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Accused rapist buys his "hunting ground": David Meinert, the disgraced Seattle nightlife business owner who has been accused of 11 allegations of sexual misconduct, is the new owner of the historic Seattle dive bar, the Mecca. As Sydney Brownstone writes for the Seattle Times, "Meinert’s re-emergence presents a local test of the #MeToo era." Two of Meinert's accusers have said they met Meinert at the Mecca. One of the accusers, Rebecca Jacobs, calls the Mecca Meinert's "hunting ground." It's unclear how Mecca employees will react to Meinert purchasing the bar. Meinert continues to own the 5 Point Café in Belltown.

An update on my headache from yesterday: It's gone! Slog commenter Kristofarian was right, I just needed water (and one of managing editor Leilani Polk's 800mg ibuprofens). Day two of our Stranger Election Control Board endorsement meetings was hotter, louder, and angrier than yesterday's meetings, but the important update is we got even more snacks: Logan Bowers brought his Slog-famous cookies, Ami Nguyen brought coffee and bánh mìs, Dan Strauss brought Danish kringle, and Sergio Garcia brought donuts (he's a cop—get the joke?) in a box wrapped in his campaign poster (designed by our I, Anonymous illustrator, Steven Weissman!!!!), Liza Rankin came through with more cookies, and Eric Blumhagen ended the day with some sort of cream puff. Pro Tip to candidates coming for our upcoming meetings: We have overdosed on sugar! Bring savory snacks! Love you! Thanks!

"BREAKING NEWS": DOG OWNERS ARE PISSED. Has this signmaker seen the new weird dog cages inside the QFCs? Or been to our park for humans off-leash dog park, Cal Anderson? Or that restaurant FOR DOGS?! (The post is trending today; the sign is from 2016.)

Seattle - Worst large city to own a dog. Agreed? Posted at Golden Gardens Dog Park from r/Seattle

Undocumented immigrants may be able to drive in Oregon soon: If you've ever known an undocumented immigrant, you probably know that driving is an issue. One failed turn signal can lead to deportation. Today, Oregon is one step closer to expanding driving privileges to undocumented immigrants, as the Equal Access to Roads Act passed the Oregon House 39-21. Supporters of the act say it will decrease hit-and-run incidents.

McMansion ban passed out of committee: Councilmember Mike O’Brien’s McMansion ban passed out of committee today. Background on that here. The proposal, which O’Brien has been working on for several years, makes it easier for people to build backyard cottages (aka DADUs) or basement apartments (aka ADUs) and bans big ass mansions. In a semi-tense moment, CM Lisa Herbold tried to add an amendment that would prevent people from renting out their ADU/DADUs on a short-term basis to discourage real estate speculation, then CM Bruce Harrell tried to restrict it only to DADUs, but both amendments failed. O’Brien said he was interested in taking on larger, more substantive short-term rental legislation in the near future.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is a mess: Trump withdrew the nomination of Patrick M. Shanahan, a former Boeing executive, to be the defense secretary. The move means the Pentagon is still in a state of transition while tensions are quickly escalating with Iran. The withdrawal comes in the middle of an F.B.I. background investigation into Shanahan, which revealed accusations that Shanahan punched his ex-wife in her stomach. He denies the accusations. Mark T. Esper, the secretary of the Army and a former Raytheon executive, has been named the acting secretary of defense.

When I said I wanted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to pump me with his oil, I WASN'T TALKING ABOUT THE TRANS MOUNTAIN PIPELINE: But, unfortunately, that's the oil that'll soon be pumping through us. Today, Trudeau approved an expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, which will "result in a surge of new oil tanker traffic through Pacific Northwest waters," reports the Seattle Times. The fear is that an oil spill is going to fuck up our marine life, waters, orcas, happiness, bliss. It's particularly ironic that this was passed during Orca Action Month. (H/t to Stranger writer Gregory Scruggs who just pointed this out to me. "AND Canada declared a national climate emergency... yesterday," he says. Damn.) Also, how dare they call this Trans Mountain during Pride month?! Everyone knows Trans Mountain is the nipple fountain at Cal Anderson during Trans Pride! (H/t to music calendar editor Kim Selling for this joke.)

Vice died in April: The media company's traffic dropped a crazy 49% in April, which a spokeswoman attributed to staffers putting out less content as they focused on "revamping the site," reports Variety. Traffic rebounded in May. The spokesperson previously told Variety that's "it’s a new day at Vice," as the company has recently shifted its traffic strategy, cut staff, and eliminated many of its verticals or "channels."

Stop ripping down the Pride flags, bros: Okay, we don't know if they're bros. The only info we currently have on the flag-ripper-downers are these security camera images from the Crescent, the Seattle dive bar/latest business to have its Pride flag ripped down. A string of businesses in White Center had their Pride flags ripped down last weekend, too. White Center just recently celebrated its own Pride fest (I have a feature on it coming out tomorrow morning). Besides the flag incidents, White Center Pride received overwhelming support.

Come visit us at the Pride parade: It's the last Sunday of this month. I'm told we'll be marching right in front of the Seahawks and their drumline. Lit. Also, our Queer Issue is out on streets tomorrow morning. Pick it up! We'll have the content live online around midnight tonight. It's a good one.

More Pride, Boys: They're in Orlando for Trump's campaign kickoff. Oh god, here we go again.

Dispatches from Orlando: So far, he's accused Dems of wanting to "destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it."

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Oh, don't worry! He's still hunting for the emails: He's definitely gonna beat Hillary in 2020!

Nazi or nah?: Loooooooks... like a Nazi salute? Maybe she's just saying to bow down?… to our Führer?!