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"It was a perfect conversation. It couldn't have been any better.": That's Donald Trump talking about, and all but admitting to, his conversation asking Ukraine's president to investigate former vice president Joe Biden. Trump said he talked to Ukrainian officials, brought up Biden and Biden's son's foreign dealings and Biden's supposed "corruption," but did not admit to asking them to investigate Biden. While no impeachment proceedings have been put in motion yet, Nancy Pelosi may finally be ready to act. She has called for Trump to turn over the secret whistle-blower complaint, the thing that brought this entire saga into the spotlight in the first place, by Thursday or "face serious consequences." Hopefully, those "consequences" align with this sentiment:

Bellevue high schooler is suing the school district: Benjamin Lang is a junior at Bellevue High School. He's on the debate team and got into some hot water for scrutinizing a recent club election. He thought the election for new club officers was rigged, and he called for an investigation and a recount. The school punished him for disrupting fellow students' educations, and Lang couldn't participate in a national debate competition. So he's suing on the grounds that his First Amendment rights were violated.

This is a weird Apple Watch ad: A Spokane man crashed his bike and hit his head. His Apple Watch called 911 and texted his son while the man was unconscious. He woke up disoriented in an ambulance. It's a feature on the watch called "hard fall detection." Move over, Life Alert, there's a new sheriff in town.

First all-female team completes Rainier Infinity Loop: Okay, I had never heard of this absolutely bonkers mountain-climbing feat until now. This is what it is: You climb Mount Rainier, then you go down the other side, run 30 miles back to where you started, and climb Mount Rainier again, and repeat. Two women, Alex Borsuk and Kaytlyn Gerbin, did it in four days, four hours, and some change. I would not like to do that.

Former police officer couldn't take his gun into the Iron Maiden concert: It was at the Tacoma Dome. The former police officer wanted to conceal carry at the Iron Maiden concert. The venue wouldn't let him, and now he's suing. This has happened to him multiple times at the Tacoma Dome, and he essentially believes that people with concealed carry permits are being discriminated against and denied their rights.

Philadelphia man saves kids from burning building: And takes the opportunity to throw shade at the Philadelphia Eagles' wide receiver.

Read this: The Seattle Times followed a family that relocated from Seattle to Mexico after Rafael Valdez, the father and husband, was deported in 2013. The Valdezes are adjusting to life in Mexico but dream of life back in the United States, especially for Rafael's American-born wife and children.

Today is officially fall: Today is the fall equinox! Day and night will be equal. That is the first sign of fall, not when the QFC starts piling pumpkins on end cap displays. It will be a pretty temperate fall day with a chance of showers.

Who knew college football fans were so generous? A college student at a game pitting the Iowa Hawkeyes against the Iowa State Cyclones held up a sign that read "Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished" and included his Venmo username on ESPN's College GameDay show ahead of the matchup. Viewers sent him more than a million dollars. He decided to donate it to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. Busch Beer and Venmo matched his contribution.

Five women are on trial for trying to ignite a car bomb outside Notre Dame: The women, who had connections to the Islamic State, parked a car loaded with six gas canisters on a street next to Notre Dame. They doused it in gasoline and threw a lit cigarette on it. The car did not catch fire. They tried again. It didn't work. They fled. They were using the wrong, less flammable kind of gasoline. Now they're on trial for the attempted attack.

They probably should have seen this one coming: World’s largest humanoid robot is too tall to leave its warehouse.

There's a United Nations climate meeting today: About 60 countries are expected to release their plans for emissions reductions. The United States is not going to be one of them. What is this feeling? Dread? Is there a German word for knowing something is going to happen despite massive global demonstrations to make it not happen?

Footage of all of us trying to show the US government the SCIENCE: And them IGNORING it.

Portland water-treatment plant gets pricier: When the Portland City Council initially approved this new water-filtration plant, it was going to cost $500 million. Now it's going to cost 70 percent more, or $850 million. Why? Because the original plan didn't include any pipes to get the water from the treatment plant to anywhere else.

I didn't watch the Primetime Emmy Awards: I know someone at our office probably did, so I will let them cover it. But I know Phoebe-Waller Bridge won best actress for Fleabag, which also won for best comedy series. Also, Billy Porter won for Pose! I'm sure more happened. Like something about how bad the show was without a host? Either way, the Emmys happened!

Your best Seattle entertainment options include: A show with Tokyo’s amp-worshipping juggernauts Boris, a live taping of the true-crime podcast Criminal, and Aleshea Harris's Is God Is.