My favorite website: It wouldn’t be a Friday Slog PM if I didn’t remind you that you can save yourself a lot of time and headache by relying on EverOut to plan your weekend. This weekend’s recommendations include a trans masculine showcase at Kremwerk, Thank God It's Hanukkah at Super Nova, and a winter solstice celebration at Pacific Bonsai Museum. Or you can do what I do and try a new bar and somehow end up in the basement of Bimbos having a not-great time!

The regional approach: Seattle took a gamble handing over its contracts to the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (KCRHA) before any other cities in the county signaled support for the regional approach. Finally, the suburbs want in. Bothell, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, and Shoreline all decided to fund the KCRHA, literally buying into the Authority’s unified strategy. This is a huge step for KCRHA and it could get even better. Woodinville will soon consider joining forces. I'm playing the "War is over," part in that John Lennon song on loop in my head. 

RIP to these restaurants: The Seattle Times mourns several Seattle-area restaurants that closed their doors in the last stretch of this year. I’ll definitely miss Galaxy Rune, which served the best vegan milkshakes this world has ever seen. You might feel similarly heartbroken over other closures, but some of the restaurants on this list? Good riddance! Like, the Willows Inn? According to the Seattle Times, that place closed after sexual harassment allegations, wage theft lawsuits, and lying that they sourced their ingredients locally. Bye lmao. Love to the people who lost their jobs. I hope you find better opportunities quickly and easily. 

No Depop resellers were harmed: Tacoma Goodwill workers evacuated the store this morning when one worker found a grenade in the donation bin before the store opened to the public. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal team determined the device could not explode because it was hollowed out inside. Or, as we in the explosives biz say, it was an inert device. Just kidding about being in the biz. And not just for legal reasons. I legit Googled "inert" just now. 


This is so embarrassing: Notable crybaby and loser Joe Kent has pushed for a recount in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District since Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez beat him in the November election. No one has entertained Kent’s little tantrum, but Clark County Elections counted its undervotes (unclear ballots) and found six more votes for Perez and only two for Kent. If I was Kent, I’d just disappear. 

This week for workers: You know what time it is! Time for Conor Kelley's hot and happening rundown of how the working class stuck it to the man this week.

And the COVID goes too… In what I am sure is unimaginably disappointing for all involved, Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre cancelled six performances of The Wiz after the cast and crew got hit with a COVID-19 outbreak.

Get boosted, babes: As hospitals start to get busy with tripledemic patients, recent data has a hack to lower your chances of landing in one of those beds at all. Get boosted! According to CDC data, adults who get the COVID-19 booster face half the risk of hospitalization compared to adults who have not received a booster shot. 

Good luck with that! Local healthcare workers told KING 5 that COVID-19 and flu vaccines are a hot commodity ahead of holiday travel. It makes sense that you want to get vaccinated before you go on a plane and exchange germs with your family, but make sure you give it enough time for the vaccine juices to kick in or whatever. It can take two weeks to see the shot's full effect, but you’re not totally screwed if you plan to get it this weekend. Healthcare workers said you start getting some benefits in just a few days. 

I tried so hard to make some sort of Garfield/Mondays/Trump pun but it would be too advanced for y’all: Anyway, Monday might not be the former president's best day ever. The January 6 panel is expected to vote on Monday to urge the Department of Justice to prosecute Donald Trump for at least three criminal charges. I know there are like ten updates to various Trump controversies so check out Politico if you're absolutely lost in the former president's criminal sauce. 

Speaking of: Trump’s digital trading cards did well—like, really well. Forbes reported that his 44,000 NTF cards sold out in one day, making him a cool $4.4 million. 

Open for business: The government will not shut down, thanks to a short-term bill the president signed today. This will give Congress more time to bicker about the omnibus spending package that lawmakers hope to finalize by Christmas Eve. But the Republicans could sandbag until next year when their side takes control of the House and can GOP-ize the deal. Grinch vibes. 

Stop putting fish in jail: Today, a huge aquarium in Berlin called the "AquaDom" burst, pouring a million liters of water into the street and a nearby hotel. More tragically, the tank held 1,500 fish of over 100 species. The flood killed a majority of the animals.

Happy birthday, queen: On this day, in the year 1775, English novelist (and probable lesbian) Jane Austen, was born. Celebrate by watching Pride and Prejudice for the 100th time! 

wHaT dOeS iT mEaN??? I beg of you, please excuse the SNL cringe, but I had to share this. I’ve been thinking about Miley Cyrus’s SNL performance of "Twinkle Song" during her Dead Petz era and I just need you to listen to it and tell me why people hated this album. She’s a visionary.