There were no survivors.
There were no survivors of the crash. DIY13/GETTYIMAGES.COM

Another fatal Boeing crash: At least 176 people were killed after a Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 plane went down near Tehran. The crash happened just after Iran announced that it had fired missiles at two bases in Iraq where American troops are housed. However, there are no signs that the plane was shot down. A witness on the ground even managed to take a video of the flight's last moments. Explanations are conflicting—Iranian officials are saying there were malfunctions and the engine may have caught on fire but that the pilots did not radio air traffic control about an issue. The black box, which stores flight recordings, is usually sent to the plane's manufacturer after a crash, but Iran will not be sending the black box to Boeing, an American company. Ukraine's president, who we are all very familiar with now, wants to open up a criminal investigation.

As Stranger digital editor Chase Burns put it:

The FAA has banned US carriers from flying over Iran and Iraq: The flights are being rerouted around those countries' airspaces.

Speaking of those missiles: The United States did not report any casualties after Iran launched 20 ballistic missiles at two American bases on Wednesday night. Iraq did not report any Iraqi deaths, either. Some Iran news outlets, however, are reporting that there were 80 US casualties. After the missiles were launched, the Iranian foreign minister said on Twitter that Iran did not seek escalation or war, they had made a proportionate response, and they will defend themselves no matter what.

Trump will address the nation at 8 a.m. PST: Where I am certain a lot of propaganda will be spewed. All I can do is mutter, "Please, please, please no war with Iran," under my breath over and over like a spell of sorts.

It's the vaccination deadline for Seattle Public Schools: If a child doesn't have the paperwork proving that they have received their mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR), they will be sent home. This is the result of a new state law that went into effect in January that limits vaccine exemptions to religious and medical reasons. And approximately 1,000 students may be kept from class today. Idiots. Get vaccinated!

Landslide blocks Amtrak: The Seattle to Portland train route has been obstructed by a landslide. The tracks between Tacoma and Lacey are blocked. Service won't be restored until the tracks are cleared, and that will likely be Thursday morning at the earliest.

Idaho avalanche kills two: An avalanche "swept down" a ski run at Silver Mountain. Seven skiers got caught up in it. Five were rescued. Two died.

Who is this hero? Senator Annette Taddeo, a state senator from Florida, filed a bill that would make the day after Halloween a school holiday.

Happy birthday to David Bowie: Love, the weather.

Did you see that we might get snow next week? And a dusting as soon as this Thursday and Friday?

A sneak peek at Seattle next week:

Man robs Philadelphia store to help sick child: A robber ordered the cashier at a Philadelphia Rite Aid to give him all of the money in the cash register. He did so by handing her a note. It read: "Give me all the money. I’m sorry, I have a sick child. You have 15 seconds.”

This one's for you, football fans: State Medical Board of Ohio to consider if being a Browns or Bengals fan qualifies for medical marijuana use.

Cancer death rate in America falls: From 2016 to 2017, the cancer death rate in the United States dropped 2.2 percent. That's the biggest single-year decline, the New York Times reports. Since 1991, the mortality rate has declined by 29 percent. Experts attributed the decline to less cigarette smoking and improvements in treatments for lung cancer and progress in treating melanomas. However, progress has not improved across the board. Notably, progress has stalled in "colorectal, breast, and prostate cancers."

Do you feel like crying? No? Do you want to? All right, you asked for it, you sick son of a bitch.

Today's best Seattle entertainment options are: A group reading with three poets with roots on the subcontinent, a show with Chicano rock band Los Lobos, and the Silent Reading Party. See more on our EverOut Things To Do calendar.