Maxwell Edison: I spend every moment I can listening to and learning about music Im interested in.
Maxwell Edison: "I spend every moment I can listening to and learning about music I'm interested in." Valerie Calano

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Current Top 5 tracks: "Here are a few from the play box I've been gravitating toward as of late...."

Freddy King, "Bossa Nova Watusi Twist" (Federal)

Warm Sounds, "Nite Is a-Comin'" (Deram)

The Exits, "You Got to Have Money" (Gemini)

Jan Panter, "Scratch My Back" (Pye)

Soul Inc., "Love Me When I'm Down" (Laurie)

Styles played: "R&B/soul/funk/mod/garage/freakbeat/psych/rock&roll/glam/exotica/girl group/instrumentals/punk/power-pop, etc.etc.etc."

DJing philosophy: "Man, for me it's about having a good time. Playing records, creating a vibe, and turning people on to cool music is fun. Playing solo or in tandem with good friends over a bevvy is fun. I spend every moment I can listening to and learning about music I'm interested in; the well is seemingly bottomless. I always try to play to the room, be it a themed night or sharp-turn-genre-hopping, paying attention to the flow, but letting the music tell me what's around the bend. I like to pull records at the last minute, depending on my mood and/or the event. I try not to take myself too seriously—like anything else, as long as it's a good time, let's do it!"

Format: "45 RPM singles & EPs seven inches in diameter!"

Worst request: "One time I unwittingly agreed to play an event ('soul records so people can dance,' was the pitch) that happened to fall on Beyoncé's birthday. This resulted in 'Do you have any Beyoncé?' on repeat from the guests, especially when the booze started to kick in. Eventually, I got on the PA and informed the room, 'No, I do not have nor will I be playing any Beyoncé tonight.' You know, when the booze started to kick in."

Upcoming events: 9/8 Knast record release party, Fred Wildlife Refuge 8 p.m.

9/8 Carlile Room, 10 p.m.

9/12 Rhythm & Booze, Nacho Borracho, 9 p.m.
9/16 Baron Saturday, Speckled & Drake, 9 p.m.
9/20 Garden of Sonic Delights, Revolver, 5 p.m.

9/22 Carlile Room, 10 p.m.

9/30 Pettirosso, 10 p.m.

* Carlile Room is every other Friday, 10 p.m.-close
* Rhythm & Booze at Nacho is every second Tuesday, 9 p.m.-close
* Garden of Sonic Delights at Revolver is every third Wednesday, 5 p.m.-9 p.m.

* Baron Saturday at Speckled is every third Saturday, 9 p.m.-close