They disappeared from the Public Storage on Dearborn on January 3. Help!!
They disappeared from the Public Storage on Dearborn on January 3. Help!! Facebook tipster Charlie Logan/Courtesy of Cherdonna

Cherdonna has lost her head. Both of her heads. The cardboard ones.

Cherdonna is currently prepping for a project at Frye Art Museum entitled DITCH in which she and her dancers will perform something original every day for three months. As she put it in an email to me: "While I’ve been getting ready for the opening of DITCH I’ve been running around like a bat outta hell and after a visit to my storage unit where I had to move my giant Genius Award Cherdonna heads I fucking forgot to put them back in the storage unit!"

Do you remember those heads?

Here is a photo of them from the 2015 Stranger Genius Awards show at the Moore (taken by live-show-photography genius Josh Bis):

The heads are huge, as you can see.
The heads are huge. Josh Bis

Cherdonna elaborated over email:

Somebody Facebook messaged me and said they saw them in the hallway and snapped this pic I attached. [Editor's note: It is the image at the top of this post. We doubled the pic to show two heads instead of one, in order to recreate better what they would have looked like sitting out in the hallways of the storage place.] But by the time the public storage nighttime crew did a walk-through the heads were gone. Mind you these heads are like almost 6 feet tall and very awkwardly shaped that are not easy to move around with and I left both of them out so two are missing.

I am so desperately sad about them as I love them so much and they were very expensive to make and just really special objects to me. Just wondering if this was a blog worthy post to see if anybody has seen or knows where my two giant heads are...

Still trying to hold out hope that they didn’t just end up in the garbage somewhere... I will say Public Storage was really nice about it and they were also very much in wonderment about not seeing them being taken as they’re so large.

Cherdonna says they disappeared between 3 pm and 7 pm on January 3.

If you've seen the heads in someone's apartment, or if you have any info that could lead to Cherdonna being reunited with her heads, please email her.