Succubass: pragmatic, but weird is the end goal.
Succubass: "pragmatic, but weird is the end goal." Cody Schroeder

Seattle seemingly boasts as many DJs as it does Starbucks outlets. In an attempt to keep tabs on the most interesting of them (DJs, not corporate coffee shops), we offer this new Slog feature, Spun Out. Here, we'll find out what tracks spun by Seattle's top selectors are currently tearing up dance floors and stimulating minds, and learn about these DJs' philosophies behind the decks. Think of it as trainspotting, with a bonus thesis statement.

Succubass (aka Jessica Duran; TUF)

Current top 5 tracks

1. rRoxymore, "About Finding the Right Balance" (Don’t Be Afraid Records)

2. Perc, "Spit" (Perc Trax)

3. R-Zone, "Desert Schematics" (R-Zone)

4. Objekt, "Unglued" (OBJEKT002)

5. Khidja, "Hætrin" (Hivern Disks)

DJing philosophy: "I enjoy technically driven sets; there is a fine line between being prepped and overthinking it. I try to cycle through styles, use EQs and effects in a way that they are powerful, but not noticeable. Keeping the tension and resolve is paramount. I can tell when another DJ isn’t pushing themselves and playing it safe, that kills me as a dancer, I’d rather a slip here or there if they are going for it. Whether this is in mood or in technicality, it shows so much of someone’s personally to see them recover from anything, especially DJing—regardless of what format.

"I try my best to understand and know a track—however nine times out of 10 I'm a mixing track that I've never blended (although, I’ve listened & danced to everything I’ve played)—and to share that moment with the crowd. We both hopefully have an AH-HA, energy-driven moment. This keeps me on my toes—pragmatic, but weird is the end goal. This stems from the fact that it is my job as a local DJ to provide new flavors every time I play. This is part of the mission. (TRUST YUR LOCAL DJ.)

"I approach sets asking myself, is this going to entertain me in both listening and dancing? I need the answer to be 'yes.' Challenge, evolve, and love. Also, pushing folks to bask in the devouring qualities of life, through fucked-up music, is a plus. Bottom line, DJing is made to be fun! Spread that energy to get the partay started. Less chin-scratching, more dancing please! #ravechild"

Styles played: "Aggressive left-field tunes to sad jams—residing mostly in 4/4 (techno and house), dipping occasionally into bass realms (dubstep, juke, ghettotech)."

Preferred format: "Mix of CDJs & Technics with Xone 92 mixer."

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Worst request: "Lion’s Lair Spokane 2013. Every time I played, [I received] the worst requests for shit dubstep along with some 'show me your tits' action. Marvelous times (eye roll x fart noise)."

Upcoming events: Nicole Moudaber @ Studio 4/4, Q Nightclub, June 1; Rapture w/ Mike Servito, Evah Destruction, & Ursula Major, Timbre Room, June 23; Pride Is for Everyone b2b w/ T.Wan and others, June 24 (undisclosed location); All Due Respect: Spaceotter and Cody Hammer, June 25;

Check out Succubass' May 26 Midnight in a Perfect World appearance on KEXP.