Woe is Julian.

Gov. Jay Inslee held a CNN town hall last night: Inslee wants to talk about climate change all day, every day but the students at the town hall had some different issues on their minds. One of the more uncomfortable lines of questioning, according to the Seattle Times, is Inslee’s track record with Boeing, the aerospace giant who is currently under investigation for two fatal plane crashes involving a new model of their planes. He said that if president, he would have grounded those planes earlier, maybe even after the first crash in Indonesia. He also likened the way Boeing demands tax breaks to stay in Washington to extortion.

Don’t worry, he got some climate questions too: And he stuck the landing.

A 71-year-old Snohomish woman is on a hunger strike for orcas: She started on April 1 and will continue for 17 days to raise awareness to the fact that the orcas are fucking hungry and need more Chinook salmon to eat. She says that, despite the Orca Task Force, the Legislature isn’t doing enough to help the southern resident orcas recover. I hope I’m half as badass as her when I’m 71.

Some lawmakers in Olympia push for an overhaul to Washington’s mental healthcare: The problem is the existing mental health infrastructure is too sparse and inadequate to meet demand. So much so that the overhaul will likely cost upwards of $1 billion. These plans would include a lot of changes, including a new psychiatric teaching hospital at University of Washington, funding psychiatric beds at existing community hospitals, and adding forensic psychiatrists to speed up the process by which defendant’s sanity is determined. One man spent 13 months in solitary confinement in a Chelan jail before he was determined to be unable to stand trial and was referred to a psychiatric hospital.

Julian Assange arrested in London on behalf of America: Assange had been in living in exile at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for the past seven years. The WikiLeaks founder has been pissing off people in high places in U.S. security circles for almost a decade, but his organization’s most recent transgressions were releasing thousands of stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee that didn’t exactly look great for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The British government arrested Assange on an American charge of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion, but he can fight the extradition in the British court.

Pamela Anderson had some choice words for Britain: She had visited Assange at the embassy before and said the two had some kind of previous relationship.

Some more light rain today: This is apparently the most days of consecutive rain (9) we’ve had in 2019, which is kind of sad. But on the other hand, we’re on track to break a record if we keep it up. If we get to 12 days, then we have a brand new record. Keep that rain coming!

Benjamin Netanyahu officially wins reelection in Israel: It will be his fifth term as prime minister but it was the closest election challenge he’s faced in many years, leading him to make a series of right-wing promises to galvanize support. Most controversially, he said he would annex Jewish settlements in the West Bank, which kind of kills any chance of a two-state solution. Palestinians see the victory as a foreboding sign things will not get better for them anytime soon.

One New Jersey man wants to make Easter sexy: But his neighbors aren't exactly on board. A local dentist office has a Playboy bunny-themed easter decoration, complete with mannequins, fishnets, and pastel wigs. At the very least, you have to admire their commitment to this bit. The neighbors have mixed feelings. One woman reportedly took garden shears to a mannequin right in front of a local news crews. Now the police are involved.

Now listen here you $#!%: Well of course I'm going to play Kanye as part of Chicago music history. Did you really think I wasn't going to play Kanye. Here's his most Chicago-centric song aptly called "Homecoming."

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A reading with legendary food writer Ruth Reichl, the Cadence Video Poetry Festival, and the Capitol Hill Art Walk.