FIRE! This morning, a cop car caught on fire in the street in Renton. The Renton Police Department said the fire probably started with an electrical problem in the back of the vehicle, KOMO reported. 

ICYMI: We tried something new! The Harrell administration is extremely defensive of its sweep-happy reputation. In a press conference, the Mayor went so far as to say his administration doesn’t sweep, but rather, they house and treat. We went to one of the “non-sweeps” directed by the Harrell administration, and it seemed pretty sweepy to us. Take a look:

Full service on light rail: I know Will warned of a hectic weekend for traffic in today’s Slog AM, but good news! After days of super-annoying detours on the light rail, Sound Transit finished replacing the tile at the Columbia City Station, and this weekend we will be back to commuting as normal. Sweet! 

Speaking of more sustainable travel: If you want a curbside electric car charging station in your neighborhood, then speak now or forever hold your peace. The Seattle Times reported that you can have until the end of the month to ask Seattle City Light to put one of those stations near you. Here’s the form

Northeast Seattle progressives unite around Darya Farivar for House: Yesterday, Melissa Taylor, a former State House candidate for the open seat in the 46th Legislative District, endorsed Darya Farivar, who won the August primary despite raising much less money. Taylor earned 19% of the vote in the primary. If you combine their totals, both progressives took about 50% of the vote share, which puts progressives in a good starting position. Today, Farivar’s campaign also announced support from former candidate Nina Martinez, who earned 4% of the vote. Still waiting on Nancy Connolly, who earned 15% of the vote, to pick a side between Farivar and the Seattle Times-endorsed Lelach Rave.  

Stop hazing: A former student athlete at Garfield High School filed a lawsuit against Seattle Public Schools over a traumatic, sexual hazing incident he says he witnessed in 2017. Not only that, but he claims a school administrator threatened him so he wouldn’t talk about his experience with the school newspaper. Well, now he's talking to KING 5!

Pet cemetery now a historic landmark: On Thursday, the King County Landmarks Commission gave the Seattle-Tacoma pet cemetery a long-sought-after landmark designation. This story is cool because KIRO 7 included a picture of dog’s headstone, and his name was Chad. RIP Chad.

In sports news: The Mariners are closing a deal with Julio Rodriguez that’ll keep him on the team for 14 years. Twitter really cared about this, and by Twitter I mean David Kroman. That’s sports Twitter for me, at least. 

A public development authority for social housing is on the ballot! Not the November ballot, but a ballot nonetheless! This afternoon, House Our Neighbors (HON) claimed the City Clerk found enough signatures to qualify the initiative. The campaign is "guessing" voters will see the question on the February 2023 ballot. 

This campaign went through the wringer. The organizers made up huge ground at the end of their signature-collecting phase, but they barely missed the mark. In the 20-day window the City allows campaigns to recover signatures, HON didn’t hit their 10,000-signature “safety number,” but now they've done it. 

Sen. Murray’s tiff with Smiley: Senate Republican challenger Tiffany Smiley put on her Sunday best and promised she wasn't an extremist as some light acoustic guitar played in the background of her new campaign ad. Smiley said that Senator Patty Murray was trying to paint her as an anti-abortion extremist. While she is pro-life, she doesn’t support a federal abortion ban, she said in the ad. Still, this does not sound like a champion for choice, according to Murray’s campaign.

“No matter how hard Smiley tries to deny it, she’s an extreme anti-abortion candidate in a state strongly supportive of abortion rights, and the facts are clear: Tiffany Smiley would be a vote in the U.S. Senate for allowing politicians to control women’s health care decisions, and if elected, Smiley would help extreme Republicans flip the Senate and ban abortion nationwide — even in Washington state,” said campaign spokesperson, Naomi Savin.

Probably should mention Trump in this roundup: A judge ordered the affidavit the FBI used to justify its search warrant on Donald Trump’s house to be made public. It’s pretty heavily redacted, but, still, shit does not look good. Apparently, the man had 184 classified documents at his place. Ninety-two of the documents were marked as “SECRET,” and 25 were marked “TOP SECRET.” The Hill has more. 

Biden drops an F-bomb: Not "fuck," unfortunately, but "facism." Well, “semi-fascism.” At a fundraiser rally, President Joe Biden called Republican ideology “semi-fascism.” This is a funny insult, and it reminds me of that TikTok (which I couldn’t find after a cursory search) that’s like, “It's only fascism if it comes from the Fascia region of Italy, otherwise it's just sparkling authoritarianism.”

Bodies Bodies Bodies: Okay, so I saw Bodies Bodies Bodies last night. And it was scary!! So scary! I slept with the light on like a little baby. Did it stimulate me on an intellectual level and make me think deeper about society? Not really. But still entertaining. 

HE TURNS OFF THE BIG LIGHT: That one sad TikTok sound that went mega-viral (you know the one) is now a full song. Have a listen to Katie Gregson-MacLeod’s breakout hit, Complex.

Please rise for our national anthem:
As CNN reported, the pop princess is back! Here’s Britney Spears, for the first time in six years, with Elton John.