What’s the move? If you’re anything like me, you’re getting a little stir-crazy from missing one too many walks outside due to the smoke. I don’t care if it’s raining, I am leaving my fucking couch this weekend. Not to be an ad, but I always consult the going-out-and-having-fun experts at our sister site EverOut when planning my weekend adventures. This weekend, EverOut recommends a '90s Halloween prom in Fremont, a transmasculine drag show at Kremwerk, and an Edgar Allan Poe-inspired comedy show. All under $15, of course.

Parking changes: Starting Monday, it's gonna get more expensive to park in a lot of areas in Seattle, but also cheaper in a few others, according to the Seattle Times. If you’re a driver or just a little nosey, here is an interactive map with the new rates. 

Putting abortion in the constitution: Gov. Jay Inslee said he wants to change the state’s constitution to enshrine the right to an abortion. Woohoo! Despite what the anti-Inslee crowd might think of the “King” and his powers, the man cannot just scribble the right to choose in the margins of the constitution. Inslee needs two-thirds of the State House and Senate to approve of the change to the constitution and then the people would have to vote on it. By my calculations (and also Rich Smith’s calculations lol), we don’t really have a two-thirds pro-choice majority: Last year’s bill to preserve abortion care for pregnant people got close to the threshold in the House with 61 percent, but only 57 percent of State Senators voted yes. Abortion votes fall on party lines, so the legislature would need more Democrats to pull this off. Unfortunately for our constitution, Democrats don’t have a lot of faith they’ll build that two-thirds majority this November. The most optimistic Democrats think the party could pick up one seat in both chambers, but others think their majority will actually shrink. But sick virtue signal, Jay! 

Speaking of abortion: The queen of abortion access herself, Sen. Patty Murray, is coming to town! As you know, she’s facing off against Tiffany Smiley, who doesn’t care about you or your uterus. With ballots hitting mailboxes, she’s hosting a get-out-the-vote rally tonight at 5:30 pm at the Armory Stage at Seattle Center. If you’re a nerd, you might like her star-studded guest lineup: Gov. Jay Inslee, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. 

That’s it: No more personality on non-personal Twitter accounts. I can’t think about Mt. St. Helens getting with local hot moms.

CD shooting update: D’Vonne Pickett Jr., a father, business owner, and beloved fixture in the Central District neighborhood, was murdered earlier this week. Today, the suspected killer appeared in court. Prosecutors argued that the suspect is “incredibly dangerous and should be held without bail,” according to a press release from the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. The judge agreed and found probable cause for first-degree murder, robbery, unlawful possession of a gun, and two counts of first-degree assault. 

Not quite the Sonics: Seattle couple Jacqueline Yang and Pierre Crockrell Sr. are hosting tryouts for their new minor league basketball team the Seattle Super Hawks. While I’m pumped for more basketball of any kind, the couple said they don’t want to be the only men’s team in town. They hope that by establishing a minor league team to poach players from, the NBA might return to the city. 

Again, do not vote for this motherfucker:

If you want to know who you SHOULD vote for: We got you covered there too. Check out the Stranger Election Control Board's November endorsements or our handy-dandy cheat sheet when you fill out your ballot this weekend. And if that's not enough for you, knock yourself out with this third link

Need to put a face to a name? It's hard to just look at a block of text or the names on the ballot and make a decision. Sometimes you wanna see a cute upbeat teaser video about candidates. Sometimes you wanna know the last time a candidate smoked a joint. Sometimes you wanna know if they can define the word "glizzy." If that sounds like you, boy do we have the video to scratch that oddly specific itch. Enjoy!

Okay, now I'm going to talk about Taylor Swift: The Swifties are fucking ravenous, so I will post this and then put a hex on my email, so if you send me hate comments all your teeth will fall out. I'm a huge fan of Taylor Swift's music from "Debut" to Evermore. Truly. But Swift's release last night, Midnights, didn't wow me. Sure, there's tracks that I love: "Maroon," "Anti-Hero" (even the "sexy baby" line), and "Would've, Could've, Should've" might be a new all-time favorite for this super-fan. But I don't think I'll revisit this album the way I do Speak Now or Lover or Folklore or really any of her previous work. Overall, the album didn't capture racing, all-consuming thoughts that keep someone up at night like she marketed the album to capture. I sleep just fine thinking about how my cat loves me... That said, I'm a hater 90 percent of the time and this album could age well. Not "Vigilante Shit," though. Definitely not that track. 

Who cares if it was good, Hannah. Was it gay? No one builds statues of critics, sure. But they might build statues of the girlies that look for queer messaging in pop music. Okay, probably not that either. Anyway! The Gaylors on TikTok said this is one of her queerest albums to date. At first, I thought Midnights was a retreat into pre-1989 heterosexuality, but honestly, upon second and third listens, I can't believe I didn't hear some of these songs screaming, "Gay!" The album's second track, "Maroon," refers to a past lover's lips as "scarlet" and "maroon." I don't know of many men who have maroon lips. Most of the time, men's lips are just chapped. Even more obviously queer is "Question...?" which to me just sounds like her asking about the experience of dating women "for a friend." Lol. 

But it wouldn't be a Taylor album without some bigotry! In the music video for "Anti-Hero," Swift depicts her eating disorder, which would be great if she could do so without further demonizing fatness to her massive audience. 

Okay, okay, I'll stop. But before you go, I made a playlist based on my favorite Midnights track, "Would've, Could've, Should've," a song that does what Taylor Swift does best: shame older men for fucking teenagers.