Give him the Golden Globe.
Give Platt the Golden Globe. Netflix's The Politician

How do we respond to rising anti-Semitic violence? "Over the weekend, [New York City Mayor Bill] de Blasio announced several new policing measures in response to seven hate crimes in as many days," writes the Guardian. The hate crimes culminated "with an attack in Monsey, New York, that left five members of the ultra-Orthodox community wounded after a knife-wielding assailant stormed the house of a rabbi." The increased policing has received pushback from liberal Jewish groups who say de Blasio's actions are “what dividing vulnerable communities looks like." Groups are calling for "restorative solutions that prioritize the safety of all communities."

The Seattle Times released its "top 10 Seattle-area cheap eats of 2019": And I can't stop drooling over Watson's Counter.

Feds serve SDOT a subpoena as part of a criminal inquiry: The Seattle Department of Transportation must turn over "extensive records" by January 6, reports David Kroman over at Crosscut. The inquiry targets "the use of federal transportation dollars by local government." Here are the projects under examination, per Crosscut:

• The final design of the Center City Connector streetcar, which would connect the city’s two existing streetcar lines.

• The final design of the Elliott Bay seawall.

• Design services for the central waterfront.

• The western phase of the Mercer corridor project.

• The RapidRide bus route on Madison Street.

• Management of the RapidRide project.

UPDATE 5:18 P.M. SDOT informed Crosscut that they no longer need to show documents related to the Elliott Bay seawall or the central waterfront.

2020 update: Joe Biden is rebounding, financially. He may be on track to reach his campaign's “biggest fundraising quarter yet,” writes the New York Times. Elizabeth Warren, however, is slipping. And Bernie Sanders...

Mr. Sanders is expected to remain a financial pacesetter in the 2020 contest. He has about 1.6 million individual donations this quarter alone and is nearing a goal of five million total contributions. With an average donation of $18 for the year, and slightly less than that now, the numbers suggest he has already raised about $26 million in the fourth quarter — more than any Democratic candidate has raised in any quarter this year.

There was a memorial service at the Tacoma Dome for the Pierce County sheriff deputy who died in a car crash last week: 25-year-old Sheriff’s Deputy Cooper Dyson crashed into a commercial building while "rushing" (this has been updated to "hurried in rainy conditions") to assist other officers in a domestic-violence call. He had been with the department for one year.

Golden Globes nomination spotlight: The Golden Globe Awards are this Sunday. You can check out a whole rundown of who is (and isn't) nominated here. In the countdown to the awards, I'll be spotlighting some of my nominee highlights each day on Slog PM.

Today: Ben Platt, the Tony Award–winning actor who stars in producer Ryan Murphy's new Netflix series The Politician. He's nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Comedy or Musical, notably up against Bill Hader in Barry. Hader will probably win (Barry is excellent), but my dark horse pick is Platt. The Politician received mixed reviews from critics (who often disregard Murphy's more melodramatic work), but I found it to be unexpected, tight, self-aware, and featuring a surprise finale that's unlike anything I've seen on TV. Below is Platt singing "River." He frequently sings in the series, which makes sense considering this.

GeekWire goes inside Nordstrom's new NYC palace: The seven-story flagship store in Manhattan features an "augmented reality lipstick finder," mannequins with attitude, and a "shoe bar." Nordstrom's co-president called the store "perhaps the most important milestone in our company’s long history." Is it enough to save retail from the maw of Amazon? Browse GeekWire's pics here.

One stock insider predicts the market could "tank 20% in early 2020": "I'm concerned about a possible melt-up here," Ed Yardeni told CNBC. "[A] 10% to 20% [correction] would be quite possible if this market gets to 3,500 well ahead of my schedule." What would that mean? "Wait for a market pullback to buy tech stocks while they're cheap," writes MarketsInsider. To be rich.

Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough meet: It is cute. And dire. They seem to really admire each other. Watch them talk below. You can hear more of their discussion on this morning's episode of BBC's Global News Podcast—which I recommend!

More shootings: This time in Portland. In addition to the Seattle shootings Eli mentioned this morning in Slog AM, the Associated Press is reporting that "two people are injured and one is in custody after at least 50 shots were fired in Northwest Portland early Monday."

Also today in Portland: The city's police chief resigned.

There's been an outpouring of support on social media for John Lewis today: Obama, Pelosi, Sanders, Jayapal, and many others posted about the civil rights icon and lawmaker who announced he is dealing with Stage IV pancreatic cancer.

Fun Fact: Barack Obama has watched that scene where Phoebe Waller-Bridge "beat" her "meat" to him.