Tree discrimination.
Tree discrimination. gmc3101/Getty Images

We’re already in a drought and that’s fucked: A combination of low snowpack from winter and an exceptionally warm spring has led Governor Jay Inslee to announce 34 watersheds officially under emergency drought status. May I remind you, it’s only May. Droughts aren’t supposed to happen until I’m consistently sleeping with two fans and no covers. While things are looking much worse in the eastern part of the state, the southwest and Olympic Peninsula will be hit hard by the drought as well. Other than irrigation, the biggest consequence will likely be worse wildfires across the entire state.

Seattle residents work to save “exceptional” trees: Not all trees are created equal (looking at you, hemlock), and a group of urban nature enthusiasts is working to identify and protect 6,000 trees it finds exceptional. That word isn’t theirs, it’s the city's. The city provides legal protections to certain trees nominated by citizens that meet criteria for size, age, species, and historical significance, so this group is trying to expedite that process and protect 6,000 of Seattle’s most exceptional trees. You think your tree is so special? Give them a call.

Magnitude 3.4 earthquake reported near Ocean Shores: It happened at 4 a.m. and 10 miles offshore, and only a few people felt it. Experts were tracking a string of tremors along Western Washington, none rising to the intensity of an earthquake. I’d like to experience an earthquake someday, maybe not the massive one we’ve been promised, but one big enough to shake me and get the blood pumping. [EDITOR'S NOTE: These are famous last words, Timothy.]

Former White House counsel Don McGahn a no-show at House committee: The former Trump lawyer who was a central character in Robert Mueller’s report did not show up for his Judiciary Committee testimony today after Trump asked him not to. According to the report, McGahn was asked by Trump to fire the special counsel but refused, saying he would resign if Trump went ahead with that. McGahn no longer works for the White House but it appears he’s still loyal. Or at least afraid.

Trump is outspending Democratic candidates on Facebook ads: The president is going all in on Facebook ads, apparently learning that Facebook’s Russian bots got him elected last time, maybe Facebook's ads will this time too. He's spent just under $5 million so far. Democratic candidates have been going slower, with Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris leading the pack, both spending just over $1 million on Facebook ads. But this difference may change soon as Democratic voters rally around a few key candidates who will see infusions of cash follow.

A little wet, a little warm:

Port Angeles man arrested in a two-and-a-half-year-old case: His crime was shining a laser pointer at a coast guard helicopter. Stop laughing, it’s a real crime! The pilots were forced to abort the mission and return to base for medical screening, I guess because lasers can cause temporary (or permanent) blindness. The moral of the story is don’t shine lasers at helicopters unless you want a bunch of pissed-off coast-guard pilots.

Now listen here, you $#!%: It's day two of Ween Week, and I know you're all just as excited as I am to listen to what Deaner and Gene have in store for us today. Just wait until the fuzz pedal kicks in!

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Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A poetry reading with Jericho Brown, a Seattle International Film Festival screening of American Factory, and a concert with Grammy- and Latin Grammy Award-winning singer Lila Downs.