The Stranger wants you have a most fantastic 4/20 this Friday, and the first step in guaranteeing that happens is making sure you have some fine quality reading material, because what better way to enjoy a leisurely 4/20 smoke than with a bunch of stories about your favorite hazy pastime, all gathered up in the Spring 2018 edition of our Green Guide?

You can get still get a copy in the latest issue of The Stranger, but if you just can't wait until 4/20 or you've abandoned tangible media all together in favor of the digital variety, you can also read what's in it right now online. Among the subjects explored:

It's the age-old question: sativa or indica? Considering that different strains affect different people differently, how to decide? This handy chart should help.

Amsterdam is famous for its cannabis cafes. San Francisco recently got one, and Denver is getting them soon. Why doesn't Seattle have any? Can we change that? Lester Black investigates.

Sports and edibles: two great tastes that taste great together? Or a really bad idea? College athlete turned occasional edible eater Jon Meyer weighs in.

How can you make money posting pictures of weed on Instagram? Katie Herzog meets Cannabess, a woman who figured out how to do it.

You've heard about THC and CBD, but what about CBG, CBN, and CBC? Lester Black goes hunting for rare cannabinoids.

Plus, a breakdown of Things to Do for 4/20.