FINALLY a wolf pack of our own
FINALLY a wolf pack of our own BYRDYAK/GETTY IMAGES

New wolf pack establishes itself west of the Cascades: This is the first time this has happened in decades, with almost all of Washington’s wolves making their home in Eastern Washington. The Diobsud Creek Pack, currently a pack of only one male and one female, is consistently hunting in an area just west of the North Cascades National Park. This is an encouraging sign that wolves are returning to their former habitats and that wolf numbers have rebounded some in Eastern Washington. There’s more good news! The number of known wolves is up to 126, up from just 5 in 2008. Wolves are just the best, unless you’re an elk, then you’re probably not a fan.

In other megafauna news: Oregon is killing California sea lions to save young steelhead, a fish that is either a trout or salmon depending on who you ask. I’m not saying I’m onboard with the project, but sea lions did become a huge problem for young steelhead waiting to migrate upriver. Sea lions would come gobble up schools of the fish and an all-you-can-munch-on buffet at the foot of low-lying waterfalls. Apparently the plan is working, steelhead numbers were much higher this year than last.

Oh, you want news about people? Okay, fine we’ll do some non-animal news. Mayor Jenny Durkan responded to the new Seattle U.S. Attorney’s stern warning not to pursue safe injection sites in the city. Federal prosecutors are already suing Philadelphia over a planned site, so every sign points to Seattle being next on the chopping block. But, Durkan hasn’t given up (yet)—well, not entirely. The mayor's office will be talking to counsel to chart the legal path ahead, but most likely they’ll be pivoting to alternative public health measures that don’t involve blatantly breaking the law. Two city council members want to move forward with the safe injection site plans despite threats of legal action.

The Guardian is putting CO2 levels in their daily weather reports: It’s a symbolic change that reinforces the fact that climate change is not some far-off problem, it’s happening now. At the start of the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide levels were at around 280 part per million. Now we’re well past 400ppm and show no sign of slowing that trend. It’s something readers can look at every day to remind them how abnormal this all is. Would you all want me to include something like that in the Slog AM weather report? Email me or comment your answer. Today’s carbon dioxide levels are just over 412ppm.

We could get more rain in the next three days than in the last three weeks: But don’t let that scare you because we’ve barely had any rain in the last three weeks. Our fake-summer is coming to a temporary close this weekend with some much-needed rain.

Today is the 25th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death: You might as well start your day with Seattle’s most famous band. Here they are live at The Paramount in 1991.

Official ruling in Northern California car accident is murder-suicide: Two women and their six adopted children plunged off a roadside cliff in March 2018 in what originally appeared to be a terrible accident. But red flags started popping up, leading authorities to open up an investigation into the case that revealed that Jennifer Hart, the adopted mother, had done searches regarding suicide, whether drowning was painful, and was legally drunk at the time of driving. Investigators officially ruled this a murder-suicide yesterday.

The city of Chicago is suing Jussie Smollett: After he refused to pay the city $130,000 to compensate them for the cost of their investigation into his alleged assault, which they found to be a false report. Smollett was eventually not tried on these charges, but Chicago still wants the money, so they’re taking him to court. I promise this is the last you will hear about Jussie Smollett from me for a very long time, you know, unless something amazing happens.

British Prime Minister Theresa May asks E.U. for another Brexit extension: She’s asking for a new deadline of June 30th so they can avoid a “hard Brexit” in one week's time where they would leave the E.U. with absolutely no plan. The E.U. could offer her up to a year if they wanted to, but being generous to countries trying to leave isn’t exactly in their interest. In summary, Brexit is still a shit show, nobody has presented a good plan, and confidence in May is quite low.

This weekend's best Seattle entertainment options include: The opening of MoPOP's new special exhibit Prince from Minneapolis, Mark Haim's intricate dance performance Parts to a Sum, and an evening with folk singer Mason Jennings.