Fridays commute might look like this!!!
Friday's commute might look like this!!! Zuberka/Getty Images

Jeff Bezos doesn't want his nudes leaked: Neither do we, Jeff! Bezos published a post on Medium today about how the National Inquirer's parent company, American Media Inc., is trying to extort him so that he calls off a Washington Post investigation into how the Inquirer obtained his private (and steamy) sexts with his lover Lauren Sanchez. Whew. Sorry for that doozy of a sentence. It's been a doozy of a day, really.

Update on the UW student who died yesterday: A 19-year-old sophomore slipped and fell while walking to class on Wednesday. She hit her head and later died at Harborview Hospital. It is still unconfirmed whether icy conditions played a role in her death. UWPD also stated that they were aware of a UW student-sponsored event to pour water on the campus the night before in order to get another snow day. UWPD determined that the student's death was not related to this event. The medical examiner has stated that the student's death was related to a blood clot and unlikely related to the fall itself.

Woody Allen is suing Amazon: Amazon Studios cut ties with Woody Allen last year because of the director's alleged sexual abuse against his daughter Dylan Farrow. Allen and Amazon Studios had a deal to finance and distribute Allen's films. But, that all went south when the #MeToo movement started and Amazon felt the heat for its involvement with Harvey Weinstein. To keep up appearances, Amazon Studios delayed the release of Allen's film A Rainy Day in New York. Then, they cut ties with him. He's suing them for $68 million.

Move over Jeb Bush and "Please Clap": A new pathetic politician has entered the ring. Howard Schultz didn't get the applause he wanted so he prompted the audience with a "you gotta clap for that." Jeb, we'll never forget you.

Ride the Ducks is guilty in 2015 Aurora Avenue crash: Ride the Ducks International was 67 percent at fault for the crash the killed five people and injured more than 60 people, a King County jury found. Ride the Ducks Seattle was 33 percent at fault for not inspecting or maintaining the vehicle involved in the crash. The four-month civil trial ended today and $115 million was awarded to the victims. Seattle and Washington state were not at fault, the jury found.

Lawsuit filed against woman who died after time in Snohomish County Jail: Piper Travis was booked into jail in November 2017 for not showing up to court on charges of trespassing and theft. She died of pneumococcal meningitis. A lawsuit filed against the jail alleges that the staff ignored Travis's pain and suffering and did not get her the medical attention she needed.

It's gonna snowwwww: By now, you're probably sick and tired of this weather report, but! Who cares! Snow day 2.0 tomorrow! Well, at least for half of the day if the weather-soothsayers are right.

Animals here are freezing: Oh, dear.

Animals in Australia are melting: Oh… emu?

More racism news from Virginia: What is it with racists and being in the yearbook? The latest political figure embroiled in the scandal (TL;DR: VA Gov. is shown in blackface in medical school yearbook, Lt. Gov. accused of sexual assault, Attorney General admitted to wearing blackface in the past. All not resigning.) is Republican Sen. Thomas K. Norment Jr. He was a top editor of his college's 1960 yearbook that included many pictures of students in blackface and racist and anti-Semitic slurs. Oh, boy.

Got some pent up resentments for your ex? You should probably learn to let go. Talk it out or something. By "or something" I mean message this El Paso zoo on Facebook and they'll name a cockroach after your ex and feed it to a meerkat. Ah, catharsis.

If only we had Lime scooters: We could do such sick tricks.