Theyre fighting.
They're fighting. Courtesy of the Schrier and Hader Campaigns

As predicted, one of the candidates in the race to replace Rep. Dave Reichert in Washington's 8th Congressional District is going after Kim Schrier for her comments on vaccines. I thought it'd be Dino Rossi, but the candidate going after Schrier is the other doctor in the race, public health official Shannon Hader.

Hader is distributing a flyer criticizing Kim Schrier for the way she answered a question on vaccines at a March 3 candidate forum in Sammamish. "Kim Schrier Publicly Came Out Against Requiring Vaccinations For Children," the flyer reads in all caps at the top. A photo from the Sammamish forum shows Schrier raising a red flag, meaning "I disagree," in answer to the question, "The government should require children to be vaccinated for preventable diseases."

Heres the mailer.
Here's the mailer. Shannon Hader's Campaign

I've asked Schrier to explain her answer to this question about vaccines more than once, and I wrote about it in my profile of her. Schrier says she remembers the claim being worded "in a way that seemed incredibly punitive and conveyed a lot more than what the [American Academy of Pediatrics] would support." She felt the question was misleading because not every kid needs to be administered every vaccine for every disease. "I want every child vaccinated with everything according to the CDC and the AAP and the ACIP, and I want them done on time," she told me in June.


"Hader's attack is absolutely ridiculous and nothing less than a desperate lie," says Schrier's spokesperson, Katie Rodihan.

Rodihan included video from Tuesday evening's forum in Issaquah, where Schrier directly addresses the matter of the mailer. "This piece of garbage showed up from Shannon's campaign...:"

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Rodihan also argues that "Hader's mailer is in direct violation of the state party's agreement that all candidates had to sign for access to their voter database," and calls for Hader's access to the party's voter database to be "terminated."

The contract stipulates that the candidate can access the database if they "agree to refrain from attacking or disparaging the Washington Democratic Party, its executive committee, and/or Democratic candidates endorsed by the state or local Democratic Party without permission of the relevant chair." Shrier has shared endorsements from the 5th LD Democrats, King County Young Democrats, and Young Democrats of Washington.

Mike Bush, Hader's spokesman, says "no one here at the Shannon Hader campaign has signed anything that says we can’t point out a policy difference between the candidates."