It turns out the blowhard controls the wind.
Also, it turns out the blowhard controls the wind. TOM BRENNER / GETTY IMAGES

Sigh, I guess we still have to talk about Sharpiegate: I really, really, really wanted to avoid this story but it keeps evolving, building in strength, what was once a Cat 1 shitstorm is now at least a Cat 3... "Sharpiegate," the epic presidential distraction that snowballed into the possible suppression of a government agency, has evolved yet again. Today, US secretary of commerce Wilbur Ross is facing calls for his resignation after the New York Times reported that Ross "threatened to fire senior staff at a federal agency unless they sided publicly with Donald Trump" over Sharpiegate.


Amazon now has more workers in the Seattle region than Microsoft: Daddy Bezos is the biggest Big Tech employer in the area. According to new data released today by Amazon, here's where the company stands against Microsoft:

In the broader Seattle metro region, Amazon has more than 53,500 employees. Microsoft, headquartered in nearby Redmond, Wash. and the region’s longtime top tech employer, has 51,854 employees in the state.

Slog PM is brought to you today by: My procrastination! I was busy editing and started on this PM round-up a little late today, so these will be quickies. Your favorite!

Chuck and Nancy held a press conference on gun violence: Congress is back in session, baby! The six-week recess concluded today and leaders of the Democratic party are pushing for something, anything related to gun safety to pass in the Senate.

We're in the middle of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF): Which runs from September 5 to 15. Some big news came out of this weekend's screenings, like...

JLo is getting serious Oscar buzz: Critics raved about her performance in the upcoming "stripper drama" Hustlers after it screened at TIFF. We're pretty far away from awards season but people really wanna give JLo her Oscar.

Critics can't decide what to do about the coming-of-age comedy Jojo Rabbit: It's a sweet tale set in Nazi Germany about a boy and his magical friend....... Hitler. Yes, that Hitler! If one of your favorite pastimes is arguing on social media about films long before you (ever) see them, this story is for you. I embedded the trailer last Friday but here it is again:

Transitioning to Sarah Palin, whose husband wants out: He's seeking a divorce. As Mudede wrote on Slog, "Sarah Palin's divorce raises this question: Who are conservative white Christians preaching to?"

Seattle is canceling a contract to order 10 new streetcars: SDOT revealed the move this morning, "saying it would cost more to stay in the 2017 deal than to start over on a new contract," writes (Stranger veteran) Heidi Groover at the Seattle Times.

Uber loves the long haul: The flailing company is doubling down on its trucking venture, reports GeekWire, and plans to invest $200 million annually into its Uber Freight business. Uber Freight, the Uber for trucking, directly competes with Seattle-based Convoy, which sports Jeff Bezos as an investor.

Opioid overdoses are down in Snohomish County: According to an annual snapshot. The increased availability of Naloxone, a medication that treats opioid overdoses, may be a factor in the decrease.

Oh no: Nononononono.

You thought normal lightning was scary: But have you ever experienced SUPER LIGHTNING!? UW researchers published a study today on "superbolts" that release "about 1,000 times more energy than a typical lightning strike." These superbolts usually appear over water, but the hotspots are far away from Seattle (they occur more regularly around South Africa, Japan, and the Mediterranean Sea). Although it certainly felt like we received some superbolts on Saturday.

Miss Blue C Sushi? Then don't miss this feature from Eater: "The End of the Line for Blue C Sushi." Shit was fishy over there.

Trump's justification for not admitting Bahamians into the country? "I don't want to allow people who weren't supposed to be in the Bahamas to come into the United States, including some very bad people." You know, all those terrorists who flew to the Bahamas for the hurricane just so they could then fly to the U.S.

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Mommy approved this tweet: But it's all for daddy.

Seattle adopts resolution to address missing and murdered indigenous women: Sponsored by Council Member Debora Juarez, the resolution vows to hire a special liaison, invest in human services, consult with tribal governments, improve data collection and train police, writes the Times's Daniel Beekman. Mayor Durkan is expected to sign the resolution.

God: Is trying.