The family behind Oriental Mart: Mila Apostol (center) with granddaughter Brianna Joy Mori and daughter Joy Mori (left) and daughter Leila Rosas and grandson Jordan Rosas (right).
The family behind Oriental Mart, in 2011: Mila Apostol (center) with granddaughter Brianna Joy Mori and daughter Joy Mori (left) and daughter Leila Rosas and grandson Jordan Rosas (right). Kelly O

The jury in Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault trial ended its first day of deliberations: They didn't reach a verdict. The jury could choose to send Weinstein to prison for the rest of his life. Deadline has a good post up about what the jury could be thinking.

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Have you had Oriental Mart's Filipino salmon tamarind soup? That's one of their signature dishes, and it might have just helped Oriental Mart win a prestigious James Beard Foundation “America’s Classics Award," reports Tan Vinh for the Seattle Times. There's no menu at the place, but there are plenty of instructions, below. The cook, Leila Rosas, suggests you just order the “Do you trust me plate?” (Note: The restaurant is closed until April 1, so you'll have to wait a few months to order.)

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Following directions for lunch with @clairede76

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Students at Kennedy Catholic High School in Burien protested today over the alleged forced resignation of two gay teachers. Some background, from Katie's post yesterday:

The teachers, Paul Danforth and Michelle Beattie, had both been employed by the school for six years. Both became engaged to their partners last year, and according to a source familiar with the matter, when they informed school leadership, they were told they could continue their employment at the school if they agreed to keep their engagements private or they could resign and be bought out of their contracts. The teachers reportedly chose the latter option and were officially dismissed from their positions last week, after several months of turmoil.

"About 100 parents and alumni were at the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle Tuesday morning to protest, while students at the school participated in a sit-in later the same morning," reports KOMO. The Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle declined to give further comment or provide a statement in response to the protest. Some video:

It looks like Seattle's soda tax is doing what it intended to do: reduce people's intake of sugary drinks. Sales of "sugar-sweetened beverages" dropped ~30.5% in the months following the tax's implementation, reports Daniel Beekman at the Seattle Times. “From a public health perspective, this is good,” a UW professor told Beekman. “People are purchasing less sugary drinks, and we know that sugary drinks are associated with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and strokes.” Also good? That tax raised $22 million in 2018, which was $7 million more than expected.

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From Tacoma to CNN: Bernie just finished up a CNN Town Hall. When asked about the Bernie Bro narrative and the criticism that his supporters are online bullies, he said, "Talk to the people in my campaign, often the African American women in this campaign, talk to my wife, about the kind of ugly attacks that have come in to us," and then, "I do not believe in online bullying. End of discussion." Sanders, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar are taking the stage tonight in Nevada, in the order of their finishing in New Hampshire. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren will take the stage on Thursday. Wednesday, of course, is the next Democratic debate. Buttigieg is on stage now.

Ja'Net DuBois is dead: She was 74 and best known for starring in the '70s CBS sitcom Good Times. You should watch this compilation video of her entrances:

How's the State of Seattle? Mayor Durkan gave her third State of the City address today (like the State of the Union, but for the city). Crosscut's David Kroman detailed some of the key points here: "Durkan teased a number of new initiatives concerning job training programs for youth, responses to public safety issues, expanding an emergency fund for small businesses, the census, and housing and homelessness."

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We're getting a SUNSHINE STREAK: The sun we experienced all day could continue through Thursday. I need it. You need it. We need it. The flowers need it. The giant disco ball I bought for a few bucks at our shuttering Macy's needs it. (It lights up my whole apartment when the sun hits it.)

Woodland Park Zoo's oldest animal has died: Chinta the orangutan was almost 52. Chinta's twin, Towan, died in 2016. The zoo still has four more orangutans, reports Seattle Times: 48-year-old Melati, 38-year-old Belawan, 31-year-old Heran and 11-year-old Godek.

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Our sweetest Chinta passed away peacefully this morning, just one day shy of her 52nd birthday. She was the oldest animal currently living at Woodland Park Zoo and one of the oldest orangutans in North America. Chinta and her late twin brother Towan were born here in February 1968 (Towan passed away in 2016). Chinta, who was easily recognizable by ragged bangs over her eyebrows, was a geriatric orangutan and in her sunset years. She adored her devoted animal keepers and a loving companion to both Heran (turning 31) and Godek (turning 11) who also shared her special birthday. We will miss her presence immensely. Please share your memories of her, our team would love to read them. You can read more about Chinta’s life and her incredible role for inspiring wildlife conservation at our profile link or Photos of Chinta, Chinta and Godek sharing a leaf, and Chinta and Towan in 1968 as babies at Woodland Park Zoo. #woodlandparkzoo #savingspecies #orangutans #inmemoriam #chinta #love #heartbroken #seattle

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Happy birthday to Pluto: It was discovered 90 years ago on Feb. 18, 1930. Is it a planet or not? Let's vote.