A detail from Philip Geraldos Manet, according to some art historians, was a really fun and interesting painter...
A detail from Philip Gerald's "Manet, according to some art historians, was a really fun and interesting painter..." Jasmyne Keimig

Not only is Seattle-based Anthony White (@culturalcrisis) a talented artist (you can read about him here and basically everywhere), but he also has a sharp curatorial eye. White is the second curator-in-residence in Mount Analogue’s Space Residency program, and will be debuting Ultra Light Beams at the gallery tonight during the Pioneer Square Art Walk.

For this show, White will be exhibiting a mix of 12 local and international artists: Bobby Haulotte, Brandon Lipchik, Super Future Kid, Terry Hoff, Rachael Tarravechia, Nicholas Depass, Danny Sobor, Kat Richards, Trey Abdella, Philip Gerald, César Piette, and Brian Sanchez. All of these artists use vibrant color palettes, creating works that are meant to mimic the digital, technological, and algorithmic, but use "traditional" methods of painting. This show is memorable because of its recognizable form and humor—Gerald's work is referencing MS Paint (a program all of us millennials fucked with in computer class) and Trey Abdella's "Yahtzee" is recognizably dealing with Photoshop, the analog and the real, the dual meanings of the word "mouse."

A detail from César Piettes Girl with Brown Hair
A detail from César Piette's "Girl with Brown Hair" Jasmyne Keimig

The space has been transformed by Bobby Haulotte, who also has a piece in the show. The artist planned and executed Mount Analogue's conversion into a loud, fever dream of space, replete with day-glo colored walls and an anamorphic smiley face that greats errant gallery goers on the street. On February 22nd, White's recurring group art show While Supplies Last, where you can get artworks for $30 a piece, will also be held in the gallery.

A preview of the show's exterior from Mount Analogue's owner Colleen Louise Barry (who seems to be a human embodiment of the gallery itself, or rather Mount Analogue is the spatial embodiment of Barry) below:

There's a lot more to discuss and dissect about the show, but it's something everyone needs to see for themselves—it'll be post-analog as fuck. The opening reception is today from 6-9 pm. See you there.