By the look of things, Washington's establishment Dems are doing very well in the primaries. Indeed, Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski told SEBC that the anticipated red wave was "not even a red drip at this point.” When one compares the developments in our state with what happened in Kansas (voters overwhelmingly decided to protect abortion rights), one reaches the conclusion that, to quote a tweet by Dan Rather, this "might be time to reshuffle the conventional wisdom deck for the midterms."

Also, the two Washington Republicans who voted to impeach Trump, the incumbents Jaime Herrera Beutler and Dan Newhouse, are "leading their Trump-endorsed challengers." As for the socialists? They made no gains in the Congressional primaries. For example, District 9's Stephanie Gallardo has a third-place position that's nearly 6,000 votes behind Republican Doug Basler, who will most likely face Rep. Adam Smith, who soundly holds the first position, in the midterms. This is, of course, a general picture of the primaries. If you want the details, the read SECB's coverage of the races

The numbers look real good for Patty Murray. She presently leads Tiffany Smiley by 22 points. And, as SECB explained, the midterms tend to be bluer as they attract more voters. And if you want to know, SECB's slate for Seattle races is "doing quite well."

The Urbanist reports the Seattle Department of Transportation wants to set into motion a $4.8 million plan that would, overall, improve travel time by only one minute in the heart of Greenwood. And, as you guessed, the plan offers nothing to transit, no dedicated lanes, no nothing like that. It always has to be about cars, which demand an unbelievable (even unearthly) amount of resources to make and maintain and move. The Urbanist:

The City of Seattle has (mostly) recognized that it isn’t able to widen city streets to increase capacity for vehicles. But trying to do the same by way of enhanced signal technology also pushed against adopted City goals, namely the need to shift travel away from single-occupancy vehicle trips. 

In the words of Tears for Fears, let's "talk about the weather." After a six-day heatwave that killed six people in the Seattle area, autumn decided to reach back in time and make its place in the future felt and seen by those in the present, those still in summer, those who had more then enough of record-breaking 90 degree days. Autumn was there yesterday morning. It's back again this morning. Right now, it's 7 am, and you'd think you're in October already if it weren't for the greenness of the leaves and the desiccated grass. 

When Starbucks isn't kicking, beating, roaring "like a dungeon dragon" at labor organizers, it's in the happy business of making lots money. CNBC reports: "Starbucks on Tuesday reported better-than-expected quarterly earnings and revenue, fueled by demand in the U.S. for its cold coffee drinks." The good news increased the value of Starbucks' shares by 1%.

Today will also be the last day of peace before the Blue Angels boom and blast and shred to pieces our clouds and sky for four days in a row. All of this noise will of course upset the animals who live with us, both in the wild and as pets. Expect the crows, the smartest of the wild birds, to go bonkers and hate us humans even more. They can chase away a mighty eagle. They can do nothing about these low-flying military machines. Capitol Hill Seattle Blog has the Blue Angels schedule for tomorrow. If you can to talk to crows, please help them understand. 

Thursday 8/4/22
11am–noon: #1–4 practice flight
Noon–2:20pm: #5–6 practice flight
2:20–3:20pm: #1–6 practice flight
3:20–3:30pm: Fat Albert practice flight (U.S. Navy C-130J Hercules)

There was no GOP fist-bump on the floor this time. But a good number of GOP senators certainly smelled the midterm coffee and voted to pass the exact same PACT Act they blocked last week. This legislation, famously championed by Jon Stewart, will expand health care and benefits to veterans exposed to burn pits and toxins during service. Ted "Fist Bump" Cruz was not one of the 11 GOP senators who stuck to their guns and voted against the pro-veterans act a second time. Moderate Mitt Romney, however, was. 

Biden is expected to sign today an executive order that will protect pregnant people who are forced to travel to maintain control of their reproductive rights. The executive order will also allow states that haven't criminalized abortion "to apply for specific Medicaid waivers that would, in effect, help them treat women who have traveled from out of state." Kansas will hopefully make Dems see the future more clearly. No need to talk about how good the party is at reducing deficits.

GZA, one of the most intellectual rappers in the history of hiphop, and a key member of the Wu-Tang Clan, will perform his masterpiece, Liquid Swords, tonight at The Crocodile. Indeed, when the emcees came...