the touch. You don't know how cookin?

LIL' LADY TOOTS ♥♥ You're the coolest mama EVER! Happy Love Day, I love you! GG

BIG POPS EDDIE ♥♥ You are mine beyond the bonds of time! I love you so very much my beautiful husband! Here's to a life of love and dreams realized! Joanie NfD

JERMO ♥♥ Keep the mo's a comin' - NatMo

BABYCAT ♥♥ Hello favorite. I love you and your cra-cra ways. I'm excited to be 85 with you and still walking to the vic to read the stranger. xoxo, a

SCARY AND EXCITING ♥♥ "I like it when you think, you're smart." I know its a risky thing to start, but risk always comes with matters of the heart.

CUTE FACE KILLA ♥♥ i'd have to say you kick ass, thanks for showing your face, even though we both pissed everyone off. i guess we are the cute. heart heart... casie

THE DOPER ♥♥ I'm excited to build our nest together. Ik hou van jouw. K

ISAAC AND AARON ♥♥ Exit 8, Stop, Apple, Isaac, Aaron. I love you and you can read it! Love, Daddy.

RAY MY FAVE ♥♥ remember when i fucked your glasses off and then asked, "what was your name again?" we should do that more often. <3 (g)ayvers.

VENESSA ♥♥ Thank you for fluffing up my pillow. You are my Love, Joe

WALKING ON WATER ♥♥ I love the way you stretch and our shared MMO obsession. With you I get the best. Preston, will you be my boo?


MATT ♥♥ I love you more than you'll ever know. We've been through so much together and I just wanted to say I love you and have a Happy Valentine's Day! xoxoxo

VARENTINE 4 HEMEN! ♥♥ I once knew this girl named Helen, her looks and her moves were excellin'. She works to sustain with Recycling Campaign. Please, be my valentine melon?

TIME FOR NOTHINGS ♥♥ You are the love of my life, Eric, and I promise you an infinity of times lying by the duck pond, picnicking under the trees, and kissing in the rain.

TO MY SWEET PANCAKE ♥♥ Wild nights--wild nights! Were I with t-hee, Wild nights should be our luxury! I promise you 18250 nights to begin. I am yours with all my heart.

MOMMA LOVES IZZY ♥♥ i love you more every day. i couldn't have asked for a more perfect partner and best friend. now, take off your pants.

DEAR JENS. ♥♥ You're a still crazy, crazy, like insane lady.

OLYYYYYYVIA ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day! Don't worry, being single will be fun for the two of us! Time to meet some hot vampires? I think so!

BRAD IS RAD ♥♥ Happy Valentine's from your GLADYS aka Happy Butt dear. How many years, Lets count the nookie, my little shnookie. Smile, I got my rubber glove on.

JON JONAH: ♥♥ Happy V-Day, Happy Birthday! You are my bff and I love you almost as much as mahmud in a box. We are your biggest fans.

YOU CAN CHECK ME OUT ♥♥ krissy, to me, you are perfect. and my wasted heart will love you. i'm actually yours, michelle

MY FAVORITE! ♥♥ JMason I love you everyday not just Valentine's Day! Peace, Love, and Happiness!! -B


OH FOXXXY STEPHANIE ♥♥ You'll be the hottest math teacher on the planet. Until then i'm counting our kisses. Sorry I'll be gone on V-Day, but i'll be home soon. xo joey

MY SIS ♥♥ Love you always but you need to get yourself together! Happy Valentine's Day. Divina T.!

TO MY VALENTINE! ♥♥ I just wanna start by saying although u aren't with me this valentine's day, that's okay, know that I still hold u close to my heart and am thinking of u.

NOAH YOU STUD ♥♥ You work on my computer, we flirt, you're hot. You make me as hard as my drive and that cute ass of yours needs my attention. Yours always, Denis

NINA ♥♥ I decided to make this a tradition. Happy Valentine's Day! I love you so much... sorry if that's mushy. I know you hate it. Love you.

APHRODITE, LITERALLY ♥♥ i would kiss the beard right off your face. do you see me seeing you not see me?

SWEET SUGAR ZAC ♥♥ are a bad boy! Our luv will remain secret, fine, but forever, yes.

LYB -- LYB -- LYB ♥♥ Dave: Five months until you're my husband! You're paprika for my soul, the one who makes me laugh and feel loved every day. I love you! Sarah

SCHMOOMOO ♥♥ this pea don't want no other pod. the mookies and i are stayin' put... and we have a secret: it only gets better from now on. long live the snug!

SN0TTY + SM4RTY <3 ♥♥ +0 t3h E$q, my Ph4v0r1t3 W1z4rd: j0o 4r3 t3h 0nly 93N1u$ wH0 R4wK$ mY Ph4rCk1N9 $0cK$ 0fF; I l0v3 j0o m0r3 t3Hn $3m1-C010n$ 4nd $5 d0114R w3Rd$! -x0-

GIANT SQUID VS MOUSE ♥♥ Greetings to all my fellow mice and squid (all of one.) I shall let you know that the giant SQUID shall oak you until the end of days. Cuul-dle. -Rat

MATTHEW, I ADORE YOU ♥♥ Your gaze always calms me, and your mind excites me. I would marry you again and again. I regret I don't tell you this more often. Love You! xo Kristi

HUNNYBUNNYLEMON PIE ♥♥ Amo-o mais intensamente como o vento frio dando tapa me no rosto como trabalho.

BINK THE DARBINKERS ♥♥ Remember how we met? Trolling for love on the internet. Now you are the love of my life and in July you will be my wife. I love you so much my Darlink.

WHITEY LUVS MESKIMO ♥♥ A year later and I love living in our igloo. I can almost hear the pitter patter of little niños throwing snowballs at piñatas. Love you.

GREEN MONKEY: ♥♥ I promise to leave my socks on yr pillow every night for as long as we both shall live. That's love.

TIMO ROCKS ♥♥ You're turning me into a sap. Thanks for keeping me on my toes and being my knight in shining armor. I love you! Samantha

HONEYPANTS! ♥♥ for my sweet, bald, albino, guitar-playin' lover-man--you are my sunshine. thank you for being so lovely!! you'll always be a rockstar in my eyes. <3

KAT LOVES WHOISJOE ♥♥ I love you more than hot dogs and orca whales and beaches and hot baths and champagne and even Matthew Lillard!

OAK! OAK! OAK! OAK! ♥♥ Adam! My cutest cute! Happy Valentine's Day, Squiddle! Oak very much!! Always remember, one man's cup of tea is another man's rubbish. Love, Brittany

JULIMI! ♥♥ I am still mad in love with you, baby.

AND IT'S GUACAMOLE! ♥♥ JD, te quiero. Love, Erin

SCHMOOPIE BUTT!!! ♥♥ Your constant groping of the melons was once endearing but has grown as tiresome as a holiday trip to South Carolina. Oh yes, and as always, bloop!

DJOZUFF-STILL GOT IT ♥♥ The Stranger played yenta for us 11 years ago. Remember to let the cat in, buy some bread, walk the dogs, take out the garbage. Love you, love me. Gary

CARLIN ROCKS! ♥♥ Baby, you're the best! Let's go back to Green Lake when the weather gets warmer, Okay? You know what I mean. Love, H.

YOU: A SMALL VEHICLE ♥♥ in a large body of water. Me: your ever-harbor. Be mine? Barnacles and all? I am always here for you.

ONE STEP@A TIME! ♥♥ Dear friends of Bill W, Today I Accept, Bless, Thank & Move forward in my sobriety because of your welcoming support. THANK YOU! Love, a newcomer

POOPSTACK... ♥♥ You are not. What you are is a deliciously steaming mile-high mountain of buttery, maple-drizzled, love-packed pancakes, ready for EATIN! YUM. xo Rat

NO WORDS ♥♥ I wish I had a thousand words for love, but all that comes to mind is the way you move against me while you sleep & there are no words for that.

MY GODDESS! MY LOVE! ♥♥ My Beautiful Wife, being married to you has made me the luckiest man alive! All I need in life is you. I LOVE YOU, CHRIS M-H!! Your Adoring Hubby

I LOVE GINA ♥♥ Hatch like an egg. Broke like a leg. But our luv grows strong. Like green 4 my bong. Valentine's Day is another way 2 say "I luv u more than my mom."

MY HUN-BUN ♥♥ Gratitude 4 finding me, 4 inspiring me, 4 motivating me, 4 seeing me, 4 gratifying me, 4 loving me. Won't you be mine, SRA? Your Rosebud

AMY LOVES MARCO ♥♥ MLH, PhD. - Roses are red, violets are blue, I can't believe I am lucky enough to be married to you. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, PAW, esq.

JOSHUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥ I love you! Let's get married in a field, and take over the world, and spend the next century naked, giggling, and ridiculously, madly, in love. ~Tara

JL + RZ ♥♥ Je vous aime RZ

JOEL, I THINK UR HOT ♥♥ Like steak, medium rare You're cooked to perfection Mee lub you long time This poem is my confession Happy Heart Day, lover!!! See you tonight, HB


TALK NERDY TO ME ♥♥ Your pretzel wants you to be her valentine. Someday in an environment that is also eco-friendly.


BETH'S? TEN MINUTES? ♥♥ josie josie josie i love you. i hope you get to live in my building. vmars-fests 24/7, all the while smelling of birth control and drinking zima. xoh.

DEAR HONS ~ ♥♥ Thank you for being so handsome. Hope this tickles you! Happy VD! Love, Your Favorite Vagina

LUMPS.LUMPS.LUMPS ♥♥ i love your t&a and will love you until death do us part. take me away and make me remember what the fuck i am alive for. here's to the san fran bay!

KATIE SUE MCSWEETY ♥♥ mounds mashing, one year hashish hashing, 18 months my best friend and personal saviour. lightning bolts and tigers couldn't keep us apart <3<3<3

I LUV MY BOO!!! ♥♥ Almost a full year and now the first of many Valentine's Days to come. I love you so much I can't even put it into words. Be mine forever, buddy.

UH LOVE! ♥♥ Pickle, I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since we had our 1st date & "everything worked out for the best." I love you now & always! -Pickle

MELLY-MEL ♥♥ Yer 'ttocks ROCK! Be my gal forever and ever. June 9th baby!! Wooty woot!

PUPPYFISH LOVES YOU ♥♥ Dear Nessness- love love love love love love love lust love love love KISS ATTACK!!! love love KISS ATTACK!!! love love love lust love love YOU.

JOHNNY "BOO" W. ♥♥ I more than like you! Can we have a billion awesome Valentine's Days together? I wanna be your little Turnip Head forever! Love, Stevie "Buddy"

DEAR TOMATO ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart. There's no one else I would rather have sit on my cake! Love, your Polar Bear

DROWNING IN OUR TENT ♥♥ Six years and giggling. I love you with the same passion and exictment. Thank you my love for this great life. I look forward to forever. Your Sweets.

I HATE YOU ♥♥ To the best imaginary boyfriend a girl could ever ask for, and good friend, too: Thank you for so so much fun. Please don't forget me.

PAPA BEAR TOM ♥♥ Darling Tomasio. You are sexy, kind, smart, and funny. And you are mine. I am so thrilled to be your girlfriend. I love you very much. Kisses, Erika

2MYPEEPS@STORE11 ♥♥ yer the greatest motley crue of misfits and maniacs 2 work with. U make sellin' outdoor gear & memberships fun everyday. Happy V-Day women's clothing!

H.H. ♥♥ You make my life whole. I can't wait to marry you and have you become Mr... You are the most special thing in the world to me. Love, Lo

NURSE ALEX ♥♥ yer beautiful eyes & smile mesmerized me as we chatted about your travels abroad, gene makeup (fillipino+?) & choice of winter jackets. coffee sometime?

GAIL-IO, ♥♥ I love you! You're my bestest friend and my family and I hope you get your ass up to the PacNW real soon! xoxo, hk

I LUVS U ZAMBOLINA! ♥♥ LambyLambskin yer the Luv of my life! I'm so happy you'll soon B my wife. 8 amazing years we've been 2gether. thru thick & thin, we'll survive any weather.

BW, ♥♥ I'm really glad we've been able to move on and become friends. I love having you in my life, buddy. xo, HK

STILL MY FAVORITE ♥♥ L. You are my favorite, always and forever. I love you because you tell the truth and expect me to as well. You are the love of my life. Love B

I CAN SEE YOUR TEETH ♥♥ We placed an order so tall, but I'd like to believe it would arrive. It's been a year and a half and I still love you more than ever.

NICE BUT WEIRD!!! ♥♥ Our time in Albion has only made me love you more. You mean so much to me, and I can't wait to see you again. I love you. And S Triple M loves you too

SNUGGLETRAY ! ♥♥ 10 years with you has been the best! Love Pookie.

TALE OF TWO CITIES ♥♥ No longer in the black, but still read all over, my favourite bookseller remains a hot page-turner. Are you coy? Will you bail? Love from your C.

THE JOBIN CONNECTION ♥♥ From the start you were mine, and I was yours. I am so happy that me and you have lasted this long AJ. I LOVE YOU .Happy Valentine's Day Baby!

BB LOVES DJB ♥♥ I love you like only a crazy woman can. Don't ever forget it or I'll have to come up with new ways to remind you. Love me forever, okay?

TWIN STAR 4-EVER ♥♥ happy valentine's day little lamb! xoxoxo

PRETTY WORDS ♥♥ Punk, I love the addiction to chemicals released into my brian when phyiscal triggers are active and pheremones are inhaled when we are together.

TOOOOOOT!! ♥♥ happy v-day dear heart! xoxo, h

SWEET AND STRONG ♥♥ if you were a pill, i'd take a handful at my will and i'd know you back with something sweet and strong. happy v-day baby. i adores you.

THE CABBAGE SAYS. ♥♥ Megan, I love you very much. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Jim


LOBSTER > POLAR BEAR ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day P.B.! Love and kisses to you and the kitties! Here's to lots of love in the new year with a minimum of snarky!!!

KALVIN, KOBE & ROBBIE ♥♥ You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. you make me happy when sky's are gray. you'll never know dear how much i love you. please don't take my sunshine away!

DEAR ENRIQUE- ♥♥ you said it felt like we have been kissing for centuries... yet, everything about you feels fresh. keeping it yummy, m

MY BADICAL BUDDY ♥♥ You're pretty much amazing Natalie. Your personality is a precious gem. I just died in your arms tonight, a small-town girl living in a lonely world.

DETROIT ♥♥ Happy Valentine's. Here we are ten years later. Have a wonderful day. ~Moomalla

DAVIECAKES ♥♥ hugs and kisses and snots and slurps and whisky shots. from the person who loves you more than anything, even pekingese and red blankets.

DION ♥♥ you have always been my best friend, the person who i can always count on, the person who will always love me w/no questions asked. yurs 4eva, cera

DMD ♥♥ they sat in silence on a park bench with their bodies touching holding hands in the moonlight. 3-17

MOO & AN-DI! ♥♥ Thanks so much, kids, for everything. Never would I have dreamed that strangers sleeping on my floor equals new friends. Have a lovely Love Day!!!

DAN ♥♥ YOU ARE A HOTTIE! Couldn't ask for a better friend! Happy Valentine's Day from me and the monkeys! YOU ROCK!!!

**KELLYF88** ♥♥ You and your bubble butt hold my heart. Syllvester and Peyton are both so good and so bad!! I love it when its taco night!! Go Yanks... BB27

TO MY SWEETNESS ♥♥ With you a darkness has been lifted from me for I have finally found my light. You are my everything, my one true love, my forever perfect match!

YOU'RE STILL THE ONE ♥♥ ...alwayS, Lindsi! Happy heart day baby! I love you sO incredibly much! Tons of love & kisses! Be mine forever & eveR? Marry me?! Love, Shauna XOXOXO

DUSTY'S MOM ♥♥ Can I rub your belly? Hagunk! Love, Bobo's Dad

SEXY SHEILA AND ME! ♥♥ Oh my Sheila, sexy Sheila, how does your garden grow? With me in the middle, fit as a fiddle, I plow your fur exceedingly slow.

ALL BEAUTIFUL SOULS ♥♥ Your face is beautiful, even if it doesn't match the fake pictures in the magazine. Happy Valentine's! Let's keep practicing unconditional love. Namaste

THE FOOL ♥♥ Gabriel- If only I could find you again, I'd ask you to be my best friend. What is the end? It is love I pretend. Miss you in years & all words not said. CGK

MOSQUITO FLEET ♥♥ I love you guys. Please take care of yourselves. R.I.P. Sean, you will be missed.

TO CRAIG, LUV KA PING ♥♥ I love you so, there is no doubt, it's you who makes my heart melt. Sorry I can be such a pain. I do know how lucky I am, for you truly are an awesome man.

SHAYLABOO ♥♥ i miss you more and more with every passing second & i'm counting down the days until i'm able to hold you in my arms again. i love you! - Baby Koala

TEAM VIPERS RULE ♥♥ Jane, I think a bear ate my pants. Love, Chris.

THE LOVE IS AT CROW ♥♥ Whenever someone asks me to define love, I pause, then spin around and pin the guy's arm behind his back. NOW who's asking the questions? I love you all. M

SUE MY DARLING ♥♥ Sjax, my love, happy Valentine's day. This year we go swimming AND camping and it won't be so damn cold this time.

SECRET AGENT NURSE ♥♥ Every day in every way I dream to you, my wife. To verily proclaim my love in happiness and strife. with "Sophie's head!" my love for Two, and You

MY CRAZY SISTER DALE ♥♥ T-40 days until we take over this city! You are the love of my life--everything but the sex! You are my pizza and everyone else is salad. ILY, sis

TINY BEAR ♥♥ and my dick runs deep so deep so deep put that ass to sleep --wookums

CYOOT BOY ♥♥ i think you are a towel. 5 3/8

WHEAT ♥♥ Happy Valentine's day. I love you. Cal

ROO, ♥♥ I LOVE the way we tolerate each other. Happy Valentines Day!! Love always, Your No. 7

MY GURD ♥♥ I love you. You mean so much to me. Thank you for being my best friend in the world. love, Calvin

MY GREENLAKE GIRLS ♥♥ reid speed, roo, and nacool: cheesecake christmas morning, and the evening of snow. i love you guys more than you could ever know. love dan dan

OH YUCKFACE! ♥♥ UR openable, beautish, wittitive, adoricle, incredated, prettyence, charmial, allurical, stunnient, resplendly, graceuary, gorgulent, splendose, dazzloid, dreamony

SWEETIE! ♥♥ I love you Sweetie! The kids & I think you're the greatest! All my love, PAPAYA.

MISS YOU INFINITELY, ♥♥ when in Spain, when in India, when you take pictures, and when you have worms. you're the most beautiful, brave, and glamorous person i know. love love

BAGOOGAH ♥♥ dear kristen, Welcome to Costco. I love you. -scottie

LOUIE MY DARLIN' ♥♥ All of my love and sloppy kisses. On Valentine's Day, how about a purr tackle.

I HEART YOU T ♥♥ i miss us. i miss your sugarbutt. meet me at our secret spot at the market and i'll show good time.

TO MY PISCUEW... ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day Bummel! I just wanted to tell you how much I love you, and how lucky I am that I have you in my life! xoxo, Jesse Marie

SU ART CREW FROM '06 ♥♥ Just continuing the trad. and letting y'all know that though we are all over the place, I still love you all. Hope love finds you wherever you are. D

TALL GUY ♥♥ You are my best friend and my knight in shining armor. How's that song go? I'll stop the world and wait for you. I love you and miss you. Yours, D

DMOMOX100PRE ♥♥ Tu eres el amor de mi vida, mi futura esposa y madre de mis hijos. Te amo y te amare siempre con todo mi corazon, mi alma y mi ser. Feliz dia del amor.

TO MY GIRL ♥♥ JUBO!!! Happy Valentine's Day girlie!! You will always be my best date. I love ya and I'm glad we can torture each other. Make way for NYC -Devbo

JILLY-POT-PAI ♥♥ I love you my matching book-end, best friend, soul mate, Wife, rock and totem pole. Thank you for always being there when I need you.

DMO100PREYETERNIDAD ♥♥ Cada ano nosotros estamos juntos que tu corazon echar raices en mi alma. Te amo mi esposito espiritu y mi bombero de mi corazon besitos mojados y duraderos

MEET ME OUTSIDE, 3PM ♥♥ Hey lesbo, I'magonnarapeyou.

SEAN OF HARVEY DANGER ♥♥ I don't know you. You don't know me. Is that weird? Have a fantastic V-Day. You have a heavenly voice. Hope your dreams come true. 2007 is yours.

GIRL'S NIGHT ♥♥ Conrad, Greg, Di, Joni, and Emily. Couldn't ask for a better group of friends... Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Okashi

HESSICA HOTA ♥♥ Why'd the girl fall off the swing? Because she had no arms. Thats how I feel about you. Lets get boyfriends or something.

DEAR SEAN NELSON ♥♥ I don't know you. You don't know me. Have a fantastic V-Day. You're adorable and have a heavenly voice. Hope all your dreams are coming true.

WEETIES ♥♥ Weets, I adore you... I'll love you forever. -O

YOUR GLASSES ARE HOT ♥♥ I serve you beer all the time and i just want to say that anytime anywhere. i'll dodge that bullet.

BRANDAID. ♥♥ Thank you for funny noises, having weak spots, beating me at video games, napping, letting me kiss you when I am sick, and for being MY Brandie!

J+S = <3++; ♥♥ i'm pretty sure this love is not asymptotic, or linear, or exponential, or sinusoidal, but it is lovely, and i love it, just like you.

HEY MIKEY! ♥♥ i like you. you know that, but i just wanted to make a public declaration. because you mean that much to me. see you in bed!

~*~ TENNESSEE ~*~ ♥♥ sexy eyes, soft lips, strong body, caring heart, smooth skin, wandering hands... you leave me begging for more southern hospitality and exploration.

EMOTION NO. 13 ♥♥ Pet names--you're the only one I call "handsome." Can we have a deep, dark, twisted love that no one will understand, forever? -Love, your princess

TO MY CODE POET: ♥♥ I'm in love with a sweet fluffy-haired boy. We watch Grey's together and make lame math jokes. He's always there for me. I love you! -your girl'fiend'

SOEX KIDS: I LUV U ♥♥ justin, jon, eric. you guys are rad. super rad.

CARDBOARD ♥♥ 1 year ago I lost the greatest gift. As my love for you continues on, my time with you has ended. You are the tear that hangs inside my soul forever

♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Sweet Wife. Every day, I marvel at how lucky I am that we are together. I love you. Love, Husband.

*LESLEES. I LOVE U* ♥♥ Love you. XOXO. Happy Valentine's Day. Break Some Hearts. X. Jeremy I LOVE U TOO!!! XO. Sarah K

B! B! LOOK HERE, B! ♥♥ Hey B, another year with you is okay in my book. :) Here's to many more years of looking good and being cool together. Word. LUBU, HIM! - your mang

CLAYTON, MY BELOVED, ♥♥ I'm delighted to have met and fallen so completely in love with you. I'm very happy to have you as my partner, lover & friend. Your girl, Melissa

CBF ♥♥ Amidst the sun and the sand, the canopy at hand, two oceans painted with the moon's nightly shine; will you be my Panamanian valentine?

TO MY MEOWZERZ ♥♥ happy valentine's to my most darling foreverlove. you are the yummiest. my most always favoritist EVAR! i love you ~XXXOO~ withlove, your meowzer~seV

MAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!!! ♥♥ Going on 9 years, dude! Sorry I had to miss this year. I'd rather be relaxin' w/SpongeBob pajamas than in Tel Aviv, but... y'know. Love him!

TYLER MONKEY ♥♥ i love waking up with you, i love your crazy sleep talking, i love playing video games with you, i love your smile, i love your laugh, and i love you.

GORGEOUS BOIFRIEND ♥♥ Soon all of the words in my heart shall spill from my lips and colour the air with bright blue and bright orange and bright smiles for us to sail on.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ♥♥ You mean the world to me and I don't know where I'd be without you. You're what I live for. Thank you for all the love. You'll always be my baby. ILY

HAIKU FOR MY DOODIE ♥♥ Your bulbous nubbins/Glisten with globules of musk/On Valentine's Day.

GOLDFRAPP AND VODKA ♥♥ To my Number 1 on our first Valentine's Day together. I love you dearly, and you'll always be my favorite moment. -K

DIRTY LIL' FUCK SLUT ♥♥ i want to spend the rest of my life jiggling only your balls if that is ok with you. happy valentine's day, my lawver!

LITTLE MISS ♥♥ Allison "Babygirl" I am happy that you are my sausage, or shorty, if you prefer. I like you... Let's get some bulldogs!


EXCEPT YOU RAVISH ME ♥♥ Donne would disapprove, but just between us: "If life is so fair, why do roses have thorns?" Travis, I love love love you. See you Monday. Yours. -AK

I HEART YOU JULIE ♥♥ i am glad you are my person. will you marry me, even though it's illegal? love, sarah

DARINRAY ♥♥ you're amazing and beautiful. i love you from the bottom of my heart. <3alex

THE THOUGHT COUNTS ♥♥ Alex, you're the Brutus to my Cassius, and you can feel free to come into my tent any time. Happy Valentine's Day!

DEWDROPS AND ROSES ♥♥ I didn't expect you to come along, but I'm glad you did. You are an amazing person and I'm honored to be a part of your life. Let's clave together <3

HERNAN MY LOVE ♥♥ You bring me to life and love. Please come in--please come in! Thank you for letting me in--I adore you. How could I not? You are so swarthy.

SQUISHY PRICKLY PEAR ♥♥ "Quill you be mine?" said the porcupine, "Cuz baby I'm stuck on you!" Now git over here and gimme some luvin'....and make me a sandwhich too!X0X0X0 HK

AW SHUCKS! NUNCHUCKS ♥♥ sometimes I don't know whether I want to karate-chop yr face or kiss it. yr ten shades amazing, sexypants.

BUSBOY... ♥♥ you are too sexy for your own good. i want to jump you.

LOVE ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day J-Supial. You are the love of my life. Love. Love L

CUDDA B IN DA PEE WE ♥♥ Shim u r my life. when w/u my heart is happy. u are my anti-depressant. love u! ur a beautiful person. we are the same. ur just so kool! cudda squee! av!

TO MY SAILOR BB ♥♥ You have charted my seas and calmed my storms. Sent me to the depths and revealed vast horizons. How now should I set the sails? -your sweet boi

DEAREST CONFIDANTHBL ♥♥ When you're with me baby the skies will be blue... with some occasional, machine-made fog. I am all yours. xxxx your confidante HB.

CRONAÍM THÚ, ALÁNA ♥♥ You are the most extraordinary person I have ever known, Alána. I bless the day we met, and can't wait to see you again.

*AMBER* ♥♥ My lovely partner in crime, incredibly original, extremely witty and a dirty bitch. You know I love ya. Love, Opal

FUN IS GOOD. ♥♥ Montana called looking for their magic, I told them you were busy. Happy Happy V Day.

MY DEAREST WESTON... ♥♥ The best day of my life I have to say is the day you showed up on my doorstep. First love, first kiss. Let's prove the world wrong. Will you marry me?

MYJESSEPOO ♥♥ I Love You Bunches, no matter what happens, no matter how old we get, I Love You Bunches. love, Sarahmonster

TO SAMI ♥♥ I fucking adore you, hussy! Why can't you see that? *says below breath* I just want to love you!




TO BE DETERMINED ♥♥ T - I know it. You know it. I wonder if we will ever actually do anything about it. I can't ask you to "Be Mine" but I can still dream about it. - E

VALENTINE CANDY ♥♥ Dear Derek- Have a box of Junior Mint and a Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Stacy

KEVIN N ♥♥ Oh my Taco Bell-munching, taxi-riding, wine-sipping, cash-crumbling, Queer as Folk-obsessed, hot-as-fuck, cute-as-a-kitten Kevin, I love you! -graeme

LUF-LUF ~ BFF ♥♥ Babes, as our love and appreciation grow for each day, know you still make my heart flutter with your kiss. Thank you for an amazing life. XOXO K

OH, MY LOVELY JESSO ♥♥ to my hot new roomie. you're the sweetest girl in the whole world!! (and by sweet, i mean incredibly beautiful and sexy as hell) come do me! maxoxo

LUMPS OF HAPPINESS ♥♥ C, You make my days brighter, my nights hotter, and my life better because you're it in! Love always, L

HAPPY BDAY JESSICA G ♥♥ U R a grt friend & I'm lucky the universe devised a plan that fateful day in class. I sat by u & I haven't been able to move since. yur friend, flash

EBD ♥♥ I love you! I really, really do! And I feel so lucky that I get to spend this Valentine's Day with you! Nub. K

GOAT AND FISH AFFAIR ♥♥ I need the breath to read the poetry you've given. I need strength in my arms to carry you always & I need your laughter in my heart. Luv u, miss u. B

GAMINE GREY EYES ♥♥ Grey Eyes you can see right through me / But it's impolite to stare / Gamine Grey Eyes, I'll always be there

JULES- ♥♥ You're WITTY. Refreshingly CATHARTIC. Somewhat ENIGMATIC. Borderline GORGEOUS. Yes, it's no secret how I feel about you. Friends always--always be mine?

DEAR SCRUMPTIOUS K ♥♥ hope our plan works out well and we have a great valentine's. I'm running out of words so I would like to say that I love you and think of you always. -j

TO: MY SEXY BOYS... ♥♥ Each day I wake up and see you three all sexified and cute, doing boy things, and I think, "Damn! My roomates are HOT!" Love you guys! The Beast

WIFEY PANT-SH! ♥♥ you make me sh-mile! sh-pank-sh. love wifey.

TWISTING YOUR TITTIE ♥♥ You know I love you just because I stuck my tongue in your mouth and I twisted your titties baby.

LOVE FOR THE PARENTS ♥♥ 2 Toni & David, for providing so much love and everything else I could need, for teaching me the foundations of life and helping me to become who I am.

TO THE CONSTABLE, ♥♥ Pure happiness is a lifetime of days spent in your smile and nights spent in your lungs. I love you. ~Alecenikov

JACKIE ♥♥ I'll give u candy, give u diamonds, give u pills. I'll give u anything you want, 100 bills. I'll even let u watch the shows u want to see. I'll give u anything!

DEAR ME, ♥♥ Of all the hot bitches in Seattle you're by far my favorite. I'm glad we get to be together forever cuz you're the most kickass rock chick I know. <3

I LIKE PIE ♥♥ We've had our goods and our bads, our highs and our lows, but remember I will always be here for you. I will always Love You. Happy Heart Day

BERT ♥♥ our time together was short and sweet. perfect in fact. yet i find myself wanting. closure? no. curiosity satisfied yes! do you think she would agree?

QUEEN MAAB ♥♥ To feel your lips on mine is ecstasy, your hands on me divinity. Inside your mouth is one of my favorite places, to leave my most erotic traces. love T

TO VES: THE LONG WAY ♥♥ Ves, this time next year it will be a few weeks from getting married. I can't wait! I love you this much > < --the long way! -Tom

LEZZIES AT CHAC ♥♥ No better place to work than with you broads...All my love forever...Now go eat a sandwich, Bitches!! Booya!

POWERFUL KITTEN ♥♥ Kittens are awesome, And Turtles are fun, but You, dear Will, Will be the only one.

LONG TALL DADDY ♥♥ You're the sweetest thing from Bean Town to Gay Bay. From the Big O to Bright Lights. 10-4, Honey pot

BANANA! ♥♥ Er, Er er er er Er er er, Er er, er er - ER ER! ROBOT!

♥♥ I <3 you - Particle

JOE AND DAN P.. ♥♥ football sucks, metal rules, i love you both. GO HAWKS!! yours truly, highpockets

FROM MY HEART ♥♥ Allison, Emily, Mary, Mike, Morgan and Sherelle: Agirl couldn't be luckier to have friends like you! I love you guys from the bottom of my heart! Mal

MY LITTLE JOONIE.. ♥♥ re-cli-ner land! you love that commercial. i love you more. happy heart day, you truly are the maiden to my iron.. i love my baby's mama... bee

MY DEIRDRE ♥♥ Hey baby, wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. May we live happily ever after. I love you.

SOLUS ♥♥ Even still, I will always love you. Someday, we will meet again--after much learning and growing. Maybe this life, maybe next. Love Yourself. Love, Kitty

WE LOVE YOU DADA! ♥♥ You're the most amazing father in the world and we all love you dearly. Will be missing you on Valentine's Day! xo, Mama, Icey and The Deez

SANS VIE ♥♥ You're not the kind of guy to read this, searching for your name. I enjoyed your mind, I'd like to see more of it.

TO MY DANIEL<3 ♥♥ baby, i love your warm love for me, it keeps me going... gomawuh. i've always loved you from the beginning, still do, & always will... salangheh. your hyejin

MISTER BLISTER ♥♥ Oh mister blister you are so cute. With your fuzzy beard and your love for beads... You bring me to my knees! With kisses & cuddles, Your Lady Friend.

PHOTODA3N... ♥♥ You hold the remote shutter to my duct-taped heart.

ANI OHEVET OTCHA ♥♥ Hamud, i love you more with each moment. We should run away together. Yeak Lom sounds good doesn't it? to the moon and back!

LESS THAN 3, JILLIAN ♥♥ Always thinking hearts in your direction! Just don't break them, hussy!

TOM CELICA 1 ♥♥ I love you babe. And your obsession with early eighties vehicular beauties. Moving in was the smartest thing we've ever decided on -Drunk. Love- Boo

I LOVE YOU MIKE! ♥♥ We will make this happen. Love you always, Randy

HAPPY V-DAY BABE... ♥♥ Ri, i love you so much!

I ROVE ROU ♥♥ Happy Valentines Day baybeeee.

LUST FROM AFAR ♥♥ There are so many things that I want to do with you, Mr Photosexual. So many very naughty things that the paper won't print. Like ****ing your ******

I LOVE YOUR COOKIES ♥♥ ...ANDREA! Love isn't something that you can put chains on and throw in a lake. That's called Houdini. Love is liking someone a lot. TE AMO. MARIO

LADY THIGHS ♥♥ Your sweet and salty ways keep me true. One year is coming up; I can only hope for many more just as fun. Love, Jamarcus.

EGG PIE! ♥♥ our breakfast rituals are strong now, finally we can cook our eggs evenly. let us go to the mountains now and challenge an animal--perhaps a buffalo?

BEING SPONTANEOUS... ♥♥ Ted, You always wanted to know what I was really thinking. I'll tell you. I'm head over heels for you. I love you. I always will. The End. Danielle

LOVE MY BOON DOONS ♥♥ dear my little boon doons, i love your sweet little cheeks. you're the best lovah a dooney could ever have! happy skrilla-tines day!

AWWE! SUPER SLAYER!! ♥♥ Now you know I'll be crystallizing snowflakes in your ocean Forever. That's Forever with a capital F. For reals and ALL-THE-WAY-GOOD. LOVE!!! ~Shuggie

OLSON! ♥♥ Even though we're roommates, I totally think we should do it. Love, Barry

BEE ♥♥ I know this butterfly sometimes seems flighty, but know that I love you with all my heart and I hope your path keeps you buzzing near me. XOX Bfly

LOVE YOU BOTH ♥♥ James and Micheal, Love you both. Can't imagine life without you. Thanks for the wild ride... this is how it should be! Love, Donna

HIIIII HOOOONEEEEEY! ♥♥ I really wish you happiness. But, I'm glad you broke up with your woman. You're an incredible friend and not being able to talk to you made me sad. jv

BEAKERS & BUNNIES ♥♥ Dear Beaker & Bean Bunny, I love you and miss you both very much! I wish you two were here with me. Happy Valentine's. XOXO, Li

CRAIGYPOO ♥♥ Valentine's Day sucks, but I love you anyway and more than any cheesy gushy card can say. You're a little insane, but it just adds to your charm. -Ang

GARY ♥♥ it's been 14 years now and you're still the one for me. tika

FROM PDX TO SEA ♥♥ B - Thinking of you. Airfreight me a valentine, k? A.

MR. ADEQUATE ♥♥ if i only knew that someday i'd find u, i'd have wished for u sooner--because forever hardly seems long enough to spend with u. u r my everything WHB.

HE'S A KILLLER QUEEN ♥♥ To my wife: I love you! you really are the queen of my universe. Love your wife

ATTENTION SEPIACHORD ♥♥ Oh Captain, my Captain. Heres to the 'naturalist' who founded the best new music genre & the keeper of the keys to my heart. - Sepiachord Navigator

WHERE'S MS FORTUNE? ♥♥ I havent seen the best burlesque girl on the stage for awhile. Be my valentine and get out there and perform for me and the other guys soon!

MAYBE? ♥♥ i interest you too. and you are looking forward to more walks to class as much as i am.

JOE & MOLLY JANE - ♥♥ My funny valentines, you make me smile with my heart. You've made me the luckiest wife and mother that ever lived & I love you both, so very much. XOX

TO MY HART ♥♥ My love, my best friend. You thrill me, excite me, turn me on. Support me, adore me, delight me. Thanks for being the sweetest person I know.

WILL YOU MARRY ME!? ♥♥ You heal me with your beauty and tempt me with your fire; you lead me into the unknown and I go willingly... I live to adore you! Luv you, Your Mamies

I HEART YOU MORE ♥♥ I WON and Heart You MORE each and every day we're together. love, your WIFE

SARAH M? ♥♥ Sarah M. I miss you. Call ME... Write ME... your friend from kindergarten... Victoria

YOU MY BOO ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day sexy mamasita! Love you!

ZACK, RECORD FIEND! ♥♥ ur the peanut butter on my toast, the cream in my coffee, & the Adonis in my bed. being w/u is like winning the lottery. everyday. XOX Angela

NEALITO AND LINDZA! ♥♥ BUZZCOCKS! trying it again this year! You 2 have had much influence on my life, thanks for the fun. Otown represent! NOW LET'S ALL HAVE, A CHAMPANGE JAM! Xhcatt

THANK YOU SWEETIE! ♥♥ You moved to Seattle to be with me and that means a lot. I'm so happy you're my boy. I love you.

2TH SHADW OF THWORLD ♥♥ EBONY+IVORY~TOGETHER we've made much happen in such a short time. what's next? ELATED we reunited, love you dearly chicken. XO the lady who blocked the sun

IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY! ♥♥ Happy birthday Carl, I love you and always will. Tonya the fetishwear girl.

PSYCHO CLOWN IN LOVE ♥♥ Razor Teeth and Chaos- you have bound me in some kind of spell. I love you with all the fear of my heart. Happy Valentine's Day!

UNICORNS OF THE SEA ♥♥ Lara, despite your insistence that Narwhals are mythical, I love you more than you love horrible dance movies. Love Joh (your too cute boyfriend).

CUDDLIES! ♥♥ It's been over a year and I still can't believe how lucky I am! your servo, your hedgehog, your chompy

HAPPY NEW ZEALAND! ♥♥ DTMCC and the of Barn of Barnbuckle, I can't wait to live with you next year! I love you guys and I hope you're enjoying tramping about N.Z.!

PISS SISTERS ♥♥ dear piss sisters of seattle, crazy drunk bitches of phinney, funny doctors of the world: please be my valentine. i think it might be fun.

AND NO I'LL NEVER... ♥♥ ...Be Fine. Apologies to girlfriend: my heart gives itself away to many others against my will. Love you all till I die, complete with all my regrets.

LOVETHEACTIONJACKSON ♥♥ Hotpants. You are so fancy. Love. Shannon.

TO MY DEAR KAT ♥♥ I look forward to spending another beautiful year with you. Here's to spending Valentine's together, in each other's arms. I love you, Joe

BATT ♥♥ What is warm, red, and throbbing when you put it in your mouth? Your tongue after you bite it. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, your ghoul.

TO MY MANDARIN: ♥♥ U R the 1 4 me... here's to University Zoka, bicycle shoes, and the NY Times.

MY GENTLE FAWN... ♥♥ I am so happy to have such an awesome dance partner. I will miss you terribly. Who will I have 3-ways with now??? xoxo -Your Crystal Unicorn

ADDICTED TO YOU ♥♥ Sockeye Salmon is red. Undercooked crab can turn blue. Deeper than any ocean, is the love I feel for you. And giving you head is all I want to do.

I LOVE YOUZLE! ♥♥ I love you so much! After a year and a half together, and all that crap we went through, all I can say is that I am the luckiest woman in the world.

COLON S. ♥♥ Hey baby, I miss you. hope that you've had a threesome by now. Or just had sex with that gabi girl. I love you and will be proud of you when you get a 4.0

MY LOVELY AIKO, ♥♥ If you're reading this, you're not watching my eyes--they're probably sneaking glances at that butt. Careful! I love you more than you know... NICK

2: GUIDO, XO: ALISON ♥♥ U drew me up & left me floating on the breath of God. I couldn't get enough of u. Then you asked me to sleep w/ur roomate. I wish I could unfuck u.

THE BLUE DOOR ♥♥ You're a joy to me, my gorgeous grad student, my Anthropolo-genius. When we're ready, I'm going to ask you to marry me, and that's exciting. -Pharrell

OH WASPY WASP ♥♥ I will never find another weird-ass shit phriend like u. I'll sing you a mail-checkin song every (mail-delivery) day for the rest of our lives. Iluvu.

SANDWICH & SALAD ♥♥ Cheese sandwich and a fruit salad, what a combo. Couldn't be happier to have it back on the menu. Love you, baby.

SERGEANT MEANIE-PIE ♥♥ I promised not to advertise my subconscious opinion of you so... I dreamed... ...! The Plumbess

SWEET SYRUP KISSES ♥♥ Syrup on pancakes, syrup in bed, pour it on baby, just like you said. You're the frosting on my cupcake and the cherry in my drink, i heart u spencer xo

BUBAROO~~~~!!!! ♥♥ I am so happy we have stayed together through it all. Even if you have toots in your butt, I will always love you! Pooparoo and The Boys love you too~!

MARK WHO PLAYS PIANO ♥♥ We met ages ago through John and Ginger while I visited Seattle. I live here now. John won't give me your number. Meet me V-Day @ Manray 10 pm? Russ

MR. THEODORABLE ♥♥ A rough start & now you're healthy. 11 years together, but our first V-day with you will be our best yet. Love always & go to sleep, Mama & Daddy

NO ENEMIES/UPRISING ♥♥ PRINCESS BLUE, you are an amazing creature. You have taught me so much about love and life. I wish nothing but the best for you. Love, Monkeyman Mcgee

JACK'S HAIKU ♥♥ You are beautiful. You can always make me smile. You are loved by me. I will be here if you need me. Never doubt that even for a second. ~Russ

YOUR GUSHING GF ♥♥ B- you are the best lover...thank you for finding my A-B-C-D-E-F & G-spot!

DEEBARONI & CHEESE!! ♥♥ I miss you. Let's ride bikes and swim and tour the american southwest and dance and be healthy and young and fight this oppressive system. Love, a boy

HANNAH ♥♥ You have Salsa'd your way into my heart. Our dance shall last forever, and the perputual motion will keep us young and beautiful. I <3 U ~Armand

SOLAMENTE DIOS ♥♥ knows how much I love you, Alece. Being with you is so wonderful that it's retarded. Thank you for saying 'Yes' and thank you for being so good to me!

MR. DANGER ♥♥ You have a valentine! So I'm not a Chechen rebel, but at least you don't have to do your Morrissey impression. See you Gunky birthday weekend! -M

YOU ARE IN MY HEART. ♥♥ DAVIE DAVIE DAVIE--What can i say? I know of no one else that could possibly take your valentine spot. I love you. Brutus does too. Your friend, Andy

DEAR POOKSTER ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day and 7th Anniversary to my very own Mac MacDreamy. I love you to bits. Your everlovin' Connie-Sweetie.

-EM, WHAT UP YO ♥♥ I'm on the other side of the world now, you're not. It kinda bums me out. The few times we kicked it were fun. miss ya. -C

H HEARTS LO FOREVER ♥♥ Lo, Thanks for saying yes. Now I can make you tea every morning for rest of our lives. I love you tons! - H

SNUGGLE FROG ♥♥ Now that I have your attention... I just want you to know how much I love love love you. Like a leopard loves his partner in the jungoo. Love, Wifey

NINNY POO POO ♥♥ I hope you know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are my best friend and I've never been this close to anyone else. I love you.

RODGER-DODGER ♥♥ Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. I'm anxious to get my hands into you !! Happy Valentine's Day... See you on Saturday !! Your Sir, Gregory

DONNY CHEESBALL ♥♥ Thanks for all the memorable and not so memorable shows, beers and parties. Here's to the next 20. Love, wet and sloppy kisses, Jerry from the ferry.

OOO, BABY, OOO, BABY ♥♥ Wib, don't let the corporate Man ever make you forget that you melt my ice cream. From smoooth vanilla to the rocky road, i'm always your LU

SWISS BEERNIGHT GUYS ♥♥ You guys are all great friends, well except Timmy, thanks for all the great times, stories and beers. Much more to come I am sure. Love, Evil

A NOTE FROM REBECCA ♥♥ Rachel, Sarah, Emily, & Than: I'm not in Seattle right now--but I wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day to each of you in a unique way! Love to all.

ASHELY B. ♥♥ Ashely, You are 24 Hours of Beautiful Fitness!! Keep up the training. All your hardwork and dedication has not gone unnoticed.

JIBBY! ♥♥ To my Tojam: You will always be my JibJab. My heart dances for my Jibby Doodle Pants . Pantsy-wantsy. Love love Jibby. JibJab love love Tojam!!! Meh.


TO MY PS ♥♥ Work and our wonderful 2yo leave little time for us, but remember when we were two amidst the whirling masses? I love you always. From Your PS.

SLEEPY COW? ♥♥ hope you don't get upset about this. we've had it rough and very good. no matter where we are emotionally or in the world i will always love you, lil bug

KATHRYN ♥♥ I am so lucky to be with you and enjoy all the time we spend together. You are all I will ever need. I Love You. P.S. our dog is pretty cool too.

MY TOP CHOICE ♥♥ Terroncito, I have a big bowl of cereal, where are you? mumble mumble siempre amor, tu manzanita


NICOLAS (LOVE MNKY) ♥♥ Thank you for the sweetest two years of my life, and for giving me faith that love can be enduring. You give me supreme joy and happiness! I love you

MATTIMUS SEXIUS ♥♥ I adore you! Will you be the icing on my cake?

TO MY DEAREST COREY ♥♥ 7 years and still HORNY as ever! Love you madly, Your MeL:)

LOVE FROM SCOTLAND ♥♥ Hey Mummie, just a little valentine to say I mish you so much, I can't wait to come visit in March. Hugs and Kisses, Love you, ems xxx

SODOMY IN HURRICANE ♥♥ The Yucatan. Patagonia. Andalusia. Baja California. Now, this is as public as all that can get. That makes me sad, but I'm happy you're in my life.

I HEART KGB ♥♥ kgb you are amazing. my heart is yours. click click, catch match. -a


THANKFUL ♥♥ M, I am so lucky to share my time with you. You give me hope and love. You are the one for me. Happy Valentine's, my dear. I Love You

AAA-GGGG FOR LIFE! ♥♥ Chu, we're gangsta bitches 4 life. Rock your Triple A girl!!! Love, your Quadruple G


TO MY FALAFEL WAFFLE ♥♥ Matt- I love you tons! May each Valentine's Day be better than the last (4 and counting)! And I hope you take me out for cwabby cakes! Love, Christina

PRINCESS ♥♥ In that book which is My memory. On the first page That is the chapter when I first met you Appear the words... Here begins a new life

LOVE POEM FOR JOEL ♥♥ dear lover/uncover/what's next/hot sex/ love too/with you/obscene/dream team/HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY BABY!! love, hannah

TO MY ANGELIC LOVE ♥♥ Dearest Cera, Can you believe it. You are the love of my life. I love you with all my heart. Be my valentine for the rest of my life. Yours, D

LAUREN OF MY LIFE!!! ♥♥ You are the greatest!! I LOVE YOUR peppermint patty hair and all the good times we have together.. FRIEND OF MY LIFE!

FARM BOY ♥♥ This is the tenth year you've made me blush. Damn, you're sexy when you're doing the dishes. Love from Secret Agent Nurse, Monkey One and Monkey Two

BABYCAKES ♥♥ We've had our ups and downs lately, but you've always been in my heart. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, K

AGING LOBSTERS ♥♥ I'm so thankful we're here again, and I hope the future holds more for us. Yours, Miss N* Bird

CHALKBALL ♥♥ No pooh-bear, YOU are the cutest! I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you! Luvs!


DEAR DJ RAZORBURNS ♥♥ Thank you for our time together. Though we part, you will be in my heart always. I will miss you, beautiful boi with knowing hands. Love never dies.

MATTTHERAT ♥♥ You of the cutest buns, the hairiest back, wickedest humor, funkiest falsetto and sweetest soul. Here's to 10 more years fabulous funky fun. LuvMwah!

MR. ED ♥♥ You drive me crazy--mostly in a grt. way! Here's to jeeps on mtn. roads, reinventing yourself and 10 years of nuptial buzz! Ich Liebe Dich, RC

I LOVE YOU... ♥♥ so much, if you asked me to marry you, i'd be so excited, i would throw poop at you. eyeball me cheek. XOXOX KitKat

PIRATE LOVES MERMAID ♥♥ We met in Southcove, sailed apart, then came together again. It's been a wonderful first year of marriage! Love you hon.

JOHN ♥♥ i'm not sorry she hurt you. let her go. it just leaves you free for the rest of us. and here is your first valentine toward health. enjoy my lovely. xxx

MISS PANTALONES!!! ♥♥ Hello Miss Pants! I am so fucking thankful to have U in my life! U R amazing & I am so happy 2 have U as such a great friend! I <3 U! Peeace ooouut!!

TO MY FUTURE HUSBAND ♥♥ I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you! I love you so much and am proud of you today, tomorrow and forever. Lots of love -- Boobs

NAYBS! ♥♥ Happy V-Day nt! 2007 is the year we get what we want. You are my hero and my soulmate and I'm a better woman for knowing you.

FANNY BUN BUNS! ♥♥ Oh! Happy Day to my favorite skister, and her rockin' hubby! Yer favoritest brudder from Montucky wuvs and misses you!

DION ♥♥ break out the whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and saran wrap--the living room will never be the same. loves and licks - cera, jadie, and susi

TO MY FIANCÉ ♥♥ 50 more days until we are married. thank you for 8 amazing years so far and a lifetime together. St. Patty's day will always be ours <3

YUMMY PANTS 4 EVAR ♥♥ They're yummier every year. Will you let me in? Ol' Fester Pants

MY MILF ♥♥ I'm glad I can give you a hand & you can give me big blue. Everything is so nice & good. I love you. Heart, your special lady friend.

I LOVE YOU MATT! ♥♥ I would marry you all over again & wouldn't change one thing about the past 16 plus years. Yr the best husband, friend & baby daddy ever! R

DADDY ♥♥ Thanks for taking me out every morning so I don't poo in the house--even when it's cold and rainy... you're the best! Love, Oswald The Wonder Pug

DOXIE DADDY! ♥♥ Thanks so much for keeping our tails wagging. We love your cuddles, warm lap, and the treats. Sorry you get barked at so much! Pickles and Barney

SNEAKY HOT TAMALE! ♥♥ Vous êtes ma personne préférée dans le monde entier, Happy Steamy Valentine's Day, Voyez plus tard nu? Love, votre petit morceau savoureux Oriana

I LOVE YOU, DAVE ♥♥ So glad you are my Sweetie. Thanks for being a wonderful husband, father and doxie bed-warmer! You're the best! D.I.D.

FUNNY BUTT ♥♥ Alison, You moved into my room, and into my Heart...wait, I meant Fart. I like your face. Love, Rob

MY NAUGHTY STOOLIO ♥♥ Can't wait to put my hands on your!^?*! and have your hands on my !*%^! I am looking forward to this weekend! Happy V~Day Luvah! ~Kiss kiss

LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN ♥♥ MATTHEW: U R cute, kind, cuddley, sexy & comfortable to be with. Let's keep it goin' Of course it helps that U R a great kisser. Hop on it! XO BRUCE

HUGS & THUGS ♥♥ Topher...Everyday you put up with me is another miracle and that is saying a lot because I AM a total pain in the ass. Hearts, Jen

CALEB- ♥♥ I know you won't see this but I want to say that I love you and I wish more than anything that I could make things ok.

BPP ♥♥ I love you more with each passing day. Your cuzzilness, intelligence, beauty & boobs. I am proud of you & look forward to another year together.

I LOVE YOU ♥♥ Matt - I watch the days pass me by. Hoping there will be a sign. A better place for us in time. I'm just a dreamer, I dream of a life with you. - Jenn

WE LOVE SHERWOOD! ♥♥ Sherwood house makes great vegan banana bread, and throws pirate parties to make Red Beard proud. Glad to be a part of the mayhem you guys!

ROOSTER, MY ROOSTER ♥♥ I miss you so much, please bring your hawd woiking self, safe, back to me soon. I'm yours for always and forever. xo love, your favorite, apples

I LOVE MEGAN ♥♥ My darling best friend...I want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day and tell you how glad I am that you're my best friend. I love you!!!! xoxox Lexi

QUEEN OF COPY ♥♥ From the S-to-the-A-to-the-L-O-ME, SALOME you rule the night. Thanks for being you! - Flav

TO BALLFACE MAXIMUS ♥♥ you're a phenomenal friend & partner. you make me happier than cupcakes, dark chocolate & parmesan shakers put together. loves, capt. "new hat" beardy

MARY BE MY WIFE - C ♥♥ Heh--looks like we are making each other honest this year. Love you monkeybutt, and Allie too. Chad

BUTCHER BOY! ♥♥ You sliced your way into my heart. I LOVE YOU XOXO M

MJB COFFEETEA OR ME ♥♥ I really need some attention from you right now. wink wink. Thanks for sharing your life with me and scammer. We love you this ______________ much.

ODE TO SCHMOOP E ♥♥ Sluggy Slug won't go. Go, Sluggy Slug, go! Speaking of which, shall we go to Pasta Bella for Valentine's Day? You know you want to. Bloop.

AMY HEARTS BRAD ♥♥ "I never felt like this with anyone before You only have to smile and I'm dizzy." I adore you.

MY UN-AVERAGE ROBOT ♥♥ Darlingness I love you muchly. Thanks for the thrice-daily tele-conversationizing that we both struggle with slash adore. Love from Becca.

LICKY LICKY ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Erika! You truly are a beautiful woman. I look forward to hugging, kissing, and holding you again soon. With all my heart, Rich

KMH ALL WACKY AN SH* ♥♥ Karrie H is da wackiest be-atch n'da hood She b bouts ta pump yal up on da PR wit da HK Den I b bouts ta gitda bitch sum props She jus ol'E crazy Sup

BEE'S KNEES ♥♥ 2 more weeks till our hot date... i heart you big time. xoxoxox the cat's pajamas

DAN, YO. ♥♥ I see you all the time. I want to say that you are loved, even lusted after. Online, on the street, in the bar, in my mind and I hope in my pants.

SHIMMY AND SHAKE! ♥♥ It's not the shirt, it's the way you move that shirt! You're my 5L, the place I wanna be at the end of every day, but you've got a WAY nicer deck.

BEIGL BEWARE! ♥♥ Someone smart once told me there are many special people out there. You're quite a prize... don't settle for just anyone. Happy V-Day bitchcakes.

JRH + KSL = XXX ♥♥ U make me hornier than a dog. I want to do very dirty things to you. Cops and robbers? Cowboys and Indians? Your body makes me sweat. I want your t&a.

BOOKUCHOOKS. ♥♥ You're the love of my life. choo choo. One day you'll be convinced that I'm the one for you, forever. Until then I'll be by your side. I love you, JR.

DARCELLE MY GODDESS ♥♥ You make me squeal like a pig, I'm so happy to see you. My tongue hangs out, and my feet do a little happy dance, when I think of you. Old Man Barney


SWEET ASS ♥♥ it's impossible to imagine life in seattle without your ruby red buns next to mine every night. i love you more than anything (even pepper)! -fuzzy b

SWIRLYMAN! ♥♥ I love you, my baby! I know that things will get better for us because our love is getting deeper... bigger... stronger! Love, Swirlygirl

MY LOVE ♥♥ From the first moment that I saw you, I fell madly in love with you. Words can't even begin to express my undying love for you. Won't you be my valentine?

HORNY LOVE MONKEY ♥♥ Hey, Jackie... I love you and have missed you terribly while you were gone. Smooches, your little love monkey.

WHEN I GROW UP ♥♥ i want a cowboy. P. be mine. some day we'll ride off into the sunset together, until then 'll fight you for your side of the bed. I love you. XOXO L.

CYTOSCOTTY ♥♥ A mediocre valentine haiku for my far-from-ordinary boyfriend: Blessed am I that falls/ result in scars on my shins/but hearts full of love. Awww...

FISHTHROWER IN LOVE! ♥♥ Jenny, thank you for making me a proud father and loving me unconditionally. I will love you forever in this life and the next. Happy Valentine's Day.

MY JERMZBRUCE ♥♥ I love you and I know you love me, too! The question is, what can we do about it? I need you in my life as much as I need air to breathe.

WACKADOO!!! ♥♥ Quit telling me I can't leave you a valentine in the Stranger right now. I CAN TOO. I love you!!!!!! Sorry I threw that pizza that one day. -Amy

TO MWBOC, MY LWC: ♥♥ I adore you. Dancing with you is DIVINE. You have my heart. We've had so many adventures; I can't wait to see what more lays in store. Your WBOC, PSP

MY MAN LE MAN ADAM ♥♥ your morning wood i will never tire on my leg your toenail scratches with desire, lusting limbs wrapped real tight all day all night. shawn

BLAH BLAH MONSTER ! ♥♥ Shin kicks and monster noises for you at a time that's very special to me due to our trip last year at this very day. I love you very much.

FROM RUSSIA W/LOVE ♥♥ Lidiya my darling sweetheart. I'm not sure that they celebrate Valentine's Day in Russia. But I think that you shall be here and in my arms then!

SH*D IS A 4 LTTR WRD ♥♥ Flatechestedmama! Happy Valentine's Day. Datin' you is a "no-brainer." Nub.

LOOKINGTO(RE)CONNECT ♥♥ Sorry that we'll miss each other on Valentine's Day this year. I'm looking forward to making up for lost time. I love you. -The Rain King

RAWR! ♥♥ You exposed me to Showgirls, Battlefield Earth, and Foot Warmers. I LOVE YOU!! Keep the bad movies and foot warmth coming and I will cling!

I LUV RAINBOW DEBBIE ♥♥ Whenever you suck my big bone, you always make me shoot and moan! And I can never resist spanking your butt and turning it red for being a slut!

CASEY CASEY CASEY! ♥♥ Who knew a trip to the zoo would lead to the best thing ever in the whole world? More super hot sex and secret dates, please. I adore you. Love, Bug

MY BIG PHILLY LUV ♥♥ Happy V-Day Sweet Prince. I love you mucho gusto. May your hot throbbin' knob find its way into the bedroom. Can't wait for your kisses -Love ya! Joy

♥♥ ryan, it is nice to know that there is at least one good guy left. thank you for giving me hope. jenny

SWEETIEPEACH & JAMES ♥♥ Love you both to bits & bits. I'm lucky to have such a great family. You get me to explore the world in new ways everyday. Dabuhday. XOXO Love, Mama

HOT STUFF ♥♥ Lisa, I love you more and more with each passing day. I'm glad we get to spend our lives together! Love, Jason

BENLOVEBENLOVEBEN!!! ♥♥ BEND- I drop to my knees and thank this Universe for the gift that is you. I am in awe that you grace my life. Love from the Birdgirl and CJ&B

GLASS BLOWERS ♥♥ To all you Seattle glass whores I've loved before, and the few of you I haven't... Molly Loves and Misses You All! Especially Bennet M.!

A GIRL CAN DREAM ♥♥ I haven't liked you "like that" since high school and I understand that you're gay, but I've still always held the hope that one day we'd get to fuck.


LOST AND FOUNDERED ♥♥ I still remember two weeks in October. Do you? I've tried everything but asking you. See you Sundays.

THE SAGA CONTINUES ♥♥ A- Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, we are, simply, here. Love you still, even though your Utah occasionally shows. Let's Just Be. <3 J

♥♥ Your voice makes me tremble inside. And your smile is an invitation for my imagination to go wild. Please, Dyron, will you be my valentine? Nikki

DRINK UP BABY ♥♥ Look at the stars I'll kiss you again Between the bars. I love you, Jesse. Everyday I fall more in love with you :D

GABE- ♥♥ there is nowhere i'd rather be. thanks for being just who you are. it's my favorite. happy valentine's. love, t

I LOVE U SO MUCH ♥♥ It's been 1 year my honey, and I still continue to fall in love with you over and over again! You are my angel. My heart belongs to you.You&Me4eva.Luv

GIMME YOUR SUGAR ♥♥ who needs vancouver when we have each other? we could go horseback riding and bring along the video camera to save the memories. i love you kevin!

AMIE, BRETT & ♥♥ Scarlett.... my favorite family of three! I hope you each have a happy Valentine's Day... love you very much... especially little Scarlett! love, &rea

HALF JACK ♥♥ You're the better half, Jack. I will always be your blond film prop. Love always, Astrid

YOU ROCK HOTSTUFF... ♥♥ I've loved you since the day we met. My heart was yours, it was always yours. I adore you papi. I love you Happy Valentine's Day!

HEY SLUTTER BUTTER ♥♥ Even though you decided to leave me alone in Seattle I still love you. You're the best friend a gay could have. You're my soul mate! I love you Riley!

LOVE FROM BALTIMORE ♥♥ Dear TF & JF, TG, SE, JK & MR, A "bitch" D & crew, DD & CK & the rest of the RCB--I miss you all so very much! Charm City sucks! Love, SF

MARGARETE & JIMMY!!! ♥♥ I know you are in Scotland, but you can read the Stranger online! I miss you guys more than life itself! I love you and will visit soon! love, &rea

TO MY ARNIE-KINS ♥♥ Hey poopie-head cuntfucker, Happy V-Day! I love you with all my heart--don't forget that! Let's make this year even better than the last! Love: Jasmin

L&O SVU WHISTLERS: ♥♥ Lacey, Nan, and honorary member of our whistling brigade, Gabe... looking forward to making a record with you without proper instruments. Love ya-&rea

TO MY SEXY IRISHMAN ♥♥ heya SRM, just want to make sure you know that i love you. thanks for being there!! JMH and betty.

JAMIE THE FISHERMAN ♥♥ If you bait the hook I'll hold the pole. You're a catch! Love always, your hip-wader-wearin' woman. A.

MR. SPARKY ♥♥ My love for you grows even faster than my waistline. I look forward to celebrating our commitment for the rest of our lives.

MY PEEPEE BUNNY! ♥♥ why waste your time? you know you're gonna be mine, you know you're gonna be mine. i'ma getchu baby. i'ma getchu, yes i am! your loving companion

TO: ANN ♥♥ No matter how many people are in the room, you are always the person I want to leave with. - Love David

SAY IT! SAY 'NIRFT'! ♥♥ Or something along those lines; 'irft' is okay too. Thank you so, so much for everything you've done, and here's to everything to come. Yours, Urs

TO PAULIWOG BABY- ♥♥ It's that goddamn day again. Well, even though you chew obnoxiously and refuse to shave that scraggly mustache, you're cute and I lurve you. -Jord

TO MY SEXY CLERGYMAN ♥♥ Wayne: thank you for being with me for 5 years. I love you and I want to be at your side as long as I live. Your wife, c.r.

WILD AFRICAN LOVE ♥♥ OH buttercup, how you bring such light to my life. And kick me in the arse when i'm not myself. I'll miss you when you leave for the wild. Sweetpea.

DR. GARDEN ♥♥ You had me at Molecular Pathogenesis. Looking forward to our Ring Toss on Granville Island! You can ride me anytime you want!

DANGER LOVES PICKLE ♥♥ Let's listen to some NOFX, watch some Heroes and be GEEKS. I'll provide the ziplock bags. You're my dream boy!

CRAIG B., U FINE! ♥♥ I've seen you working at the salon & u don't look a day over 17. You dirty dog! Don't forget: I like blue malva & carribean therapy. Luv, SMS

BENGALS 4EVER ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Lady Who Feeds Us! Thank you for good food, soft beds, a warm bubble butt (good for curling up against), and loving us so much.

TO MY ONLY ONE! ♥♥ Dearest JG- Here we are... From Romania to Seattle, it's amazing where life takes us. I want to spend everyday with you! You da best! LOVE YA SJK

I LOVE JULIA P.! ♥♥ 10 years ago we met over Slurpees, car rides, and a mix tape in the library after I saw your beautiful smile and fabulous hot body. I love you. Sweets

JORDIE VALENTINO ♥♥ 19 now huh, such a long way from the lost little boy i met years ago. i love you so much jordan michael, happy birthday. heartshape, leialoha

TIGGER LOVES PIGLET ♥♥ Hey Hon - Happy V-Day to you, Angel, Angelo and Mumbles - Happy Paws. Here's hoping for a great 2007 with lots of heat and electricity. Ditto.

KAM FACE HAS A POSSE ♥♥ 5'6" 145 lbs

NEW BABY!!!! ♥♥ Melissa, this is gonna be the best year. Big move, start on our house, and give birth to little DLR. Last year was good, but whaaat! I love u, buddy.

THANK YOU TED ♥♥ You brought me to Seattle, You taught me how to love without the capability of doing it yourself. Nothing feels better in this world then your Kiss

JACKSON, GUESS WHAT ♥♥ Christopher still loves you the mostest and the bestest. Let's make this the last V-Day apart.

VEGAN LIBERTY LOVER ♥♥ Hey sex panther. You like Freedom and Radiohead just like me. Nice! We're gonna be big someday. People know me! -Your #4 prostitute

CLINICIAN NOT READ! ♥♥ Tell UR "you put a sock in it!" Move to Seattle, work double barista shift to pay off big med-school loans. Oh, so poor! But everybody loves you here!

I LOVE YOU JERM! ♥♥ You're my favorite person and I love spending time with you. It makes me happy to know that you are mine. Just remember Lindsey loves you. A lot. Squish

TO AARON ♥♥ Aaron you have been a great friend, and I enjoy your time we Spend Together. You know I love ya, and thanks for all you do. Jayson

FARKLE!!!! ♥♥ sometimes you farkle, sometimes you sparkle, sometimes the wind blows real strong, or even sometimes bands jam extremely long. i am not a poet. hugs.

BOO BOO BUTT! ♥♥ Happy Val Day to you my silly pants! You're my favorite noodle nose, and my other half note. I will rubbins forever! ~Love always~ Babysan

MY IRISH PRINCESS. ♥♥ Just because I am homo and you are straight, doesn't mean that we can't have a meaningful relationship. You will always be my little little fruit fly.

CARE FOR A SLIMMINT? ♥♥ My enticing delicious Friend; you are a lovely delicate alluring glimpse of Heaven. As usual your Mad Ice Cube Loves you and can't keep it to himself!

GIMPY TOES AND ALL ♥♥ Rachel, you are one of the most important people in my life. Everyday I spend with you is a joy and a privilege. Have fun in Chile. I love you!

MONCHICHI ♥♥ you are my penguin, my beautiful and amazing partner. let's have the best year--snuggling, traveling, and being good to each other. i love you.

MY JULIE ♥♥ To the one person in the world who truly helps me be the person I want to be, who loves me the way I need to be loved, who I love beyond limitation.

TO THE TRICYCLE: ♥♥ You girls are my current. Let's take a bath together or perhaps a hot-air balloon ride. I love that you love Devo & I feel really close to you. LYMI

PSYDUCK LOVES KITTY ♥♥ I'd love you more if you didn't scratch so much. The 'dumb as posts' kids love you too even if they deny it. XOXOX

DEAREST JEFF... ♥♥ I'm so happy we've had the past two years together. I don't know what I would do without you. Much Love, Julie. PS, You're wonderful in bed.

AFTERGLOW ♥♥ Generals gather in their masses, just like witches at black masses. No more war pigs have the power.. And more of the usual weirdness/fun - always. B

YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE ♥♥ my wintry sunshine, you made me happy when my skies were gray. you'll never know dear, just how much i've loved you--it wouldn't be fair.

HI BEAR ♥♥ monkey likes bear very much. maybe we'll watch netflix and eat good food later. maybe we'll have sexies, too. wait, you're also a monkey!

TO MY SWEETPEA ♥♥ boys seem to come and go as seasons change, but our friendship, like the stars, shines bright. from your buttercup

TO MY LOVER ♥♥ of synthetic flavorings & pickled ginger, my tried & true bunny: your unflagging support means the world to me. 100 extra blowjobs for you! OK! KZL

CMC ♥♥ Rubber Side Down!



2 SHIPS IN THE NIGHT ♥♥ Tyler, yes you, from the knarr I feel you deep within my heart. Happy Valentine's my ship in the night.

MY DEAR... ♥♥ stomping, cat face making, grey eyed, no meat eating, pigtail wearing, hug loving, alley lurking, beautiful anna belle please be my valentine...or not

HOSPITAL SMELL ♥♥ I gave you the jar and won't take it back. I'll be in the pod, burning ferns and collecting gold and hula hoops waiting for ya. Happy V-Day sucka!!!!

BEST VALENTINE EVER ♥♥ This week in showbiz stuff happened. But in Seattle Rob was busy being the Best Valentine Ever. Pizza, PODO, & pop culture mockery. A rose for you.

CONNOR @SOLSTICE ♥♥ guess what? i have a smoldering crush on you. you're positively sweet & adorable. have a good v day. sincerely - just your secret admirer

MOMMA ♥♥ Always looking out for you. And Cherry St. Penny

I AM ROLLED OVER... ♥♥ but I Love You anyway. Penny

I HEART PUDDING ♥♥ I love you, Pretty Lady. I'm so lucky. And I still have such a crush on you! Happy Valentine's Day, and thanks for all of the pudding. Yums.

YOU'RE MY FAVORITE ♥♥ hi chrissy, my buddy. i love you more than i love puppies, penguins, pandas, lattes, stupid magazines. and harry potter. happy valentine's day!

DRAGON TO MONKEY, ♥♥ Do you know I have no regrets? Do you know that our love is as good as it gets? Did I mention that I am yours forever? And that forever never ends?

WE HEART TECUMSEH ♥♥ My Boy Bill: You're the hottest candidate in my spacebook even though you (gasp) don't hang out in STR8 bars. Much love from a Yalie guy.

HEY TALL_HANDSOME! ♥♥ Ur soulful blue eyes, ur deep sexy voice, ur strong masculine hands make me melt into a pool of quivering anticipation. - sexy girl aka skinny bitch

** DING-DING! ** ♥♥


DEAR LISA MICHELLE ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day Love! I can't wait to see you again so I can punch you in the eye while we listen to your bullshit KEXP music. Love ya babe!

IT'S OK (F+T4EVS) ♥♥ You kick so much ass! That run of bad luck is OVER! Behind you! This will be the year that it all happens! Let the good times roll!xo <3gemini's twin

PAT MCCUTIE ♥♥ I love you so much!! You are my #1 person, my super-absolute-best-friend and my whole world! I'd die without you! P+G 130 Plus 1! Luv,Geneva

* BUG WINE* ♥♥ D- You little sonofabitch! After all these years I love u more than ever. How is that even possible? GodDAMN! I just wanna smash those glasses! xo u Z

DEAR 'BEAN ♥♥ you drive me crazy. but i'm crazy about you. i wish i'd gotten out before i was stuck... but now that i am, there's no place i'd rather be. <3

MON PETIT CHOU ♥♥ Guillaume, my French is still broken, but our love is intact. You are the sweetest treat, best friend, brainiest mind I could've hoped for. -Baby Girl

HEY RICH! ♥♥ Thanks for being a cool little brother. It's been easier being back in Seattle with you here. Happy Valentine's lover.

YOU'RE MY MR BIG ♥♥ This is an ad to tell you I love you, no big deal. I fell for you like a blind roofer. Justin I abso-fucking-lutely love you!!!! Love Danielle

PRINCESS NATALIE! ♥♥ Happy 84-month anniversary! Sort of. Happy V-Day from Jasen, Airplane, Polka Dot, and Ben. Big love!!

HEY SHITHEADS!! ♥♥ Sean, David, Lauren. You're all scumbags. But you complete me. Tri-force, mother fucker!

LESS THAN THREE ♥♥ R- We've come a long way over the past 4 years, and I honestly love you more and more every day! Thanks for letting me smell your sweatshirt =) -K

TO MY EROSTRATUS ♥♥ If you're out on a limb, I'll catch you when you fall. If you find yourself getting lost, trust these legs, because they have eyes. - Prince Raj ^_^

ILE DE MONA ♥♥ What kinda crazy thing DO the Nords have for the English anyway? Whatever it is it's worked for 2 years so--you could do a LOT worse! Sky-U-Mah!

MR. NEBULA <3 ♥♥ Thanx in a non-lesbian way for being wonderful and transcending all of my other friends. Your incumagnetism permeates, leaving behind an aura of <3

LIZBY ♥♥ fuck v-day!! lets get drunk!

SUPER SEXY STEVEN ♥♥ I think about you night and day, I touch myself and softly say, Some fool thought you were way to young, but who knew you'd be this much fun? Hi-d

CALIFORNIA BIRD ♥♥ how come you are so sweet? and yes, i wanna be your wasted one. my wishlist reads your name forever.

OTTER SIBLING! ♥♥ I love you sister. Please Be Mine. I did get you first, after all. I will always nuzzle you violently. Or I will crush you like a clam on my tummy.

♥♥ Dear Seattle Friends: I love you. Thank you for sharing the vegetarian meals, the comp tickets, the love, and all that jazz. I miss you already. Visit me in New York! Love, Peace, Namaste, Kirsten

GUYS WHO LIKE ME ♥♥ think you're all hot, too. that's it. am lonely sometimes, most times, too. thank you for empowering me. cry also. let's have safe sex!

TO MY BEST GRIFFIN ♥♥ Paul, thank you for the years and tears and the laughs and the love. You are the best thing in my life. - The Lucky One

WILL YOU BE MINE? ♥♥ Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. You're my special lady, And, boy, do I really like you! Here is a kiss from me to you Happy Valentine's Day!!

G-LOVE ♥♥ Sweetie, you light up my life--and soon you'll be delighting our baby girl's too! Xs & Os--and lots, lots more once the little one is born. :)B

HI, COO ♥♥ You are the hottest boss anyone could ask for, and I'm glad you're sleeping with me. I love you.

I LOVE MY NEIGHBOURS ♥♥ To my very special, amazing, uncontrollably funny and perfect smoking pals.... I love you and appreciate you beyond words. Bayview forever and ever.

MUHS ♥♥ To my lady, it has been another wonderful year with you. Here's to you and all of the gorillas for making it possible.

MY WAYWARD SOULMATE ♥♥ We juggle one another like flaming pins. You burn me every time, but you are worth the sting. I think of you every shower, every stoplight, every day

JE T'AIME MON AMOUR ♥♥ A (NOTHER) HAIKU FOR KARI: My soulmate, my wife, One word alone speaks our love, The greatest gift: DREW

JACLYN, I LOVE YOU! ♥♥ Everyday I wake up and am thankful for getting to spend another day with you. Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart, I hope we have many more together.

LUCKY IN LOVE ♥♥ For my darling Claire, who has always been the love I have hoped to have in my life - I love you and our kitties!

I MUST BE DREAMING! ♥♥ I lack the words to tell you how you make me feel. I never believed it possible to find what we have found. I love you more with each new day. We win!

HERE FISHY FISHY ♥♥ I love you more today than I did yesterday, but not as much as I will tommorrow. I love you so much, darling. You have brightened my life. Thank you.

YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE ♥♥ Y: You are the light in my heart. You make me smile every day--thank you for being the one to save my life on a daily basis. All my love. K

CURATE ALL OVER ME ♥♥ Onochord>>>plantains>>>kicked your ass in PacMan>>>salve?

SPIKE. .. MY HEART ! ♥♥ You've captured my heart. . I don't think any distance will stop the beats from reaching out to you. I hope someday you can reciprocate the feeling.

STEAMBOAT! ♥♥ Thank you for drawing such amazing pictures, giving the very best hugs, and winning the prize for the absolute coolest kid ever! I love you!

MIO... ♥♥ You're my own dream boy, and I can't wait for our day on the cliff and all the days afterward. xokp

TO MY KRAZY KAT ♥♥ You're my sexy little valentine. I'm your Oral B.

A MOUTHFUL OF BESOS! ♥♥ Ay ay ay ay. Ay mi amor. Ay mi morena del mi corazon!

CRICKET ♥♥ The love that you've been dreaming of is mine. ~RS

BLUE/BLOND GENIUS ♥♥ Everything is better with you, Joshua, and I love you more every minute. Be mine (still, again, forever)?

DARLING PAMOPTICON ♥♥ I adore you, and I ain't just saying that 'cos you're a criminal mastermind and devestator of souls. Best of luck in the new season! Love, the beatnik

SO SEXY WHEN U BLOG ♥♥ k- Post another for me, baby. luv, j

LEGS AND EYES ♥♥ From J to R: you're great. Smart, funny, kind, and oh so hot. Life is grand, and I'm a lucky, lucky bastard. These legs do have eyes!

JOHNNY P, ♥♥ I'll be your sweetness If you make me your angel My fingers are crossed xoxo, C

MAKE MINE A PERPLINI ♥♥ And shake it, Oly Boy!

SUIZZLETOES ♥♥ Happy Valentine's.. .I adore you baby. no ka oi

KM + KY = (HEART) ♥♥ Dearest sweet man o' mine, you rock! I hope we get married this year so people will quit asking us when we're getting married. I AM SO IN LOVE.

BEEP BEEP ♥♥ I love you Jeremy, you will always be my favorite. <3 Tams

TO BIGGITY BUTCH! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day love of my life! Here's to many more years!! Love you 4ever and ever xoxoxoxoxoxoxo the wife xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

ALIENMONKEYWRENCH ♥♥ You're the crank in my case, the monkey in my business, and the va-va-varoom in my VW. Meet me in cognito my darling, I have a heart on for you.

K, I MISS YOU ♥♥ It's been a long couple of months since our split. I've had time to think/explore/change -- but still realize the best thing in my life is missing - S

TO CC FROM PIGGYTARD ♥♥ You're always there, you never fail me. If I slip up, you lovingly tell me. For all my life, I hope you're there. Happy Valentine's Day, my honey bear

SUFFERIN' SAPPHO ♥♥ GLAMAZONIA and Lily sittin in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes duct tape in a baby carriage! Love you Guys

HEY POOH ♥♥ To Leslee, my sweetest hunny Boo-Boo Pooh pants. Let's make sweet, sweet love all night long. Love ya - Alex

TMPL ♥♥ Somehow it's been easy to let you into my heart. You've turned my world upside down in the most marvelous way. I'm a lucky, lucky girl. Love, LLB

THOMCAT ♥♥ In a world where men lie, cheat, steal, and can't always seem to find their way home at night, I sure am glad that I have you. Yours, Joshua

JOHN JOHN JOHN ♥♥ Hair so black. Eyes so blue. Be my valentine, because I only want to be with you!! Please let me be your only Valentine this year!!

OH FUCK! I LOVE YOU! ♥♥ TomLove: Even when you are a pain in the ass, you are still the best roommate I have ever had!! And I really don't mind doing your laundry... Love, W

CONTRALATERAL ♥♥ Kevin, I cherish our times together from hay bale adventures to snowy mountain escapades. Thank you for being you and making me feel so lucky. Katie

TARA... ♥♥ Still love you, baby... but you know that. I will miss you this year, even though we will be close, we won't be close enough. Happy Valentine's, baby. Sevb.

DANAAN MY LOVE ♥♥ Every morning I wake up feeling so lucky to have found someone as perfect for me as you. I love you sweetie, Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Jaclyn

LIONFUR ♥♥ You're so hunky and Ronde! You're my favoritest fur in the land of furlandia and beyond! Happy Valentine's Day to the LOVE of my life!

MY FAVE EX-VALENTINE ♥♥ Caitlin, you are the best. Still. Hope you have a great Valentine's Day. With love, J

OH, KYLE. ♥♥ You're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind. Hey Kyle... Hey Kyle.

BABY BEAR I LOVE YOU ♥♥ Dearest Baby Bear ... these past few months have been incredible ... Happy Birthday today and Happy Valentine's Day! I love you! Lil Bear

JENIMUS ♥♥ I love you more than I love you. Tony Pot Pie

HAPPY V-D BOO ♥♥ 4 years of ups and downs but you are still my #1 love...just 'cause I haven't found someone to replace your ass yet - you're THAT special! xo KITTY

MY BABY'S DADDY ♥♥ I want you to know that I love you today and always. Thank you for giving me a beautiful new baby boy, you rock my fucking world! Your Honey Bunny C.G.

MISS JOHNSON ♥♥ I'm hot for teacher. You're beautiful & I'm smitten. I adore your courage, your open and caring nature, your perfect ass. I love you. -clayton

CANCER PANTS! ♥♥ What a ride, huh? You were so very sick last year and now you are better. NEVER SAY DIE! You showed me how strong I could be. I love you for that.

I THINK I LOVE YOU ♥♥ I first saw you on Yahoo personals. Your goofy smile. That dirty blond hair. That ballcap. Micah is your name. And I, well, I'm too shy to write you.

HOW'S IT GOING BOOTS? ♥♥ More duck? Same time next year? Someone thinks you are quite a dish!

MARMOT IN MY NEST! ♥♥ Lover, I swoon at ur beautiful sweet soul and want to drink u all the way down! I invite u in my nest in the sky and home by the sea always. Quetzal

SNUGGLE TIME! ♥♥ Matt, In you I've found my best friend for life. I can't wait until we're old and gray & can look back and see where life took us. Love Always (spike)

SARAH & PECOS ♥♥ You're fucking married!? Although I'm no longer your valentine, congratulations to Seattle's sexiest couple.

PUNKIN, ♥♥ if you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you. Love, Pickle.

EDMOND ♥♥ i don't know what the future holds, but as long as i am with you, i know i will be happy. i would do anything for you. i love you edmond. xoxo, hapa.

U SK8ED INTO MY <3 ♥♥ Trav- I'm sorry I was a little jealous, but now you're just being immature. Haven't you realized we're good as it gets? I want you, come back. <3 -Sar

MY BIG BRAVE BOY ♥♥ you are my hero. i love you with all my heart and guess what--WE WIN!!!!!

MOMMA, LUV ME. ♥♥ I know you hate my poop, but I'm so fuzzy and cute. Don't stop luvin me!!!!!! Biggie smalls

THAILAND IT'S NOT ♥♥ But our duplex on Queen Anne is really all I need. Our goal in 2007? Give those "jack hammers" upstairs a run for their money. Happy Valentine's Day!

DON'T GIVE UP!!!!! ♥♥ Hazel, its time to put away childish things. Time to step up to the plate. I'm ready. By the time you read this, shit has changed. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

I LOVE SCOTTO!!! ♥♥ I love you pookie pie! You make me incredibly happy and I'm excited to be your wife. Sammy and Casper love you too. :-)

MY BEAUTIFUL QUEEN ♥♥ you are my dream gurl & i'm so glad i finally found you! you bring magic, true love, and GREAT sex to my life. i am for YOU, my queen. -your buca bear

HOTDOG ♥♥ I love you more than the moon and the stars... Boobalicious

PRETTY LADY- ♥♥ I couldn't think of a better way to ask this question than with a free ad in a weekly tabloid: Will you marry me? -Devorcles

YOU COMPLETE ME ♥♥ To my darling husband and daughter, Thanks for making my life so wonderful and happy. Love, Staceylicious

TO MY MATTILICIOUS ♥♥ My love for you is like diarrhea; I just can't hold it in. I love you, Boo and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you! Brianna

I HEART ALLYCEN ♥♥ Midnight Sex Picnic?

LOVE MY LOVE ♥♥ I love you so much, so to be Mrs. Rock

SAMUEL, ♥♥ I just love you and want to eat you up, swallow you whole, and/or squeeze you till we both pop. Will you continue to be mine? Janine

MADE AN HONEST WOMAN ♥♥ Thanks for being my date to the social event of the season. xo-your husband

UR MY PUZZLE PIECE ♥♥ JLW-Couldn't have asked for a better friend, lover, confidante & partner in crime. Here's to many more overcommercialized holidays. T'N'T 4eva! SMS

HEY HIPPY ♥♥ Let's go spend some quality time together and get the "bunny" out. Love you lots!

FIRST VALENTINE'S ♥♥ IA - even though u'll b working (sucks!), I have to say that "I Love You." You're the best! Ok, enough sappy stuff, go save lives. Until the weekend.

MY LOVE IS YOURS SMS ♥♥ Forever, you have me, always. Marry me someday. My heart belongs to you. You are my puzzle peice SMS. Heart JLW

SWEET P.R. ♥♥ Your nightly bottom slaps are like a lullaby. 19 years and I still want you to look at my boobs. I'm gonna love you till the wheels fall off. KELPY

MY ONE AND ONLY MASH ♥♥ who else could i mash with? only you my love. thank you for mashing with me all these years--say you will mash with me forever? i love you.

W.B. TO LIL' COUGAR ♥♥ Every day is better because you're mine. Every night is hotter because I'm yours. I love you more than I can possibly explain. Be mine forever.

SITO ♥♥ You are the love of my life.

LOVE TO LARRY ♥♥ You're the only one I could ever imagine spending my life with. Thanks for being loving, loyal, supportive, and a great dad. - Liz

@@@@@@@ CARA @@@@@@@ ♥♥ I love you more than anything. Thank you for being the best thing that ever happened to me. 7/7/7 can't come soon enough! MWAH!

JANAY (SQUISH) ♥♥ Mashed Potato Mashed Potato! I love your sexy butt - thanks for being my Valentine every day of the year. Sometimes bad squishers get tied up... ><>

HOT FOR TEACHER ♥♥ Who knew? Grading papers, planning lessons, and drinking too much coffee are all things that make my day. Sundays couldn't be better. Love you both -V

MILLER LITE ♥♥ I was serious about being your valentine; I will come bearing champagne and chocolates. Who else would I want to kick my butt anyway? You. Love, V

BEEFCAKE SNORGLEMAN ♥♥ Dearest J to the Cob, You are the king of snorgle, the best of the best, and the world's most perfect man. I love you and absolutely cannot quit you. L

LOVE FROM CAMBRIDGE ♥♥ I Love you AC. Sorry about the distance, MK

25 YEARS! ♥♥ And I love you still, Babe - Bucko

♥♥ i love you big daddy xoxox talula mae

MY RETIRED EXPLORESS ♥♥ Be it Antarctica, Moldova, Baltimore, or Williston; where our road travels, my hand will always be holding yours no matter what. Jetzt, und für immer.

MY NOZOMI... ♥♥ I regret nothing. I love you. Always and infinitely, your wife... ~Asshai*

FROM YOUR JESSIEBEAN ♥♥ We are so happy together, We are like birds flying in the air. P.S. I got hella cunt tingles for you.

EILA ♥♥ Just writing to wish you a happy Valentine's Day. Hope you have a good one. See? Someone does care. -Jess

SHELBY S. ♥♥ I am not asking you to be my valentine, but my friend. I miss U. U never get over your 1st love. I am sorry 4 everything. Please forgive me. Friends?

GIZ US A BOYGUH! ♥♥ happy fecking valentine's day my loveliest lovely -- i'm so happy to have you to not go out for dinner with. you're lovely! i love you. xxx boo-face

LOVE CREATURES*DAWN* ♥♥ How can I even begin to tell u how awesome u r? Not only r u an incredible friend, but u got mad skillz at everything u do grrl! I LOVE you! xo AZ xo

TO MY HAIRY IRANIAN, ♥♥ Let's hope we can get doctorates in each other. Love and fun stuff, Tadpole

TO MY BOOOOOOFACE ♥♥ Aaron- Even though you are so far away from me I still think of you always. Happy Valentine's to you. Wish you were here. Love always, Your sweetie

J.BUTLER (AGAIN) ♥♥ i heard you tell me you still loved me while you thought i was sleeping. i still love you back, same as last year. i'll miss you in sf/nyc.

HOLLY MAY, ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie. Thank you so much for being so good to me. You are an angel, and I love you. Now come over here and kiss me!!! danny

MY SQUIRREL ♥♥ Bill, the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me was u. i will always be ur squirrel and i will always have ur side. Love, your love, Koay

JACOB IN QA ♥♥ Let's go pick berries this spring. I wish I still lived up the hill from you! -JJ

SS GIRL ON THE AVE. ♥♥ You make the hottest chai latte in town --PP boy on the Ave.

MY FUN SIZE SAMI ♥♥ You will always be my best friend, and I will love you until the stars go out. Welcome home, Sami. Yours whenever you need me, Bryan McHottie

WWKRD? ♥♥ I miss you every day. This world is a possibility... thank you for everything. All my love, xoxo. - "LeKree"

MY GOLDEN GIRL ♥♥ Someday you'll be old enough to live the stories of the ladies in the show you love, and I'll be there with you. Maybe in a pink house again!

KITTY LOVES CARLTON ♥♥ 2 years and 800 miles later, we finally live in the same city. Totally worth the move--I love you so much!

LARA DIE KLEINE ENTE ♥♥ 525,600 minutes, and I want to spend every one of them with you. I can't begin to tell you what you mean to me. That's how I know. I love you. Oops!

COURTNEY, LOVE TOAST ♥♥ 4 years ago we met after being apart for far too long. I'm honored, happy, and aroused to be your partner, caregiver, and lover for all of eternity.

TRUE FINE MAMA ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day Lou. Happy? Now put down the paper and give me some damn sugar! Love, Matthew.

MARY ROSE ♥♥ I have loved you since the moment I saw you. You are the best thing that happended to me in college. I will love you forever. <3 Heidi

SONJA AND CYDNE ♥♥ I love you both so much my teeth hurt! Thank you for being so awesome all the time and helping me find things, informational things. Love, Heidi

BE MY VALENTINE...? ♥♥ KAMNIY, I've never had a valentine before, will you be my first?

DEAR CHRISTIAN S. ♥♥ I love you so much, and had for the longest time. Your Dirty Girl, Always, Katie Joe

BRITNEY@POULSBO*BUX ♥♥ i've had a huge barista-crush on you for the better part of a year. you're the reason i waste so much gas.

TO MY DARLING WIFE ♥♥ i admire you to no end... may you find feta on ALL your boboli. t.

FOR MY LOVELY YOOPER ♥♥ Joe, I'll listen to obscure vinyl, play video games, and eat chicken with you any day. You rock my socks! Rachel

YOU'RE MY FAVORITE ♥♥ She was the Prettiest girl in a Victorian Town. She's my Rock N' Roll Baby, my Kittenfur so Rad. I Love you more than anything darlin... Lionfur

SYN LOVE ♥♥ Ben, it's been over six years and I'm still crazy about you. You're the best thing to happen to me, then and now. I love you. - Alison

BUTTS LOL ♥♥ <3 Enforcers! - petfish

RHONDA, IS SO FINE ♥♥ Rhonda, I'm so glad we met. You came into my life and I enjoy being with you. I'm so happy you are here. Love Charles

ZACK'RY! ♥♥ We're too silly for words! Thanks for being my homie! I love you more than words can say mister zack'ry! HEARTS!

4 THE PPL WHO MATTER ♥♥ To Mom, Dad, Jay, Anni, Linlin, and everyone in my life who matters: I just want you all to know that you mean the world to me, V-Day or not! -Morgan

KISS ME ON THE LIPS ♥♥ Laura Lee, you make my life amazing! I'm sorry I lost sight of that. I will let you know every day what you mean to me. Happy Berfentines Day! <3, J.

CHECK THIS OUT!! ♥♥ Just wanted to wish you something special my honey bunch, pee pee head, boo boo face, babaganoosh...ahhhh forget it. Today you are just my valentine!

TO MY BONBON ♥♥ I love you, you little tine tine. You are my sweet boy that I want to hold forever. We have had so many special times together. love, bwant

IHEARTYOUBABY ♥♥ Baby, you are the most refreshing tall drink of water I have EVER had and my absolute dreamgirl! Truly. Where have you been all my life? love, moi

LOL INTERNETS ♥♥ You've made me love cats and owls, and have given new meaning to "What is that man doing to his ass?" Thank you, Internet. <3

TRANSAMERICANISM ♥♥ i love you with all my heart and i cannot wait to be with you in more than spirit. the day you move out here will be one of the happiest of my life.

LOVE FOR BLAKE ♥♥ If I knew I'd never get to gnaw on you again, there'd be no reason to get up in the morning. For better or worse, I'm your weasel. So much the love!

DO NOT FLUSH ♥♥ I used to think all The Stranger was good for was ripping up when I ran out of toilette paper. BUT, now, I show my love for YOU, Anne Poo! HUG HUGS!!

PLEASE, BRONTE ♥♥ i know you could never like me the way i do you, i know that i will never have you like i dream i do. But don't deny me your smile. Let me have that.

OH BRONTE ♥♥ oh bronte, why do you have to torment me? after everything i've given away; so many hints! do you still not know?

SUPERGIRL MAKES 3 ♥♥ Supergirl arrives in just a few short weeks, and I am so honored to be the one that gets to see you become a father. Love, Superbaby

BRONTE!!! ♥♥ Bronte, i cannot express how much i love you in so little space. your laugh, your beautiful eyes, your smile, you are too cute for me. i love you...

GJP HEARTS BJP ♥♥ To pirates! To us! To puppies named starlight and years and years of adventures together! Your lucky number is 11 15 77. xo

JOY = BANSIDHWAIL ♥♥ You make me happier than I ever thought another human could make me. You inspire me toward greatness, and you make me proud every day. I love you.

TO JD ♥♥ From the first kiss, I knew I loved you. When you hold my hand, I know I am home. I am yours...body, mind, heart, and soul. Forever. Love, Monkeypants

BRYAN THE DADDY BEAR ♥♥ Will you be my valentine again this year? I love you and I love our family. Happy V-Day baby! Love Rose & Lily

MY TRUE LOVE ♥♥ You have always been there for me. After a hard day at school, or a shitty day at work. I shed a tear when I see you. I love you Pabst Blue Ribbon.

TO MY JORDAN ♥♥ I love you more than anyone could. You are my everything and I fall more in love with you everyday. I will always be yours.

I LOVE YOU NIKI ♥♥ The first time ever I saw your face, I thought the sun rose in your eyes. the moon and stars were the gifts you gave, To the dark and the endless sky

YOUR BEARD + MY ASS ♥♥ You look REALLY good rubbing your face all over my hot hot panties. Merci beaucoup for the super yummy ass slapping, big squeezes, and nose rubbing!

HORATIOSANZSERIFLUVR ♥♥ Businesstraveler123: Thanks for a great year of finding Elliott Smith's basement and calling the cops a lot. 1 4 3 HSS

TOM BLAZE ROCKS!!! ♥♥ T; Because of you, my heart beats faster!

VANILLA SCOOPS ♥♥ You've always known vanilla ice cream is my favorite ice cream flavor, but who knew that your 2 scoops are still tops in my world? I scoop you!

DUCK LOVES BEAR ♥♥ I wish I had a thousand words for love but all that comes to mind is the way you move against me when you sleep and there are no words for that.

LEXI LU, I LOVE YOU! ♥♥ To my sweet, wonderful, funny, sassy, fabulous best friend--I hope you have a wonderful V-Day full of love, lust, or whatever you desire! Love you lots!

JAKUB ♥♥ I love you more than a dung beetle loves a fresh fragrant turd. Your eyes are like limpid pools of melted butter fat, you Polish crotch-rocket.

KREETONIUM! ♥♥ If I said you were sexy, would you hold your body against me?... dammit, I crapped my pants! Can I get into yours?

HOT DOG VENDOR ♥♥ Talking on the phone. Yr feeling quite alone. I came over to bone your face. I left to fight the shame. but you were to blame. retard was your name. u boner

BANDIT GIRL ♥♥ Hi Bandit, Happy Valentine's Day. I Love You, Mom. Scotch and Peepers say Have a Purrrrrrrrrrrfect Valentine's Day

POOPOO I LOVE YOU ♥♥ I love you so much - be mine forever! Let's make some babies and all that crap! Yours always, PeePee

IRON HAYDEN ♥♥ You're my dream. Hallowed be thy name.

SMELLY BELLE ♥♥ You R the girl for me! 2 valentines in a row, and a million billion more to come. I love you madly. Don't eat crackers in bed. Yours Forever, stinky.

CYNDI MY WIFE! ♥♥ I love You I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you love you words are NEVER enough, Brian

STINKY MAN! TAP X 3 ♥♥ I carry your heart with me, I am never without it. Don't forget! Thank you for being my best friend, my love, my favorite everything. Smelly Belle xo

MY LITTLE BUDDY ♥♥ I'm not writing this as a "love letter." I'm writing this as a "Thanks letter." You're my best friend and I'm looking forward to rooming in college.

MINA RAKASTAN SINUA ♥♥ Mina rakastan sinua, mina hyva tutta. I am so glad you sent me that text message, lover. Here's to the next year and all 2007 brings us.

PIRATE FINDS WIFE... ♥♥ Yaaargh, I am so glad I am legally Obliged to you. Love- Ryan

THANKS FOR MY LIFE ♥♥ Sweetie, worring K, thank you for showing me what normal is, givng me the keys to the door "adulthood" and pulling me out of my cave. Hugs, Cheeselips

TWO HAPPY LOVERS ♥♥ Despite the fact you're a Cougar, I love you more than all the miles that have been, and will be, between us. I choose you, we choose the day. Biscuit

MY RINGLEADER ♥♥ you are the light of my life, fire of my loins; my sin, my soul-- happy valentine's day! -circus bear

ROBOT ROMANCE ♥♥ Dear Panda, Happy Valentine's Day you cute stud, you. In the words of R. Kelly, "you're the perfect lover..." Love, Rabbit

H.G.O.T.F.O.T.P. ♥♥ Baby Bean, The Most splendid of all of the bean species. I love you so much I might OUCH!!! yep, I did, I got a hernia from being SOOOO in Love.

MONKEY FACED BABY ♥♥ You R my chosen companion 4 the rest of my days. Life with you is joyous, tasty, affectionate. Thnx 4 moving here 2 love me all day every day! K+B4EVA

;NGO ♥♥ Can't wait to be yours forever. Let's travel 'round the world, yeah, you're for me.

PANTS! ♥♥ I love you best, I choo-choo-choose you.

PLUTONIC LOVE MONKEY ♥♥ No hint of a blush here. (Notice the lack of dirty!) Happy V-Day to the bestest monkey friend around! Who else could I hang from trees with? Love ya! K

DEAR L.P.G. GUY ♥♥ When I think of you, heartz float out my eyes. Will you be my valentine always? Can I fluff your soft coat? Love, B. Lemur

MY ANGELIC SPRITE ♥♥ You are more than just my dream come true & I can't wait to travel the world with you having crazy adventures. You make my heart prance n sing. I <3 U

MARRY ME TROCHEE ! ♥♥ Here is to not hating Valentine's Day anymore. Here is to you and the amazing man that you are. Here is to us and all that is to come. Your Boo

I'M AWAKE! COME HOME! ♥♥ Miss C--Let's make this work. We have a foundation and history to build on. You still inspire me. We both want happiness, let's search together! Love--A


DEAR B. LEMUR: ♥♥ I love you more than the brightest of stars, the deepest blue sea. Every single day, my little heart beats for you, *WISH* of *WISHES* <--Signed, LPG

LLL - ALWAYS ALREADY ♥♥ It's not worked out but it's still in my mind and leaves me frustrated, sad, and regretting, yet nothing has taught me more or given me the same delight.

MJF ♥♥ Thanks for trying and seeing the best in me. I'm happy now and looking forward to the many good times left to be had! C

PEACHCUP - 7 YEARS! ♥♥ I still love you crazy. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. 4444444444 - Your Liefie.

A+A ♥♥ someday we'll run away from here, somewhere where we can see the sky. the sun will warm our arms and hair. till then i seek your eyes for peace of mind

YOU ARE A VERY GOOD ♥♥ Yes you are a very good friend. You are a very good friend. It's too hot for a hot dog... I think it might snow in the E- figgy mountains.

KING N QUEEN O CRUNK ♥♥ To my wonderful Snickerdoodle Chicken Pot Pie Muffinchop... I LOVE YOU! Love and kisses from your Pookiemobile Manta Panta Porkshop! XOXOXOXO

OH TIM PTERIDACTYL ♥♥ I love you always. Even though you divorced me. Let's make mimosas. xo Sara Triceratops

OFF TO BALLARD! ♥♥ Sarah, I am so looking forward to this next phase. I love you and can't wait. Now we just have to work on that next step...

UR THE LOMMFL ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, HSS! Are you ready to move yet? I love you tons my super sexy Lamb Pants. Bean and Bean.

MACKS!!! ♥♥ How my heart yearns for you! I miss you and think of you everyday in the nation's capital. I can't wait to see you again. xoxo Dustin

7 YEAR PAPAYA! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's 2 my lovely wife: I would say there is no other, but I have a girlfriend 2. Now here's the funny thing, rumor has it so do u! Hellvis

STEPHANIE ♥♥ For over seven lucky years you have been my pride, my protector, my partner, my love, my lover. Be mine.

MR. DARLING ♥♥ Happy birthday and Happy VD (in my mouth!). You're doing an amazing job. We love and appreciate you. Thanks for everything. Namaste.

BLACK JELLY BEAN! ♥♥ I'll adore you forever!!! Love, Bat Finkie

ATOMIC BOMBSHELL ♥♥ There's an extra seat in my autogyro for a girl with a shark tattoo. Sometime in the Fall, there'll be nothing to keep me away. Snowman, Greensealion.

DEAR POODLE CUNT, ♥♥ I still adore thee, even if your face does look likes gangrene. It makes you easier to love. XOXO.

MATHEW DARLING ♥♥ Thanks for keeping me drunk and filled with love. Your bois

BELFAST & MOTORCROSS ♥♥ Wilpo, Thank goodness Belfast, Motorcross and Paintings brought us together. I can't wait to be your wife! Love, Luckgirl73

HATE ♥♥ My sins, they like wine but I've never met anyone quite like you...I've lived a decendant life but never met anyone like you. Betty X

PUPPY LOVE ♥♥ Robert, You treat me so well and I love you so much. Thanks for taking such good care of me each and every day. Love Carl.

SHE'S FANTASTIC ♥♥ Gillian my Sweet: Beautiful rivers. Red squirrels hiding in trees. We walk on the path

MO MO! ♥♥ thanks for saying yes. you'll always be my little tiny. xoxoxtimesamillion. a.

YACO, THIS IS YARTI- ♥♥ The baby is already a-brewin' deep inside me! You're the Judy to my Jorge, the Yaco to my Yarti, the boner to my dildo, the Vortex to my Yakki. Bone me

HEY STUD ♥♥ Jeremy - Thanks for sleeping so close to us each and every Friday - Much love C&D

POTTY POTTY ♥♥ Justin - I'm so glad you take your pants off when you come over on Fridays. See you soon sexy - Love C & D

HUNKDUJOUR ♥♥ Chris - You are my hunkdujour. Thanks for putting up with me for so long! I love you more than you will ever know.

IT'S NOT A BUTTON! ♥♥ Uncle T, Here's to another amazing year of the beach, the Warren House, nosies, "our place," and tent farts. I'm so lucky! I love you! Love Honey Bear

YOU MAKE ME POP ♥♥ We met on New Year's Eve and it has been a wonderful 1 1/2 months. Everything about you makes me "pop." xoxo

HEY, MEGHAN! ♥♥ So you're definitely crazy, but you know I like it. I can't even tell you how much you mean to me. Have a good Valentine's, lady. Love ya.

MAGGIE OF THE NORTH ♥♥ roses are red, violets are blue, remember to check your shoe, for any unwanted poo. love . . . --MATTEO

MY HUNK DU JOUR ♥♥ Doug, I love you so much... you're my Hunk du Jour. (Things are looking pretty good for tomorrow too.) xoxo Chris

TO 'THE CRUZ'... ♥♥ you will always be my King Top. i've got a kitchen funnel and a kinky son. let's make a night to remember. i love you shorty! the creeper


LEO PRINCESS ♥♥ Don't freak, but I couldn't help myself. Thanks for being everything I didn't know I wanted (& a truly amazing guy too). Don't let it go to your head!

DJ APOLLO ♥♥ You bring me so much beauty and light. In the words of T. Tzara, I tell you love's seventeen yards (and the length of it is yours). XO, Cleolo

ILY BABYCAKES ♥♥ Happy Valentine's baby! Too bad we can't spend Valentine's night together but we can celebrate later :) I love you always! ygf

MAGGIE-SI-DEX POSSE! ♥♥ Ro, Jen, Keri, Heathr, Barb, Nat, Trey, Drew, I heart U all Off the Valentine's Day Charts! xoxoxo Nik.

HEY DOLLBABY! ♥♥ BBM: You are my number one cupcake and the most extradordinary man I ever met. I love you to pieces. xo M

THE HOTTEST WIFEY ♥♥ Patti - You are a great Mom, great Wife and THE BEST LOVER. My heart is yours FOREVER........... Jimmy

BETTERTHANFRANKBLACK ♥♥ SG: You know your Tupperware, and I love you so, so much for it. Keep wearing blue checked shirts and being the sexiest man I know - Scotsman

2HANDSOME FROM RIBSY ♥♥ Handsome, I am in love with you. I love going to bed, to wake up with you. I love you in the other room. You make me smile and laugh until it hurts. Ribsy

MYHUONG - OSAKA LOVE ♥♥ Myhuong I love You with all my heart and soul. I hope we both have a Happy Valentine's Day together! Much Love for you my dear! Love Greg~

MOOKIES AND ME ♥♥ To my Three Mookies, Fires and rubbins for each one of you and French 75s for my dearest mookie-moo. I adore you all. sb.

SUZANNE MARIE L. ♥♥ To my Balkan beauty. You're so cute I want to squeeze your cheeks till they pop. I love your laugh too, it's so chocolatey. All my love. T-bone.

DANDICE=LOVE ♥♥ Here's to a marriage full of happy smiling faces of love and smoochy smooch. I am so lucky to get to spend forever with you. 8/26/07

MY MINIONS ♥♥ I miss you all terribly. Sorry about using you as a human shield and allowing your capture. Please forgive me and know that I am planning your escape.

PUMPKIN PIE EATER ♥♥ Bet you couldn't tell which one was for you! It's been a great 4 years so far and I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my years with you!Love-J

COMIC BOOKS & NAPS! ♥♥ dear Hai, are you reading comics or napping? Wake up! So GHEY! Happy VD day. sending u hearts, nct

GRAHAM CRACKER ♥♥ I like it when you stick your hotdog in my buns. Happy Valentine's Day!

DEAR BUHSWEETIE ... ♥♥ ... from pickles to turtles to pumpling sauce, you're still my favorite onomatapeia. Vroom! Squish!


JOSH ♥♥ I love you!

HEART OF MY HEART ♥♥ Nobody rawks or pwns half as hard as you do, and you are definitely best at the sexxxin. You are also hotter than two unicorns humping. Love ya Kitten

YOU, ME, AND PUPPY ♥♥ Dear ADD, I love you and our little man very much. Love, DEF

SWEETIEBEAR WANTED ♥♥ Be my bear? I'll be your kitten. Happy V-Day! *many hugs and kisses*

TUMMY BOBBY KELLY ♥♥ Do you like to kiss? Happy V-Day. LOVE. Frederick

TO MY MIGHTY ALTO ♥♥ From your home bass. I love every note we share, no matter the shape. Now let's, among other things, sing!

STUDMUFFIN! ♥♥ <3 Love ya Mom! <3

HAIKU FOR TOM: ♥♥ Core heat and cowlick/ Kind to bladder-stomping cat/ I love you, sweetheart

SWEATPANTS N' WINGS ♥♥ Dressing up is for suckers! True love is found in sweatys, bbq sauce, and eating too many wings on a romantic date to feel like having sex! Luva

YOU GOT ME, AJ. ♥♥ It makes me so happy thinking about the last year we've had together. I can't imagine being anywhere else but with you. You're perfect, I love you.

DEVIL BUNNY GIRL ♥♥ Adores Mr. Meaty! Hail the voodoo monkeys! Hail Cupid, who shot our squirrely butts with his lovely arrow! HVD with love, Your Little Fruitbat.

I'M HORDE FOR YOU ♥♥ Josh, Thanks for inspiring me to sit for hours at a time to play World of Warcraft, you ass. At least I get to play with you. Love, Jessica.

MY DARLING COREY ♥♥ You are my favorite. I love you bunches. Xoxoxo, Lauren

TO MY KAY ♥♥ My darling Kay, Valentine's may be a sham, but each and every day, through good and bad, we belong together. You'll always be my one and only. Love Ari

TOLD YOU IT'D GET IN ♥♥ Josh, you're my best friend and most kick-ass husband ever. From hot tubs to Freixenet to WoW, there's nobody better for me. Love you, darling boy.

LALALALALALALALALALA ♥♥ Wherever she went, there was eden.

HEY AD, HEART YOU. ♥♥ I really do heart my cunt. Maybe I should get you that cthulhu doll. Who would've guessed this would work? I miss you so much. Move back. Lover, gb

ZUKE LOVES CUKE ♥♥ I'm so very lucky to have spent this last year with you. will you be my valentine? i'll cover you with chocolate, kisses, and chocolate kisses.

MY HOUSTON DARLING ♥♥ Thank you for bringing me joy, humor, love, and fulfillment every day. I love you, Adam. P.S. 23!

I GOT AN OCEAN PEARL... ♥♥ and I see an open world. Hey Doll, I found my pearl too. Love tons, Chad

ORNERY ARNE ♥♥ you may love your video games more than you love me, but they will never bring you gourmet root beer and a hot dog for lunch. just sayin'. xo alithea.

LOVES FOR A TIGER! ♥♥ You mean the world to me. I can't imagine life without you. Let's go see a movie tonight.

MY POOPY GIRL ♥♥ It was not so long ago that poop jokes were reserved for odd barroom fodder. Now it seems that nothing is off limits in our open dialogue. I love it!!

WIFE & STEP-WIFE: ♥♥ We can't wait for you to move to Seattle! Hurry up! Sox, yw & ysw

TPA1W ♥♥ We are back! Yay for a new, clean place to live! I love you and can't wait for our next adventure. Xox, ygf

BRUNCH CLUB ♥♥ Misch, Hila, Ingrid, Jpod, Sean, Kari, Keith, Amanda--I love you guys more than I love gravy.

DONT CHARGE ME! ♥♥ SWEETS! The last couple years/months have been the best of my life. Even though you'd rather hang out with your cool friends and pass out in the hallway.

I LOVE ME SOME COOLD ♥♥ Cool D, I love you long time! Thanks for making 2006 an absolutely amazing year! xoxo Suz

MEL IS MARVELOUS! ♥♥ I love Mel Marvelous, my hetrosexual lifemate! 2005 rocked, 2006 rocked and 2007 is rocking hard! I love you long time girl! xoxo Suz Fabulous

TO MY WIFE TIFFANY: ♥♥ You've been my companion for the last 8 years and this year we enter the next stage of our journey together. I can't wait until our baby comes in May.

SSWEETIE B ♥♥ These past several years, the throb in my heart for you continues at the beat of a groove R&B tune. Truly hope that you're well, and joyful.

SNUGGLEWUMPS ♥♥ Be mine. Trumpfykins

KRISTOFER ROBIN ♥♥ Thanks for sickly snuggles and loves. Cheers to another year and more to come. I love you. Jennifer Jane P.S., Thanks for coming back.

FOR MY BRIE ♥♥ You know what goes great with cheese? Fruit. Love, your homosexual life partner

YOU HAVE THE POWER.. ♥♥ No one has.

BC HEARTS CK ♥♥ I saw a bison the other day and thought of you! Here's to swans taped to cinderblocks and fourth trimester abortions. Love you heaps! xxx, BC

DEAR BABY ♥♥ I can't wait until we kill together. Love, Jake

FOOT-PAD, JES? ♥♥ No, no footpad. I LOVE CHOO just the same.

MY OCTO-HANDED LOVE ♥♥ I LOVE YOU! Da-Da-Da-DAAAAH! Your Octo-handed Princess

MY LIL FIRESTARTER ♥♥ Jessi, I love what you do to me...Xoxox, Billy

KRISTIN... ♥♥ You are missed more than words can convey. You will always be my valentine. Life isn't the same but my love for you is. R.I.P. my dearest.

KIMTASTICAL! ♥♥ This is one more step to being a true Seattle resident. Love ya kid, proud of you. Happy Valentine's!

TO JAKUBOWSKI M. ♥♥ Oh my Polish friend, you are truly one in a million. You're the sweetest guy I know. Please don't ever leave Seattle! kocham ciebie! Xoxo, Kristen :)

FOR RACHAEL R. ♥♥ BRIGIT'S ALLERGIC TO CHERRIES!!!! I love you and everything about you. You sexyass bitch. Xoxo, Kreeton

THADDEUS VENTURE! ♥♥ I know this V-Day will suck, but when doesn't it? So, wanna get stronger to some Guinness and watch some VBros? Aw shazbot, you're swell. xoxo,Kreeton.

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