Jeff is a small-to-average sized man, but does he have small-to-average sized feet?
Jeff is a small-to-average-sized man, but does he have small-to-average-sized feet? daizuoxin/Getty Images

Woman found dead after missing hair appointment: Gosh, what a way to be remembered. A Maple Valley woman was found dead in her home after she didn't show up to her Bellevue hair appointment, something totally out of character for her, according to salon workers. When the workers called her, they kept getting a weird voice-mail message on her phone recorded by a man. "Julie and I are feeling quite bad. We have some flu or something serious, so please pardon our delay in responding," the recording said. Police want to find the woman's husband.

There he is: An SUV registered to the same home as the deceased hair appointment woman was found in the Maple Valley King County Sheriff's parking lot Friday morning. A man was dead inside from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The car was registered to the deceased woman's husband.

Footage of police killing paraplegic man released: On December 31, Malik Williams, a paraplegic 23-year-old man, was shot dead in Federal Way by police after he did not get out of the car when officers asked him to. Williams had been arguing with a woman in a parking lot when police intervened. Police opened fire. There were 84 shell casings found at the scene. Footage from the shooting was released late yesterday.

Another lovely day is ahead: It will be dry and mild with some more clouds than yesterday. Also, I don't know if I just haven't been paying attention, but I woke up to the sound of birds for what felt like the first time in months. Anyone else notice this recently, or am I just super unobservant?

Macklemore gets into the coffee biz: He'll be the executive creative director for Dutch Bros Cold Brew.

Fetal heartbeat ban struck down: Mississippi's six-week abortion ban is dead by a federal judge's decision. The court struck down a 15-week abortion ban back in December, ruling it as unconstitutional. That was the same ruling for the six-week ban.

University of Southern California makes an unexpected move: USC, commonly referred to as the "University of Spoiled Children,"—a moniker reaffirmed by its role at the center of several high profile Operation Varsity Blue cases (the college cheating scandal)—has just announced free tuition for students whose households make less than $80,000 annually.

Trump hints at granting Stone clemency: President Donald Trump has a lot of opinions over the sentencing of his good pal Roger Stone, who was sentenced to 40 months in prison on Thursday. If Stone doesn't get a retrial, Trump said he will grant him a pardon or commutation. Not exactly a surprising plot development, but I guess I'm just numb now.

This one is bleak: Three people were charged after an 11-year-old Missouri girl gave birth in a bathtub. A 17-year-old boy was charged with incest and statutory rape. He brought the baby to a hospital with the umbilical cord and placenta still attached. When questioned, he said that someone had dropped the baby off on his porch. Then he said he was a relative of the baby.

Cursed video: This is the height of comedy right here. Mom dresses up in the bear's skin? Wearing it as if it's her own? Lying in wait for the little boy to come in? It could only end in a lifelong fear of teddy bears. Also, the editing of the video for use by The News makes it even more comical in my opinion. Thanks for listening!

South Korea coronavirus cases spike: There are now more than 200 confirmed cases in South Korea. The only other places that have had that many coronavirus cases so far are China and the Diamond Princess cruise ship. Health officials think this has to do with South Korea's Shincheonji Church of Jesus where worshippers "continued to sit packed together on the floor of the church even when sick," according to the New York Times.

Condé Nast stops NDAs: The publisher behind the likes of the New Yorker and Vogue has announced that it will stop using nondisclosure agreements related to "harassment and discrimination," the Daily Beast reports. It will also release some people from existing NDAs.

Nicaragua's last newspaper fights to stay alive: After critical reporting on the government in 2018, newsprint and ink started being held up at customs. It strangled one paper to death. The last paper, La Prensa, and its tabloid counterpart, Hoy, are fighting back. The Los Angeles Times has more here.

Two Indiana pizza shops get fined: For not reporting the deaths murders of their delivery drivers. The fines are $750 and $1,500 respectively.

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Now that's what I call journalism: Motherboard investigated whether Jeff Bezos has big feet. "He is 5'7. His feet can't be that huge," Sam Cole at Motherboard muses. "But maybe his feet are disproportionately large compared to the rest of him, making them seem enormous in photos and eyewitness accounts." She dives into the forensics. Here's what she found.

A fun fact for your Friday: A visual representation of why we need leap years.

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