Metronomy: more fun than this class photo-style shot (and those outfits) would suggest Gregoire Alexandre

I have some deep love for Metronomy’s 2011 LP The English Riviera. It’s just so catchy and breezy and effortless and restrained, a sticky addictive slice of synthy, groovy, wonky pop that I still listen to on the reg. Though I haven’t loved the albums that have followed from Joe Mount’s UK indie-pop outfit, there have been some quality jams in there, like the inherently, indifferently danceable "I'm Aquarius," with its stripped-back production and dulcet-toned R&B-soulful backing coos balancing frontman Mount’s blasé Brit intones; the urgent, discofied, hip-shake-inducing "Back Together"; the woozy, moody “Mick Slow.” And last year’s Metronomy Forever, their sixth full-length, had some real fun bops: the guitar-riffed near-rock number “Insecurity”; the “Funkytown”-vibing dance number that is “Salted Caramel Ice Cream”; the fast-paced, womped-up, late-night driving appeal of “Lately”; and the falsetto-caressed cheekiness of “Sex Emoji.”

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Metronomy are most definitely fun and far more energetic in a live setting than their recordings might suggest; when I saw them in Orlando a few years back, they were all wearing matching white suits that felt very Miami Vice-by-Brits, and they executed synchronized dance moves at various points throughout the set. Loved it. Tickets are still available for their concert at the Showbox tonight. Some key media below.

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