"Talk to Plants, Not Cops"
I really love the colors on this one.
I really love the colors on this one. Jasmyne Keimig

This is a Fine sticker. It didn't really make me think about cops (which wasn't the point anyway), but that one episode of MythBusters where the B-team tested the myth about if talking to plants helps them grow better. It's really a classic episode.

"Cracked Open Crocodile"
Yum. JK
I understand that this could be an alligator. I welcome the discussion.

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"Smiley Face Ice Cream Cone"

Watchmen vibes.
Watchmen vibes. JK
I do like this sticker, but just wanted to note that it was wedged right next to a giant, thorny bush on 14th Ave. I felt brave.

"Torres Blancas"
I would like to live here, please.
I would like to live here, please. JK
There is someone in Capitol Hill that is really into concrete architecture. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a sticker of Mexican architect Agustín Hernández Navarro's angular and cool concrete home in Mexico City. This building, Torres Blancas, was designed by Spanish architect Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza and completed in 1969 in Madrid, Spain. It's an example of Spanish Organicism, an architectural movement that sought to harmonize human-built structures with nature. Note here that despite the coldness of the material, it mimics the soft roundness of trees and the way they grow together. You can look at more images of the building here. I'm excited to see what architectural stickers I'll run into next. Whoever is doing this, you have great taste!

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please email me at jkeimig@thestranger.com.