Seattle arts collective TUF will host an expansive, interactive event called S P A C E at the recently renovated Town Hall on Saturday, September 21. This major undertaking will examine and reimagine "what space means in Seattle’s rapidly transforming socio-environmental landscape." It's an important issue for TUF, which provides artistic platforms and guidance for typically marginalized demographics: women, trans, people of color, and those who identify as nonbinary.

S P A C E will exhibit art and installations from eight local artists, hold panel discussions about creating space for creativity and unity within an oppressive system, and feature three workshops: Open Decks (Jessica "Succubass" Duran and Hollow Earth Radio's Kendall Spector dispense advice about DJing), Redesign Everything (author Vanessa Molano "promote[s] understanding of how shared joy is possible across demographics, and delves into how those experiences can be a platform for broader systemic change"), and Wardrobe Therapy (there'll be an accompanying fashion show).

Headlining the musical portion of this multi-disciplinary event is Baltimore's Abdu Ali, whose productions on their newest album, FIYAH!!!, fuse jazz, Bmore club music, and hip-hop into idiosyncratic and hyperkinetic anthems. Also on the bill are the excellent experimental techno producers/DJs IVVY, MMMelt, and Dos Leches. More info here.

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