Let's talk about sex, bay-bee! (Salt-N-Pepa. Timeless. Right?)

Anyway. For real, let's talk about sex, Seattle. The pandemic caused our undercarriages to freeze up like the Fortress of Solitude, but it's time to heat things up again. For our part, we're bringing back our beloved sex survey—and we want to know everything.

How much sex are you having and who—or what—are you having it with? What's the sexiest thing you did in 2022? Do you like orgies, or do you think they're overrated? Do you like OnlyFans? Tell us about your kinks and your favorite sex toys and whether or not you like receiving dick pics! We're very nosy, I know, but responses are completely anonymous, so give us everything you've got.

After spending a mere seven minutes (in heaven!!!) taking the survey, we'll collect all your answers, tabulate the responses, and publish the results on March 3.

Speaking of sex, do you have your tickets to the HUMP! Film Festival yet? It kicks off next week with a whole new lineup. Showtimes are starting to sell out, so buy your tickets today! But don't forget to come back and take our sex survey. (If the embedded survey below isn't showing up for you, then click here!) 

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