We blew it!
We blew it! minddream/Getty Images

San Francisco approved their version of the head tax: The Bay Area city’s Proposition C looks a lot like Seattle’s head tax—it taxes the top earning businesses and gives that money to housing and homeless services. The main difference? San Francisco’s passed. It was approved by voters whereas ours was only approved (for a period of time) by the City Council.

State orders hit on two more wolves: Damn, Washington really has it in for wolf packs these days. Wolf members of the Smackout Pack and the Togo Pack will be killed by hunters on the orders of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. I didn’t know we named wolfpacks. That’s neat I guess. But Smackout Pack? Who voted on that one? The wolves have been killing cattle. That’s a death sentence in Washington for a wolf, apparently.

Man stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death in front of their son: He told authorities that it was “easy to kill.” The stabbing happened at the MOD Pizza in the Armory at the Seattle Center. The suspect allegedly stabbed the victim multiple times in the neck in the presence of their autistic son and multiple witnesses. He has been charged with first-degree murder. The victim had a restraining order against the suspect.

It’s gonna be chilly tonight! It’s supposed to dip into the 30s in the Puget Sound region tonight. I will be wearing under armor at my recreation soccer game —which doesn’t start until 9 p.m. for some reason???

Latest ballot drop!!! What does it mean? Where do we go from here? There's another drop at 6 p.m. you say?? Read it!

Gunfight in Kent! These two men had an argument and settled it with bullets. One man pulled out his gun and fired multiple rounds. Then, the next guy pulled out his gun and fired multiple rounds. They both received multiple gunshot wounds.

White nationalists in the White House: I guess the White House is aptly named, huh???? The leader of notorious white nationalist group, Identity Evropa, was invited to the White House. We don’t know why. Boy, we can guess, though!

Meanwhile CNN’s chief White House correspondent was denied entry: Jim Acosta is being punished because he tried to ask Trump a second question at a press conference today and wouldn’t let an aide take the mic out of his hands. Trump called Acosta a “rude and terrible person.” Acosta also asked about the Russian investigation and the migrant caravan.

Ford might scoop up Spin: Those garrish orange bikes feel like something out of a fever dream. But, there was a time when bike share in Seattle wasn’t decidedly Lime’s. Since Spin’s failed bike share experiment, the company has pivoted to scooter—it’s the mobility start-up’s version of “pivot to video” except more successful—and Ford is allegedly eyeing to buy. The deal could be somewhere around $40 million.

The Girl Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts: The gals are suing the fellas for trademark infringement. This can be traced back to last year when the Boy Scouts of America said they’d start allowing girls into their ranks for the first time in history. The Girl Scouts of the USA president said this was "covert campaign" to recruit girls. The Girl Scouts say that the BSA’s generic use of just the word “Scouts” in new campaigns is trademark infringement.

19 black women won their races to become judges in one Texas county: Harris County elected 38 district judges during the midterms yesterday. Nineteen were black women. It’s the third largest county in all of the U.S.

This is nice: More of this please.

A 22-year-old unseated a career Senator in Connecticut: Will Haskell graduated from Georgetown and then he ran for Senate. He never thought he’d win, but then he did. He unseated Sen. Toni Boucher (R).

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