Like this except 97,000 gallons and in a river.
Like this except 97,000 gallons and in a river.

Goodbye, Discover Pass? The Washington state Legislature wants to do away with the $30 pass that allows unfettered access to Washington's parks and trails. Senate Minority Leader Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville, wants to make visiting parks free. The Discover Pass fee usually goes toward maintenance and operation costs. The state's general fund would cover the missing money for those expenses if the law goes through. What's important, according to Schoesler, is that parks are as accessible as possible.

Youngest shooting victim in satisfactory condition: The 9-year-old boy who was shot in Wednesday evening's downtown shooting is improving. He is in satisfactory condition. Of the other patients who remain at Harborview Medical Center, a 55-year-old woman remains in serious condition in the Intensive Care Unit. A 32-year-old man is in satisfactory condition, KING5 reports.

Did all of Alaska just legalize pot cafes? In a first, the entire state of Alaska legalized on-site consumption of marijuana in marijuana shops. While this has been done at a city level in the U.S., it's never been a statewide thing. The consumption area will have to be a separate room from where the product is sold and no one can smoke anything not bought in the store. Shop owners are gearing up. Many want to be open in time for cruise ship season.

Facebook is bad. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise: People are really selling iguana meat dubbed 'chicken of the trees' on Facebook

Coronavirus man interacted with 43 people: The Snohomish County man is still being monitored in an isolation unit at Providence Medical Center in Everett. Health officials are contacting the 43 people he interacted with to see if they develop signs of the virus. Coronaviruses are typically spread through respiratory droplets (think saliva) so you would have to be in pretty close proximity to an infected individual to get the disease.

The second case of the virus is confirmed in the U.S.: A Chicago woman has contracted the virus after returning home from Wuhan. U.S. health officials are monitoring 63 other possible cases.

WSDOT spotted Sasquatch: Is that... Is that really him? Our mysterious furry friend? Sadly, no. It's just a cardboard cutout of Washington's favorite cryptid.

We should start a bet: For who's going to get the naming rights on the newly remodeled KeyArena. Amazon Arena could be a shoo-in. That's one of my top contenders. What about... um... Shit. What other companies are based here? Maybe Starbucks will throw its hat into the ring. It would be fun and symbolic since Howard Schultz, the old Starbucks head honcho, fucked Seattle by selling the SuperSonics who used to play in the arena.

Another wet day is ahead: I could really save myself a lot of time if I just wrote that line down and copy-pasted it every morning.

Seattle Public Schools lets violent teachers stay: A math teacher who punched his student—his eighth-grade student—in the jaw kept his job. After a five-day suspension and some conflict management training, he was transferred and everything was hunky-dory. This, according to a new report by KUOW, happens a lot. One time, even, a teacher had allegations of misconduct wiped from their record.

97,000 gallons of wine: Spilled into a California River. The Rodney Strong Winery leaked nearly 100,000 gallons of cabernet sauvignon into the waterway.

Cancer cluster in northeastern Houston sounds alarm bells: People living in the Kashmere Gardens and 5th Ward, where the cancer cluster is located, believe it has to do with the creosote used for treating railroad ties at the local railyard. Union Pacific, which owns the yard, rejects this. The issue is ongoing. Activist and environmentalist Erin Brockovich spoke out about it. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee wants to establish the area as a Superfund site.

Please enjoy this iconic scene from Whiplash: Miles Teller has literally never been better.

Twelve cities near Wuhan are locked down: The death toll for the coronavirus has risen to 26. Two people in that total died outside of Wuhan. Both are still in China but both hundreds of miles away from the epicenter. There are 830 cases worldwide. The youngest person who has died from the virus was 36.

Coco Gauff, 15, beats reigning champ: The teenage tennis sensation beat former No. 1 Naomi Osaka 6-3, 6-4. She is now preparing for her fourth-round match in the Australian Open. Meanwhile, Serena Williams lost in her first round to a 27th-seeded player.

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This weekend's best entertainment options are: An after-hours party at the Burke Museum, Leavenworth's Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival, and Jaha Koo's documentary theater piece Cuckoo. See more on our EverOut Things To Do calendar.