The South is feeling the Biden.
The South is feeling the Biden. SEAN RAYFORD / GETTY IMAGES

It's Super Tuesday: Results will be coming in throughout the rest of the night. An MSNBC pundit just called it a "dream night" for Joe Biden. His recent spate of endorsements, especially from Jim Clyburn (and also Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar), seems to have helped him win states where he had little-to-no infrastructure. It looks like he has black and suburban voters in the South to thank for that.

That said, most states aren't reporting or have incomplete reporting at this point in the night: All eyes are on Texas and California, but it looks like Biden is taking the South. Follow along here. As the New York Times notes: "This time a week ago, Biden had never won a state in 3 presidential campaigns. Whatever the final results tonight, S.C. turned things around for him in a remarkable way."

And, of course, the almost-pandemic: It's the biggest news of the day over here, again. Here are some of the big updates from today:

• Mayor Jenny Durkan has issued a proclamation of civil emergency for Seattle because of the novel coronavirus' spread in the region. The announcement authorizes her to "bypass regulations and the steps normally required of city contracting and borrowing; forgo regulatory permits in order to site or implement facilities needed to address COVID-19, and immediately adjust the use and closure of city facilities and events as necessary to prevent continued spread of COVID-19."

• An Amazon spokesperson said one of its employees in a South Lake Union building tested positive for the coronavirus on Tuesday, according to a New York Times reporter. The person "went home feeling unwell on Tuesday, February 25" and is now in quarantine.

The New York Times is reporting that a patient who died at Harborview on February 26 had the coronavirus. "Susan Gregg, a spokeswoman for the hospital, said on Tuesday that test samples from the person, who was a resident of the same nursing home that has had a number of coronavirus cases and deaths, have tested positive for the virus," the Times writes.

• The death toll locally is now nine people, according to Public Health — Seattle & King County. Recent testing has also raised the number of King County residents known to have contracted the coronavirus to 21, the agency said. That, in turn, has "raised the level of concern" for local public health officials, who summarize their current message to the public this way:

What we have seen with the level of community spread has raised the level of concern about the immediate threat of COVID-19. The coming days and weeks are likely to bring more confirmed cases of COVID-19, but if we can all follow health recommendations now, we can blunt the impact of COVID-19 in our community.

• LifeCare, the longterm care facility in Kirkland that has seen seven of the country's nine deaths from COVID-19, appears to be spreading the virus across state lines. A person who visited Life Care and then traveled to North Carolina has tested positive for the virus. Authorities said the person flew from Washington to North Carolina but they have not released which airports the person traveled through.

• King County public health officials also note that among today's newly diagnosed coronavirus patients are two men in their 20s who are currently at a hospital in Issaquah. The source of their exposure is "unknown."

Get a full list of updates: Here.

Tired of singing the "Happy Birthday Song" twice while you wash your hands? KOMO has some other song suggestions: Lizzo's "Truth Hurts," Beyonce's "Love on Top," and Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide," among others. Each of the songs has a ~20-second chorus.

Coronavirus panic seems to be inspiring racially-motivated attacks around the world: A word of warning, the video below is hard to watch.

Amazon will stream New York Yankees games in a new streaming deal: Sports media is one of the biggest battles in the streaming wars. Prime will stream 21 Yankees games on Prime Video later this year, reports GeekWire. It'll be free for Prime members, but only those who are in New York state, Connecticut, northeast Pennsylvania, and north and central New Jersey.

The White House is under fire for a new "litmus test" for candidates for political appointments: The test includes a question that requires interviewees to say "what part of Trump's campaign message 'most appealed' to them and why." More from CNN:

While it is not unusual for presidential administrations to vet political appointees for ideological or policy alignment, the questionnaire previously used by the Trump White House did not ask for applicants' views about Trump or his campaign. Trump's name does not appear once on the previous questionnaire. It now appears five times.

Now let's get into some Super Tuesday results: Things are still up in the air, but one of the biggest stories of the night is Joe Biden's big success in the South. As of last night, Sanders was expected to win California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Colorado, Utah, Maine, and Vermont. Biden was expected to win North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and American Samoa. Texas was a toss-up. As of 6 pm tonight, many of those predictions look to be true—although Biden is currently competitive in Massachusetts and Mike Bloomberg won American Samoa. Updates here.

Early exit polls show that most voters made up their minds in the last few days: Analysts think this is good news for Biden.

This is MSNBC's first election night coverage without Chris Matthews: He resigned on Monday. Looks like he'll have to rail about Bernie at home.

We've got a long night ahead of us: Many states won't be able to verify final results for a bit. “Don’t stay up for California results on Tuesday," warns the LA Times. "County election officials have 30 days to count all ballots and audit the tally," they continue. "By the end of this week, elections officials in California’s 58 counties will release their first report of how many ballots remain uncounted. After the 2016 primary, the first report showed some 2.4 million ballots left to be verified and counted." Sanders definitely needs California as a firewall in the same way that Biden needed South Carolina. Here's when votes will start rolling in:

4 pm PST: Vermont and Virginia.
4:30 pm PST: North Carolina.
5 pm PST: Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Tennessee*.
5.30 pm PST: Arkansas.

6 pm PST: Colorado, Minnesota, and Texas.
7 pm PST: Utah.
8 pm PST: California.

*: Tennessee polling places will stay open later because of the devastating tornado that ripped through the state this morning. "Polls that were initially planned to close at 7 p.m. will now stay open until at least 8 p.m. CT," writes the Tennessean. "Five large polling sites will remain open until 10 p.m. CT."