The spread at Mike Bloombergs Washington state kick-off this afternoon.
The spread at Mike Bloomberg's new Seattle office, which opened this afternoon. The Stranger's Rich Smith is currently there eating their Dick's. Rich Smith

I told you it was going to flood: The flood rains, caused by this atmospheric river we're stuck in, will continue through this weekend. There will be relief next week when things start to dry out.

What's up with Iowa? I feel like I'm going to be asking that question for the next few weeks, but here's where the Iowa caucus results currently stand: AP has basically given up on declaring a winner for the state, reporting that it “is unable to declare a winner." The New York Times reports that "we could know the winner of New Hampshire before we know the winner of Iowa." The DNC chair has called for a "recanvas," and the caucus may be audited. But Buttigieg and Sanders are in a virtual tie, both declaring themselves the winner. This will definitely be a hot topic on the debate stage tomorrow night. Meanwhile, I've been living on this results page while things shake out.

Oh yeah, and Trump gave a crazy speech today:

"Donald Trump celebrated his acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial with a rambling victory speech that most resembled happy hour at an old folks' home," wrote Katie Herzog earlier on the Slog. The whole thing, predictably, went off the rails. As Esquire's headline read: Donald Trump's Sanity Has Retired and Met Its Maker. ("And the Republicans, all of them, sitting there like brain-dead fish all schooled in one spot, applauding on cue, accepting the president*’s sourball compliments as though they were being blessed from Above.")

Lowell's Restaurant, the three-floor Pike Place Market institution with unbeatable views and Bloody Marys at 7 a.m., agrees to pay $483,000 to settle wage-theft allegations: This story was just reported by AP—not a lot of details yet, but: "Officials said Lowell’s, which has been open in one of the city’s top tourist attractions since 1957, withheld wages as well as sick- and safe-leave time from 186 workers, including former employees."

The Oscars are this weekend: I made some predictions earlier this morning on Slog. But do you know what ELSE is happening this weekend? The XFL, MoThErFuCkErS. I don't really like sports but I think the XFL is ridiculous. It got a big homepage feature in the New York Times today, titled This Is Not Your Crazy Uncle’s XFL. It promises to be "gimmick-free," which seems to defeat the point of the XFL.

What a headline: TikTok reportedly waited nearly 3 hours to call police in Brazil after a teen's death was livestreamed on the platform, but the company notified its own PR team almost immediately

In case you missed it: Dunkaroos are back. The popular '90s cookie is making its return to shelves—and don't worry, they're not going anywhere this time. "We’re very committed to launching them. So you don’t have to worry at this point about stocking them up and putting them in your zombie apocalypse locker," General Mills’ chief brand officer told the New York Times. "We should have them out there so you can buy them."

Bellevue is the new South Lake Union: Amazon will flood downtown Bellevue with "at least 15,000 employees" in the next few years, reports Seattle Times. "That would be more than a sevenfold increase from now," writes Benjamin Romano, "and total about as many people as worked at Bellevue’s top three employers combined at the end of 2018." Amazon does not plan on reducing its amount of workers in Seattle. Bellevue was always going to be HQ2, right?

Expect big light rail disruptions again this weekend: There won't be any Link light rail service between Capitol Hill and SODO this weekend due to this winter's continued construction. "What comes next this weekend is the second of three planned service disruptions with downtown stations completely closed from Friday 9 PM until Monday morning," writes Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. More here.

A new feature in Politico reports that women of color are bolting from Warren's Nevada campaign: "A half-dozen women of color have departed Elizabeth Warren’s Nevada campaign in the run-up to the state’s caucuses with complaints of a toxic work environment in which minorities felt tokenized and senior leadership was at loggerheads." Yikes.

Li Wenliang, the Chinese doctor who warned of the Wuhan coronavirus, has died from the Wuhan coronavirus. Bleak. From Bloomberg:

The Wuhan doctor became well-known after he made a December social media post warning about a SARS-like illness. In the weeks that followed, the virus exploded into the epidemic that has sickened more than 25,000, halted travel across parts of China, and led to the mass quarantine of Wuhan, a city of more than 10 million.

But days after Li’s warning on social media, he was reprimanded by police for rumor-mongering online, according to his social media account. He later announced via social media that he had been infected with coronavirus.

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Last quarter, tech employees donated to Sanders more than any other Democratic candidate: Surprising, I would've bet Yang. The UBI spokesperson did beat out Sanders in donations from Facebook and Twitter employees, but Sanders won out overall, with significant contributions from Amazon and Google employees. "Sanders frequently rails against the power of tech companies—particularly Amazon, which he says pays no federal income tax—but his rhetoric about Silicon Valley’s power is often vague, and he has not answered some key questions about how he would regulate the industry," notes Recode. The contributions remind me of Kshama Sawants' support from Amazon workers. The workers, it seems, are down with breaking up their companies.

Now let's get back to that Mike Bloomberg party: Rich will have more tomorrow, but he says... "About ~30-40 people here and ~10-15 staffers who are very happy to have healthcare benefits and a job through November. I met one nice couple who’s just kinda feeling it out; one elderly rich Republican named Joël who shuffled in with one shoe untied and his younger wife in a kangol flatcap; and some luxury car salesman who was sad about Joe Biden’s daughter dying."

"And during Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards' talk [Yes, for some reason Tacoma's mayor is supporting Bloomberg], one white woman wearing a silk scarf said 'Mmm' loudly when Woodards lauded Bloomberg for his economic plan to help African Americans." More on Bloomberg's new Seattle office—and his plan to conquer the Washington state Democratic primary—tomorrow.

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