Weirdly, there is no stock photo for making an image of someones face from just their DNA.
Weirdly, there is no stock photo for "making an image of someone's face from just their DNA." nicolas_/Getty

Sounder train hit a pedestrian: The south line train out of Lakewood hit a person at around 5:30 a.m. Multiple Sounder lines have been stopped while an investigation occurs. Buses are available.

Republicans release delusional Trump defense: Intended as a preemptive defense to the imminent impeachment report from the House Democrats, House Republicans wrote a 123-page document against the inquiries and in support of President Donald Trump. The document ignores evidence and offers blind loyalty to the president. It also accuses Democrats of wanting to impeach Trump from day one, the Guardian reports. “They are trying to impeach President Trump because some unelected bureaucrats chafed at an elected President’s ‘outside the beltway’ approach to diplomacy,” it says.

A Seattle Times bomb threat: Somebody sent a bomb threat to the Seattle Times offices in South Lake Union. Don't do that. It was a hoax, but it stalled the work of the newsroom.

State attorney general fights for car-tab taxes: Attorney General Bob Ferguson has filed an emergency motion with the Washington State Supreme Court to stop the temporary injunction against I-976, Tim Eyman's anti-transit initiative that voters approved in the November general election. Multiple lawsuits against the measure have resulted in an injunction that prevents I-976 from going into action this week. A judge ruled that way because the case presented against I-976 showed it could cause significant harm. Ferguson is arguing that this move "stymied" the wishes of voters.

King County Courthouse entrance deemed too dangerous: The Third Avenue entrance to the downtown courthouse has been ordered by a judge to be closed for the rest of the year. The reason? Safety concerns. There has been a multitude of assaults reported outside the entrance.

California utility caused deadly 2018 wildfire: The now-bankrupt PG&E did not inspect and replace transmission lines in the lead-up to the Northern California Camp Fire that killed 80 people in 2018. The fire was sparked by a faulty wire, the same transmission line that PG&E neglected. PG&E has apologized for its role in the fire.

Trump offended: By French president Emmanuel Macron's comments calling NATO "brain-dead." Trump has called the comments “nasty” and “insulting.” Macron is standing by his statement.

The Seahawks are the best in the West: The 37–30 final score doesn't reflect how one-sided last night's game was. The Seahawks dominated against the Minnesota Vikings, absolutely embarrassing those guys. Now the Hawks are the top of the NFC West. This touchdown dance was the highlight:

Seattle Weather Blog loves the Seahawks: Don't worry, the weather won't be as exciting as last night's game, according to this official forecast.

Google employees want justice: During Thanksgiving week, Google fired four engineers for organizing and participating in employee activism. The fired workers say that Google is not following one of the company's basic philosophies—"don't be evil." There are reports of a growing backlash against management within the company. The fired workers say that Google cannot contain it and are calling on other workers to take up their cause.

North Korea opens the "epitome of modern civilization": Kim Jong-un cut the ribbon that opened Samjiyon, a revamped mountain town that can accommodate 4,000 families. The project was reportedly built with forced labor. Look at how happy these soldiers are about the new town:

How to save coral reefs? There is a myriad of different approaches to saving coral reefs that are being implemented by scientists across the world. One slightly unorthodox one just had a stroke of success—playing audio on underwater loudspeakers of recordings from healthy reefs. Broadcast at dying reefs, the healthy sounds attracted fish back to the area. Those are promising results.

The Washington Post made an illustrated book of the Mueller Report: I'm sure it's great, but I used my last free article reading the coral reefs story. Tell me how it is, Post subscribers!

China keeps getting more dystopian: Scientists in China are working on being able to make an image of a person's face out of a DNA sample. I dislike that. I dislike that very much. But wait, it gets worse. The testing is currently using blood taken from ethnic Uighurs that have been detained in mass in the Xinjiang region. This process is called DNA phenotyping.

New Jersey sues New York mayor: Bill de Blasio is being called on by Newark, New Jersey, to stop his program that buses New York City homeless people across the way to New Jersey. They arrive with a full year's worth of rent and are put up in New Jersey homes. Around 2,200 families have been placed in 62 New Jersey towns, reports. However, most of these families end up living in decrepit conditions, critics say.

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