HOLD ON, I need to isolate myself for 14 days because of a hoax.
"HOLD ON, I need to isolate myself for 14 days because of a hoax." Getty Images News

Wall Street had its worst day in over a decade: Stocks took their biggest beating since the 2008 financial crisis.

Coronavirus: It's a pandemic.

Boeing's Max 737 crisis has its year anniversary this week: Compounding that crisis is the coronavirus pandemic, "which has rapidly slashed demand for air travel and for jets." Analysts have described these two events—the Max 737 crisis and the coronavirus pandemic—as "black swan" events for the company, which is now slipping behind Airbus.

Speaking of black swans: Mudede says don't blame the market crash on a black swan. We knew it was coming.

Today's coronavirus updates:

• With a new coronavirus death reported in central Washington on Monday and two more deaths reported at Evergreen Health in Kirkland, the official death toll in Washington State is now 21 people.

• The total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 statewide also rose on Monday. It's currently at 162, with cases in eight different counties. King County, however, has by far the largest number of confirmed cases: 116.

• Meanwhile, a late-Monday White House press conference featuring President Trump, Vice President Pence, and others made one thing very clear:

• Gov. Jay Inslee met with public health officials to discuss "mandatory measures for social distancing."

• All of Italy is now on lockdown.

• Seattle healthcare workers say they aren't getting what they need to protect them from coronavirus.

• Tests are still hard to come by, but the Gates Foundation will make home-testing kits available "in the coming weeks."

• What should you do if you believe you're showing COVID-19 symptoms or think you've been exposed to the virus? Here are instructions from the Washington State Department of Health.

• Why does soap work so well to stop COVID-19? A nanoparticle expert explains.

More updates here.

Remember those drive-through coronavirus testing stations in South Korea? Seattle is getting its own! A drive-through testing site has been set up at a University of Washington hospital parking lot. It's currently only available to staff, faculty, and trainees, but the capacity is expected to expand and the staff are planning on creating additional locations.

Finally, some good news: 70% of sick in China have recovered

Wednesday morning is Harvey Weinstein's sentencing trial: The convicted rapist faces a minimum of five years in prison. He could serve up to 29 years. Vulture has a good post running down what could happen on Wednesday here.

Amazon is already selling its grocery spy technology to other stores: Amazon Go Grocery hasn't even been open for a month, but its technology is already spreading. From Recode:

On Monday, Amazon announced it had begun selling its so-called “just walk out” technology—which combines ceiling cameras, computer vision, and weight sensors—to other retailers, in a move that could someday impact the millions of Americans who hold cashier jobs today. The company told Reuters it had already signed several deals but did not disclose with which retailers or the cost of its system.

Tomorrow is Washington state's primary! Who are you voting for? "Workers at major tech companies in the Seattle region have given $430,437 to Bernie Sanders, more than four times the amount they’ve given to former Vice President Joe Biden," writes Monica Nickelsburg for Geekwire. This may be the first time you've ever read this on Slog, but be like the techies!

Twitter is going to fire CEO Jack Dorsey: That seems certain. When? That seems less certain.

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God is, like, so ironic: Guess who's under quarantine? It's my favorite representative from Florida.

Can you fuck with coronavirus? Is your semen a viral load? "Hand sanitizer isn’t lube," the Seattle PI advises, among other suggestions.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry completed their last official engagement as royals today: They honored the British Commonwealth at Westminster Abbey, and now they head to western Canada where they will live as semi-royals. "The choice of venue for the couple’s final appearance was laden with symbols of the life Harry is leaving behind: It is where Queen Elizabeth was crowned in 1953; where Prince William married in 2011; and where 30 kings and queens are buried, going back to Edward the Confessor in 1066," notes the New York Times.